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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Chartae 4. fol: de Nostra 2da Quadrandi Methodo, 1686

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [206]
Scope and Contents A tranche of workpapers in which Gregory continues to labour on adapting Newton's method of quadrature. He continues to have trouble adapting the basic series, an indefinite integral, to the definite integral defined between O and x.

One paper among these was probably intended for the Astronomiae, showing a body moving in an ellipse.
Dates: 1686

Commentarius in D.G. Quadrature: in D.P. Probl: de inventoribus, June 1692

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [198]
Scope and Contents Gregory's further commentary on the problem laid out for him (and John Young) in 1688.
Dates: June 1692

Curva Cragio exhibitur, July 1687

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [205]
Scope and Contents Gregory, probably with Pitcairne at his side, sent these curves to Craige in Cambridge, challenging him to find their quadrature. Thus the writing that is not in Gregory's hand may be Craige's.
Dates: July 1687

Folio C, c1680-c1708

 Series — Volume Dc.1.61: Series Coll-33/Folio C
Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C
Scope and Contents The papers of David Gregory consist of: These are mostly handwritten items, bound together as a volume, though with some loose insertions of manuscripts which had strayed, some of them with modern annotations concerning their provenance. Their scope and content is as David Gregory indexed them, save for the missing items, which consist of two dozen papers and letters on general physics and maths, and several...
Dates: c1680-c1708

Index Chartarum in M.S. C. in folio, 1700

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [index]
Scope and Contents An index, in Gregory's hand, to the material he designated as Folio C.
Dates: 1700

Memoranda pro Arch Pitcarnio et C. Oliphant, 1695

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [94]
Scope and Contents A list of collegial favours to ask of Dr Gregory, presumably on his return home from Holland.
Dates: 1695

Primo designatur..., 1680's

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [196]
Scope and Contents This enormous and varied tranche of material begins as preliminary work, 'Ordo Faciendorum' for the Exercitatio Geometrica, mentioning in particular the work of Canon Sluse, and broadens into a running record of Gregory's thoughts on quadrature, mostly, beginning with a page of 'Desiderata'. Curiosities intervene: a writeup, possibly in the hand of one Robert Morrison, of everything known about the plant substance Nicotine; two more broadsheet cuttings of the mathematical showdown...
Dates: 1680's

Problemata Proposita J. Young a D. Pitcairne, 1683-1687

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [187]
Scope and Contents Broadsheet excerpts of the problem and condemnation in the joust between Archibald Pitcairne and John Young, which lost the latter his mathematics chair at Edinburgh. There follows a rumination, perhaps in Pitcairne's hand or perhaps Gregory's, on scientific education.
Dates: 1683-1687

Propositiones D.A. Pitcairnei, c1692

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [92]
Scope and Contents 4 scraps, the first three in Archibald Pitcairne's hand, containing scrawled thoughts on one or two geometric processions, and numerous fragments of book titles, names, and addresses, apparently all relating to Gregory's time in Holland. These may be all that is left of item 92.
Dates: c1692

Quarto A, c1680-c1708

 Series — Box Dk.1.2: Series Coll-33/Quarto A; Series Coll-33/Folio B; Series Coll-33/Folio D; Series Coll-33/Folio E
Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A
Scope and Contents The papers of David Gregory in Quarto A consist of: 107 manuscript papers and an index, relating to: theoretical physics, including optics, especially treatises on refraction and colour, on mechanics, specifically on velocity, gravitation, centrifugal and centripetal force, and the movement of solids through fluid, and an occasional thought on magnetic attraction. Applied physics, considering ships, tides, and...
Dates: c1680-c1708