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University of Edinburgh. Court (governing body)


The Court of the University of Edinburgh was formed at the end of 1859, after the passing of the Universities ( Scotland) Act, 1858. It consisted of the Lord Rector, his assessor, the Chancellor's assessor, Principal, Lord Provost, Town Council's assessor, University Council's assessor and an assessor elected by the Senatus Academicus. The Court functions at this time were to revise, on appeal, the acts of the Senatus, to sanction the expenditure by the Senatus of University funds and generally to take a supervision of the professors. The Commissioners of the 1858 Act performed many of these functions until their dispersal.
By the Universities (Scotland) Act, 1889, the University Court became a body corporate, with perpetual succession and a common seal; and all the property belonging to the University at the passing of the Act was now vested in that body. The present powers of the Court, which include among others, the amendment of the composition, powers and functions of the bodies in the University, and the creation of new bodies, the administration and management of the whole revenue and property of the University, internal arrangements of the University, appointments, review of decisions of the Senatus, and, on recommendation of the Senatus, the regulation of degrees and administration and discipline of students, are defined in the Universities (Scotland) Act, 1966.
The Court now also includes three assessors elected by the General Council, four Senatus assessors, one assesor elected by members of the non-teaching staff, two fully-matriculated students nominated by the Students' Representative Council and eight co-opted members. The Rector is the President of the Court. The Vice-Chairman of the Court is elected triennially by the Court from among its members. Meetings are normally held seven times a year.

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Arthur James Balfour, 12 June 1912

Identifier: Coll-14/9/18/42
Scope and Contents Balfour states that he has written to Lord Dundas to tell him of his interest in the class of research which the University Court of Edinburgh now have a chance of promoting. He also thanks Ewart for sending him his American Lectures.
Dates: 12 June 1912

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from John Christison, 27 January 1887

Identifier: Coll-14/9/1/17
Scope and Contents Christison, writing on behalf of the Court of the University of Edinburgh , asks Ewart to consider a forwarded letter from James Hope (Honorary Secretary of the Students' Representative Council, University of Edinburgh) regarding the imposition of a fee on Ewart's class of Practical History for specimen supplies.
Dates: 27 January 1887

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Lord David Dundas, 17 July 1914

Identifier: Coll-14/9/20/21
Scope and Contents Dundas thanks Ewart for the information concerning the Munro Lectureship, which will enable him to give an intelligent appreciation when the matter arises at the forthcoming meeting of the University Court.
Dates: 17 July 1914

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Sir William Turner, 20 March 1911

Identifier: Coll-14/9/17/12
Scope and Contents Turner writes that the Committee will recommend that the Court approves the appointment of a Lecturer and an Assistant in Genetics.
Dates: 20 March 1911

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from William Arnot Fleming, 26 February 1925

Identifier: Coll-14/9/31/2
Scope and Contents Fleming writes to inform Ewart that the University Court have decided that accommodation should be provided for the Department of Zoology on the University site at West Mains Road.
Dates: 26 February 1925

Minutes of the University Court, 1859-

Identifier: EUA IN1/GOV/CRT/MIN
Scope and Contents Alongside the final 'signed' minutes there is a parallel run of draft minutes and associated papers.
Dates: 1859-

Papers of the University of Edinburgh Development Committee, 1962-1985

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/A/3
Scope and Contents Papers of the University of Edinburgh Development Committee consists of:
  1. committee papers and reports, (1962)
  2. committee minutes and papers, (1976-1984)
  3. miscellaneous sub-committee papers, (1978-1985)
  4. Old College courtyard and stone cleaning, (1976-1978)
Dates: 1962-1985

Senatus Academicus, 1733-2002

Identifier: EUA IN1/GOV/SEN
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Fonds:
  1. Chancellor
  2. Rector
  3. University Court
  4. Senatus Academicus
  5. General Council
  6. Curators of Patronage
Dates: 1733-2002

University Court, 1644-date

Identifier: EUA IN1/GOV/CRT
Scope and Contents papers relating to the legal basis of the University: Ordinances, Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments etc. (2 volumes) 1583-1809 minutes (draft and final), agenda papers and billets, 1859-present letterbooks (31 volumes) c1872-1919 papers relating to specific legal cases, disciplinary matters etc. University Grants Committee / Funding...
Dates: 1644-date

University Governance and legal basis of the university

Identifier: EUA IN1/GOV
Scope and Contents
  1. Chancellor
  2. Rector
  3. University Court
  4. Senatus Academicus
  5. General Council
  6. Curators of Patronage
Dates: 1582-date