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Anderson, Adam, 1797-1853 (Scottish judge and Senator of the College of Justice)



  • Existence: 1797 - 1853


Adam Anderson, Lord Anderson, FRSE (1797 – 1853) was a Scottish judge and Senator of the College of Justice. From 1835 to 1841 he was Sheriff of Perth. He served as Solicitor General for Scotland from 1842 to 1846 and as Lord Advocate from February to May 1852.

Found in 56 Collections and/or Records:

Or Ms 277: شرح ديوان خاقانی Sharḥ-i Dīwān-i Khāqānī, 1045 A.H., 1635 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 277
Scope and Contents

A commentary on the difficult verses in the Qaṣīdahs of Imām Afz̤al al-Dīn Badil Ibrāhīm b. 'Alī Najjār "Khāqānī" of Shirvān who died at Tabriz, between 582 and 595 A.H. /1186 and 1199 C.E., by Muḥammad bin Dāūd (here Dād) ‘Alawī Shādiyābādī. Copied in the village of Tamwarlī in Tilingānah, India.

Dates: 1045 A.H.; 1635 C.E.

Or Ms 281: مثنوی معنوی Masnavī-yi ma‘navī, 892 A.H., 1486 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 281
Scope and Contents

The well-known spiritual poem composed by Mawlānā Jalāl al- Dīn Rūmī b. Muḥammad Bahāʼ al- Dīn b. al- Ḥusayn al - Khaṭībī, better known as Rūmī (d. 672 A.H.,1274 C.E.).

Copied at Sar.

Dates: 892 A.H.; 1486 C.E.

Or Ms 282: مثنوی معنوی Masnavī-yi ma‘navī, undated (extant by 17th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 282
Scope and Contents

The well-known spiritual poem composed by Mawlānā Jalāl al- Dīn Rūmī b. Muḥammad Bahāʼ al- Dīn b. al- Ḥusayn al- Khaṭībī, better known as Rūmī (d. 672 A.H.,1274 C.E.).

Illuminated frontispiece to each of the six Daftars.

Dates: undated (extant by 17th cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 291: قران السعدین Qirān al-Sa'dayn, undated copy (original text composed 13th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 291
Scope and Contents This is a historical account in verse, by Amīr Khusow (651-725 A.H./ 1253-1325 C.E.), know as the greatest Persian-writing poet of medieval India, of the meeting of Sulṭān Mu'izz al-Dīn Kayqubād (who reigned at Dehlī, 686-689 A.H., 1287-1290 C.E.), with his father, Nasīr al-Dīn Bughrā-Khān, Sulṭān of Bengal, which took place at Dehli, 688 A.H. (1289 C.E.). The poem, the title of which means the conjunction of the two lucky planets, was completed, as it is stated towards the end, in the month...
Dates: undated copy (original text composed 13th cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 301: ديوانِ عرفی Dīvān-i ‘Urfī, 1024 A.H., 1615 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 301
Scope and Contents The collected works of the celebrated poet Sayyid Muḥammad Jamāl al-Dīn " 'Urfī " Shīrāzī, who came to India, 994 A.H. (1586 C.E.), first proceeded to the Deccan, where he soon entered into the service of Ḥakīm Masīḥ al-Dīn Abū al-Fatḥ Jīlānī, but subsequently, on the death of his patron, 997 A.H. (1589 C.E.), he went to seek his fortune at Agra. Here he soon rose in the favour of the Khān-i Khānān, Mīrzā 'Abd al-Raḥīm (the son of Bayram Khān, who had been Akbar's regent), who had translated...
Dates: 1024 A.H.; 1615 C.E.

Or Ms 304: ديوان صائب Dīvān-i Ṣāʼib, 1108 A.H., 1696 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 304
Scope and Contents This good copy of the Dīvān of Ṣāʼib (fol. 1 is missing). It consists of ghazals, with which are mixed a few unfinished ghazals and rubā'is, all arranged alphabetically."Ṣāʼib" is the pen name of Mīrzā Muḥammad 'Alī of Tabriz (d. ca. 1080 A.H./ 1670 C.E.), who founded a new style for writing poetry, and is regarded as one of the greatest of modern Persian poets.He spend time under the patronage of the Governor of Kabul, Ẓafar-Khān, and...
Dates: 1108 A.H.; 1696 C.E.

Or Ms 306: مجمع الشعراء Majma‘ al-shu‘arāʼ, 1146 A.H., 1732 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 306
Scope and Contents

A selection of poetry, including from the poetry of Ḥāfiẓ of Shīrāz, Ṣāʼib and Waḥshī. It was made at the desire of Mirzā Āqā Riz̤ā Beg.

Illuminated frontispiece.

Dates: 1146 A.H.; 1732 C.E.

Or Ms 324: سرورافزا Surūrafzā, 1216 A.H., 1801 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 324
Scope and Contents

A poem in praise of London, composed during his travels in Europe, by Mirzā Abū Ṭālib Khān Hindī Isfahānī (d 1220 or 1221 A.H., 1805-1806 C.E.).

It contains a portrait of the author "Engraved by Ridley from an original picture painted by Russel," for the European Magazine. The present manuscript was copied for the owner, James Anderson, by George Swinton.

Dates: 1216 A.H.; 1801 C.E.

Or Ms 332: مکاتبات علّامی Mukātabāt-i ‘Allāmī, undated

Identifier: Or Ms 332
Scope and Contents

A collection of letters, etc., written by the celebrated Shaykh Abū al-Faz̤l "Allāmī". These were collected soon after the author's death, 1011 A.H., 1602 C.E., by his sister's son, ‘Abd al-Ṣamad b. Afz̤al Muḥammad, and completed, according to the title, which is its chronogram, in 1015 A.H., 1606-1607 C.E.

Copied by Shīw-Bakhsh in the Faṣlī year 1178 (see dating for A.H. and C.E. equivalents).

Dates: undated

Or Ms 351: معدن الجواهر Ma‘dan al-jawāhir, 1188 A.H., 1774 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 351
Scope and Contents

A collection of moral tales, which were originally compiled for the Emperor Jahāngīr (r. 1605 to 1627 C.E.) by Mullā Dawlat-Khān "Ṭarzī".

Dates: 1188 A.H.; 1774 C.E.