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Thomson, Godfrey Hilton, Sir, 1881-1955 (psychologist and Bell Professor of Education, University of Edinburgh)


Found in 259 Collections and/or Records:

3 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 16 Feb 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/3
Scope and Contents Thomson informs Ledermann that his secretary, Miss Matthews, is typing three copies of Ledermann's paper in order to submit to Psychometrika, and that these will be sent to him should he wish to make any changes before admission.

Thomson advises that he need not simplify the paper.

3 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 27 Jan 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/36
Scope and Contents Thomson asks Ledermann to tidy his proof regarding Bartlett's estimation of the common factors and put it into more mathematical terms. He attaches the proof for Ledermann's consideration.

3 (39), Thomson to Ledermann, 4 Jul 1939

Identifier: Coll-1064/83
Scope and Contents Thomson refers to manuscripts he has enclosed regarding minimum rank and trace. These have not survived in the collection. Thomson mentions the inclusion of Ledermann's article in the current edition of Psychometrika; informs him of the 12th International Congress of Psychologists to be held in Edinburgh, pointing out that there is to be half a day devoted to factor analysis; and tells him he has noticed a misprint in ...

3 (40), Thomson to Ledermann, 26 Feb 1940

Identifier: Coll-1064/96
Scope and Contents Ledermann asks Thomson to stop by his office when he visits Moray House so he can be introduced to James Duff.

30 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 8 Nov 1937- 12 Nov 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/29
Scope and Contents Contains a letter from Thomson, dated 8 Nov 1937 and numbered 30 (37) in which he asks Ledermann to post an enclosed letter to Dr Horst if he thinks it correct; the enclosed letter to Dr Horst, dated 8 Nov 1937 and numbered 30a (37); and a further letter from Thomson to Ledermann, dated 12 Nov 1937 and numbered 30b (37) which asks him to obtain details of translations of Pliny’s letters held at Edinburgh University...

30 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 17 Jun 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/63
Scope and Contents Thomson asks Ledermann to find the latent roots of a matrix, which he reproduces, in order to check its principle axes.

31 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 14 Nov 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/30
Scope and Contents Thomson thanks Ledermann for his letter regarding minimum trace and minimum Thorstone [sic] rank which showed they do not always occur together, but Thomson argues that they usually do.

He discusses matrices, referring to the work of Heywood, Spearman, and Thurstone; as well as an article that he would like to write.

31 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 21 Jun 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/64
Scope and Contents Thomson compares the latent roots Ledermann has calculated with his own, referring to Hotelling's iterative process.

32 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 19 Nov 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/31
Scope and Contents Thomson has written the letter on a sheet containing a short note of Ledermann's regarding a volume of Pliny’s letters.

He discusses the connection between the Heywood case and Ledermann's condition, illustrating this with working, and refers to Spearman's commonalities.

32 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 25 Jun 1938-1 Jul 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/65
Scope and Contents In the first letter dated 25 Jun 1938, Thomson thanks Ledermann for his corrections. He discusses unimodality and bimodality, vectors, and the distributions of loadings, referring to the work of Thurstone and Woodrow, as well as Ledermann's own method for finding the distribution of loadings. He also asks Ledermann if he has heard anything about his Home Office application. In the second later, dated 1 Jul 1938, Thomson asks Ledermann which part of the summer he is to have off, and...