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Thom, 1923-2002 (French mathematician)


Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:

Correspondence with Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1973-1975

Identifier: Coll-41/5/1/2
Scope and Contents Contains correspondence concerning Waddington's foreword to René Thom's book Stabilité Structurale et Biologie as well as Towards a Theoretical Biology and Tools for Thought, which was published after Waddington's death by Jonathan Cape in 1977.
Dates: 1973-1975

Correspondence with Francis Crick and copies of correspondence between Lord Halsbury and others (1952-1957) concerning Crick and Watson's work., 1970-1974

Identifier: Coll-41/5/3/2
Scope and Contents The correspondence between Crick and Waddington chiefly concerns a discussion of Waddington's theory of the epigenetic landscape, as well as the work of René Thom. Much of Lord Halsbury's correspondence (1952-1957) are photocopies of the originals. There is a letter from Waddington's secretary, Anne Brown (dated 29 June 1976) to Lord Halsbury noting that she was returning the original correspondence to him having made copies to 'go to the Archives along with the rest of Wad's...
Dates: 1970-1974

Correspondence with René Thom concerning various theories and publications, 1965-1971

Identifier: Coll-41/5/3/7
Scope and Contents Thom wrote letters to Waddington in both English and French. The correspondence also includes a draft typescript of Thom's essay 'Une théorie dynamique de la Morphogenèse' and three photographs of two circular moulds which possibly relate to the three pictures 'of the wet form of the epigenetic landscape' mentioned by Thom in a letter to Waddington (19 January 1968).
Dates: 1965-1971

File titled 'Evolution - Catastrophe Theory', 1972-1973

Identifier: Coll-41/10/21
Scope and Contents The material includes letters from Maurice Dodson (as well as some of Dodson's handwritten notes) and a letter from René Thom concerning an article of Dodson's which Waddington was asked to read titled 'Darwin's Law of Natural Selection and Thom's Theory of Morphogenesis', a draft of which is included in this material. Also present are letters from John Lewis regarding Waddington's contribution to Beyond Chance and Necessity: A Critical Inquiry into Professor Jacques Monod's...
Dates: 1972-1973