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Greenwood nee Peace, Dorothy Josephine, fl. 1984 (genetics research worker at the Poultry Research Centre )


Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Assortment of items from bound volume, 1949, 1949

Identifier: Coll-1057/3/5/3
Scope and Contents

Contains: a birthday poem to Josephine Peace from Ruth and Michael Lerner (March 1949); a poem titled 'Words and Consequences' addressed to E.H.E Havelock (October 1949); typescript of interview between Greenwood and J.G Penny for 'Farm Forum' (December 1949); reminscences of Greenwood and Russell Greig's tour of Germany (March 1949); report of Greenwood's visit to Canada and the USA (August-September 1949); typescript titled 'Cancer Research in Poultry' and various newspaper clippings.

Dates: 1949

Correspondence, 1934-1984

Identifier: Coll-1057/3/2
Scope and Contents

The correspondence deals with Greenwood's experimental work, the establishing and furnishing of the Poultry Research Centre, staff and salary matters. Also present are two items of correspondence from the PRC to Greenwood's widow Josephine Greenwood (1984) concerning her late husband's biographical details.

Dates: 1934-1984

Page mounted with a photograph of Alan Greenwood holding a chicken, Miss Peace and 'visitors from the USSR', c.1957

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/70
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series: The photographs consist mainly of photographs of Alan Greenwood, staff from the Institute of Animal Genetics and Poultry Research Centre, their relations and visitors, and various events and conferences. There are also a number of photographs showing the construction and opening of the Poultry Research Centre building at Kings Buildings and the sub-station at Easter Bush. There appears to be a combination of official photographs taken, for instance, for a publication, and more informal...
Dates: c.1957

Page mounted with four photographs, 1955

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/73
Scope and Contents

Recto: photograph of Josephine Peace in Constant Temperature Room at the Poultry Research Centre; photograph of chickens in a pen (both November 1955).

Verso: two photographs from a social event at the Institute of Animal Genetics: the first photograph shows Alick Buchanan-Smith, Hugh Donald, Charlotte Auerbach and Geoffrey Beale; the second photograph shows C.H Waddington, Helen Turner, Alan Greenwood and Eric Lucey. Pictures signed 'M.L.'

Dates: 1955

Page mounted with four photographs, Undated, c.1960s

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/89
Scope and Contents

Recto: photograph of a brick building under construction, with rows of poultry huts behind; photograph of three rows of poultry huts, with the corner of a brick building in shot.

Verso: Alan Greenwood and Josephine Peace seated with five unidentified females outside the Poultry Research Centre; photograph of a single-storey stone building (possibly the building adjacent to Kellogg Hall, which once housed the ESCA Crop Production Advisory and Development Department).

Dates: Undated, c.1960s

Page mounted with newspaper clipping and photograph, Undated, c.1954

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/69
Scope and Contents

Recto: article with the headline 'At Home with the Ching-Fong-Puns' about Ching Fon Pun, employed in the Poultry Research Centre, and his family (Edinburgh Evening News).

Verso: photograph of Alan Greenwood in the snow in a top hat with two unidentified females, possibly Vera Greenwood and Josephine Peace, near the gates of Holyrood Palace.

Both items are undated.

Dates: Undated, c.1954

Page mounted with newspaper cutting and photograph, 1954-1956

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/77
Scope and Contents

The newspaper cutting is under the headline 'He Wins Neill Prize' about Robert Osborne of the Poultry Research Centre being awarded the Neill Prize by James Ritchie for his contributions to the knowledge of the domestic fowl (Edinburgh Evening News, December 1956). The photograph shows Miss Peace, Dr Blyth, Alan Totty and Miss Wilson sitting on a bench between two plants (picture signed 'M.L 1954').

Dates: 1954-1956

Page mounted with three photographs, c.1957

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/79
Scope and Contents Recto: photograph ofJosephine Peace captioned 'Holding one of four sister hens in the Brown Leghorn flock which have laid an average of 340 egss in 6-8 weeks.' It appears that a photograph of Alan Greenwood has been removed from the page, as a caption reads: 'Dr A.W. Greenwood, director of the PRC, and founder of the noted flock of Brown Leghorns started in 1928.' Verso: photograph of Alan Greenwood and two unidentified men; photograph of Alan Greenwood, J.E Wilson and two...
Dates: c.1957

Page of handwritten notes titled 'Missing Papers in D.J.G's collection', nd

Identifier: Coll-1057/5/3/6
Scope and Contents

The undated notes, presumably in Josephine Greenwood's hand, record 6 papers of Greenwood's which are recorded as 'missing' from the collection.

Dates: nd

Typecript titled 'The Useful Hen', 1943

Identifier: Coll-1057/5/1/2
Scope and Contents

First page annotated 'Broadcast in the overseas programme 'Calling Australia', June 1st 1943', with the initials 'DJP'.

Dates: 1943

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