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Res.4.30 Male resident, age unknown, married, corporation tenant, male interviewer, 26 October 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/4/30

Scope and Contents

Includes discussion of employment in the health profession and employment history. Anecdote about a man, possibly Indian, wanting to adopt him and sibling when they lived in Niddrie but his mother moved them away. Other topics discussed include: Accommodation; neighbours; children and young people.

Accommodation: INTVEE didn't think the house was bad but inconvenient - the washbasin was positioned up above the bath and the coal hole is located in the kitchen which means the coalman has to come through the living room and dust gets everywhere. They have friends in a prefab in Muirhouse and the coal hole has a lockable outside hatch. He thinks the house is more important than the district, particularly hygiene and how the house is set out. In the older parts of the city there is overcrowding and TB. He would like a larger house but thinks there is a trend in people not wanting to come to the district.

Neighbours: Neighbours not as important to men, shopping different too "When the man goes shopping he just wants to go and get the messages and come away but women treat it as a chance to blether for an hour". Quarrels with neighbours over children playing in the back green and people not cleaning the stairs when it is their turn. The wives are supposed to have the green one or two days a week and they share on a Sunday, a quarrel ensued when one woman had her washing line out on all the posts on a Sunday and was asked to take it down from three of the posts.

Children and young people: Another source of dispute was other children's noise, playing gramophones and stomping on the floor. He would like to see more play areas, kids can't play in back greens because of washing, he sends his to Pilton Park. If they play in the small patch at the front the neighbours complain about the noise. Pays half a crown for kids to go the Good Shepherds club after school on a Wednesday. He thought young people led more exciting lives now and discipline was slacker because of women going out to work. He's against wives working full time.

Health: Discussion of what is understood by the term nervous breakdown - "some people just found it too much to live and broke down under the strain of it. They went into the hospital for a while and got some treatment and came back"


  • Other: 26 October 1961

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