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MS 113: Composite manuscript containing twenty-three texts, c 1444-1445

Identifier: MS 113

Scope and Contents

This is a composite manuscript containing twenty-three texts, in a few different hands, mostly about religious doctrine. This manuscript is German, probably from the Carthusian monastery of Erfurt (St-Salvator Charterhouse), and was written ca 1445. The different sections are separated with leather markers. The contents are as follows:
ff. iv-iiv: 'Tabula super Omeliis quas creditur beatus Bernardus edidisse super sermone in cena domini et incipiunt infra folio 31'. This is a table of content for the text on ff. 31r-78v.
f. iiir: list of contents (by another hand, 15th century).
ff. 1r-30v: 'Tractatus de compassione beate Virginis Marie quem collegit frater Bertholdus Kule lector lubicensis de novem gladiis'. Treatise on the Virgin Mary by Berthold Kule, a Franciscan lector from Lübeck.
ff. 31r-78v: 'Tractatus Beati Bernhardi Abbatis super cenam domini, et distinguitur per omelias. Omelia prima', which is in fact Homeliae super Cena Domini ('Homilies on the Lord's Last Supper') by , Oger of Locedio (1140-1214).
ff. 79r-103r: 'Tractatus beati Bernhardi de passione domini', Treatise on the Passion of the Christ by Bernard of Clairvaux.
ff. 104r-127v: 'Praefatio super septem psalmos penitentiales a domino Petro de Ailliaco episcopo Cameracensi post modum tractatus sancti Grisogoni presbytero cardinali', 'Preface on the Penitential Psalms by Lord Pierre d'Ailly, Bishop of Cambray.
ff. 127v-132v: 'Devota Meditacio super Psalmos Judica me Deus edita a Reverendissimo patre domino cardinali Cameracensi apostolice sedis in almania legato', Meditations on the Psalm 'Judica me, Deus' (Psalm 43) by Pierre d'Ailly, Bishop of Cambray.
ff. 133r-141r: 'Devota meditacio super Psalmum In te domine speravi edita ut supra', Meditations on the Psalm 'In Domine, Speravi' (Psalm 31) by Pierre d'Ailly, Bishop of Cambray.
ff. 142r-145r: 'Nota pericula quae contingere possunt circa sacramentum corporis et sanguinis Jhesu Christi et remedia sequendo doctrinam lucidam et catholicam sanctissimi patris Thome de Aquino. Dupliciter, etc....exprimenda sunt pericula', a text on the dangers and oversights of the priest regarding the Sacrament of the altar during the Mass (?).
ff. 148r-163v: 'Sermo de Annunciatione beate Virginis Marie factus per M. Henricum de Hassia, 'Sermon on the Annunciation to The Blessed Virgin Mary by Master Henry of Hesse', also known as Henry of Langenstein.
ff. 167r-189r: 'Sermo de Nativitate Virginis Marie Reverendi Magistri Henrici de Hassia, 'Sermon on the Nativity of the Virgin Mary by Reverend Master Henry of Hesse', also known as Henry of Langenstein).
ff. 191r-202v: 'De horis canonicis in primitiva ecclesia', 'On the Canonical Hours in the Primitive Church'.
f. 203r-v: collection of quotations about drink.
ff. 204r-231v: 'Imago Vite Eterne, 'Image of Eternal Life' by Saint Bonaventure.
ff. 232r-236v: 'Formula compendiose vite' by Henry Suso, and an extract of, or a commentary on the Book of Zephaniah.
ff. 236v-237v: 'Speculum Monachorum beati Bernhardi', 'Blessed Bernard's Mirror of the Monks', text falsely attributed to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux but actually written by Arnoul de Bohéries.
ff. 237v-238v: 'De scola celestis exercitii', author unknown.
ff. 239r-245r: 'Stimulus Amoris beati Bernardi', 'The Pricking of Love by Blessed Bernard', which is in fact a treaty on Christ's Passion written by Eckbert of Schönau (d 1184).
ff. 245r-264r: 'Liber de Conscientia Augustini', 'Book of Knowledge by Augustine', actually by Bernard of Clairvaux.
ff. 264r-265r: 'Sermo dulcis ex sermonibus Bernardi super Cantica [xliii]'.
ff. 265v-304r: 'Cordiale','For the Heart', also called 'De Quatuor Novissimis' ('Of the Four last Things') in the list of contents. The author of this text is possibly Gerard van der Vlyderhoven.
ff. 304v-311r: 'Sermo'. This appears to be the Speculum Amatorum mundi, also found under the title Speculum Peccatorum de Contemptu Mundi. It has been attributed to Bernardino of Siena and to Dionysius the Carthusian.
ff. 310r-311v: letters of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, and short extract from Soliloquia animae ad Deum by Pseudo-Saint Augustine. Folio 310 appears to have been incorrectly inserted, and should probably follow f. 311.
The texts are described separately in their respective sub-sections.
Writing Written by several hands, all fair, and of about the middle of the 15th century. The ornamentation consists of rubrics and plain red capitals.


  • c 1444-1445

Language of Materials


Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open to all. The manuscripts can be consulted in the Centre for Research Collections, Edinburgh University Main Library.


1 bound MS volume

Custodial History

The book belonged to the Carthusians of Erfurt (from the St-Salvator Charterhouse), as is shown from inscriptions on ff. 137r and 189r, Ad Carthusienses pertinet Erffordia (probably 15th century hand). Again on the fly-leaf at the beginning, Cartusiae Erfordiensis (17th century). Three treatises are dated: 17 (dated 1444), and 19 and 20 (both dated 1445). A Sale Catalogue entry (date unknown) gives the price of the book in its original 'ancient wood binding' as £1, 11s. 6d.

Previous reference

D. b. V. 6

Previous title

Title given to the manuscript in Catherine Borland’s catalogue: Tractatus Varii Theologici.


Paul J. G. Lehman, Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Deutschlands und der Schweiz, vol. 2, (München: C.H. Beck, 1918-), p. 462, L75.
C. H. Talbot, 'A list of Cistercian MSS. In Gr. Brit.', Traditio (1952), VIII, p. 413.

Physical Facet

Material: mostly paper, with some vellum folios.

Binding: Modern.

Collation: a14, b16, c8-h8, i12, k13, I12-n12, o8, p7, q12 (q8 and q13 cut out), r12-D12, E13 = 311.


20.8 cm x 15.24 cm


Secundo folio: vidue et virgines
Foliation and number of lines to a page: ff. 311 (+3 fly-leaves), c. 28 lines to a page.

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