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Notebook No.56, 20 May 1835-17 April 1837

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 3
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/56

Scope and Contents

This black leather notebook contains Lyell's notes on discussions with Richard Owen and William Lonsdale. Subjects are highly diverse and notes are made predominantly in ink. The index is organised pages related to dicussion with Owen and Lonsdale and is written in the last few pages of the book. The front cover is blank.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

With Mr. Lonsdale in Geol[ogical] Soc[iety] Museum
p. 8, Ammonites of Ch. Marl
p. 14, A. rostralus U.G.S.
p. 22, A. gigantesu, Portland
p. 28, A. sublovis, Kelloway
p. 12, Arca carinata, U.G.S.
p. 22, [Astrea,] of Tisbury
p. 23, [Astrea,] of Coral Rag
p. 25, [Astrea,] modern bored by lithodomi
p. 31, Apiocrinites of Brad. Cl.
p. 5, Belemnites mucronatus
p. 26, [Belemnites] cov[ered] with serpulo [et cetera]
p. 3, Catillus of W.C.
p. 16, C. sulcatus, Galt
p. 5, Cirrus perspectivus
p. 9, Cidarites, U.G.S.
p. 27, [Cidarites], of Coral rag
p. 21, Cyclas, Wealden
p. 25, Columnaro, Trans[ition]
p. 39, Caryophyllias in Lias
p. 27, Clypeus dimidiatus, Cor. Rag
p. 9, Echinospatangus, U.G.S.
p. 12, Exogyra
p. 20, [Exogyra] attached shell
p. 3, Gryphoa globosa, W.C.
p. 12, [Gryphoa] canaliculata, U.G.S.
p. 28, [Gryphoa] dilatata, Ox. Clay
p. 9, Galirites, U.G.S.
p. 10, Hallerhoa costata, ib.
p. 16, Hamites, S.G.S.
Inoceramus, sec Catillus
p. 40, Ichthyosaurus + Plesios[aurus] diff[erence] in structure of,
p. 26, Melmion heddingtonensis
p. 9, Nucleolites, U.G.S.
p. 3, Plagiostrama, W.C.
p. 19, Panopoa
p. 32, Patella rugosa, Stones[ord]
p. 38, Pentacrinites
p. 1, Serpula in W.C.
p. 7, Scaplite U.C.
p. 10, Siphonaria, U.G.S.
p. 16, Septarium in Galt
p. 16, Spatangus in [Galt]
p. 5, Terebratula W.C.
p. 14, [Terebratula] of U.G.S.
p. 8, Turrilites, W.C.
p. 16, Turbinolia Galt
p. 19, Thetis L.G.S.
p. 22, Terebra - Port[land]
p. 20, Unio porrectus, Wealden
p. 14, Vermetus concavus, U.G.S.
p. 34, Trigonia costata, range of
p. 20, Attached shells taking impressions of substances to which they are fixed
p. 23,31, Bath stone, corals in
p. 28,31,32, Bradford clay
p. 6, Chalk marl, colour [et cetera]
p. 8,10, [Chalk] fossils
p. 9, [Chalk] white pebbles in
p. 9, Chert impure sandy flint
p. 16, Crabs' in gault
p. 25, Corals recent bored by lithodomi
p. 23,24,25,27, Coral Rag, compos[ition] fossils [et cetera]
p. 26, Coral reefs
p. 36,39, Corals not found in Clay formations
p. 36, Cupids wings, veget[ation] fossil so called
p. 29,30, Forest marble, name, fossils [et cetera]
p. 33, Frome, galana veins in Oolite at,
p. 34, [Frome] Ool[ite] + M[ount] Limestone unconformable at
p. 9,10,12,14, Green Sand, upper, colour, fossils [et cetera]
p. 17,18, lower colour, compos[ition] fossils [et cetera]
p. 16, Gault fossils
p. 33, Galona veins in Oolite
p. 24, Kemmeridge Clay
p. 28, Kelloway rock
p. 36,40, Lias, fossils of,
p. 24, Oolite structure, fossils [et cetera]
p. 33, [Oolite] + M[...] limestone unconformable at Frome
p. 28, Oxford Clay fossils
p. 22, Portland fossils
p. 6, Slickenside
p. 32, Stonesfield fossils
p. 25, Transition fossils
p. 20,21, Wealden fossils
p. 36, Wood in lias
p. 25, Wood in Coral Rag
p. 36, [Wood] conversion of into coal
With Mr Owen at the College of Surgeons
p. 41-43, Owen on structure of vertebrated animals
p. 43,56,63, [Owen] on the Cuttle fish
p. 44,52, [Owen] on the Ocythoe being the constructor of its own shell
p. 51, [Owen] on Nautilus pompilius
p. 55, [Owen] on arcul[...] in Cephalo[oda]
p. 56, [Owen] on Cephalop[oda] higher grade than insects
p. 57, [Owen] on Argonaut
p. 58, [Owen] on Rang's plates of [Argonaut]
p. 65, [Owen] on Mr. Bennett's Argonauts
p. 49,54, [Owen] on siphuncle of Nautilus and its uses
p. 51,56, [Owen] on distinct[ion] bet[ween] Cephalopoda + other molluska
p. 55, [Owen] Nautilus connects the Dibranchiata + Gastropods
p. 56, [Owen] on rank of Pteropoda + Gasteropoda
p. 57, [Owen] on reprod[uction] of organs in Mollusca
p. 58, [Owen] on respiratory organs of Mollusca
p. 58, [Owen] on funnel of Murex
p. 59, [Owen] compar[ison] of spiral univalve to coiled up Dentalium
p. 60, [Owen] on Calyptroa being Diocious
p. 61,62, [Owen] on Terebratulo
p. 62, [Owen] on deriv'n of "Mollusca"
p. 63, [Owen] on means of locomotion of cuttle fish + Nautilus
p. 50, [Owen] on passage from zoophyte to mollusca
p. 57, [Owen] on hermaphroditism in mollusca
p. 54, [Owen] on Foraminifera
p. 47, [Owen] on Sponges
p. 66, [Owen] on Ascidians + Cuvier's plates of them
p. 47, [Owen] on instincts of insects
p. 67, [Owen] on nervous column of [insects]
p. 62, [Owen] on shell of Tortoise as compared to that of the Nautilus
p. 72+75, [Owen] on skeleton of Crocodile
p. 74, [Owen] [on skeleton of Crocodile] of Mud Genoa
p. 77, [Owen] on Chelonian reptile
p. 77, [Owen] on frog acquiring ball + socket joints
p. 68, [Owen] on gill cover in Fish
p. 70, [Owen] on structure of fishes
p. 43,48, [Owen] on the Gymnotus and Myxine
p. 51, [Owen] on blind species of Eel
p. 78, [Owen] on structure of Eagle
p. 61,66, [Owen] on Monotrematous animals
p. 80, [Owen] on Ornithorhynchus
p. 59, [Owen] on size of brain in the Cetacea
p. 63, [Owen] on [size of brain] of Elephant
p. 69, [Owen] on identity of Dog + Wolf
p. 86, [Owen] on skeleton of mammalia
p. 87, [Owen] [on skeleton of Kangaroo Rat
p. 64, [Owen] on relation of Vertebrata to Mollusca + Articulata
p. 63, [Owen] on the Skunk spirting out noxious fluid
p. 56, [Owen] on definition of alimentary + intestinal canal
p. 46, [Owen] on Macleay's lines of affinity and analogy


  • Creation: 20 May 1835-17 April 1837


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