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Notebook No.72, 9 August 1838- September 1838

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 3
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/72

Scope and Contents

This red leather notebook include Charles Lyell's geological observations, sketches, some essays with queries, diary entry from August 29th 1838 from Kinnordy about the length and publication of Principles of Geology and Elements of Geology. The index is p. 139,140, and inside back cover.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

Index Aug[us]t to Nov[embe]r 1838 139
p. 1, Norwich
p. 1, Witlingham, Crag on chalk, very ferrugin[ou]s
p. 22,1,3, Thorpe fossils
p. 2,3, Crag mem[orand]a for
p. 4, on chalk at Calton
p. 6, Brick pit, sect[io]n in
p. 6, Allen's farm, pit on
p. 8 to 14, Potstones
p. 12, [Potstones] cut off abruptly by the Crag
p. 14, [Potstones] all filled with chalk
p. 8,20, Grove and House, Horsted crag on chalk
p. 20, Mastodon's tooth, drawing
p. 22, Thorpe Paramondra
p. 22,24, Postwick fossils
p. 24, Chalk pit on Buryroad n[e]ar paramondra
p. 26, Wilson's Collect[io]n of fossils of the Crag
p. 28, Mundesley, freshwater strata
p. 28, Cromer, bed with deer's horns, insects etc, near
p. 30, North Shields sect[io]n
p. 32, Tynemouth, section of cliff south of
p. 32, Cullercoats, dike at
p. 36, d[itt]o veins crossing each other at
p. 33, Ninety fathom dike, its width V inclin[atio]n irregular
p. 34, [Ninety fathom dike] section of at Whitley exposed by Railway
p. 38,40, Ballast hill
p. 38, Magnesian limest[one] Durham
p. 42, [Magnesian limest[one]] brecciated in Velvet Bay
p. 44, [Magnesian limest[one]] of Marston rocks
p. 46, Sedgwick on trap dikes (Camb[rian] Trans[ition])
p. 47,49, Quarrington Hill section, for Elements
p. 50, Mem[orand]a
p. 51-54, Principles, notes for the division of into separate works
p. 55,56,66,68, Blackadder, notes on Geol[ogy] of Forfarsh[ire] +c
p. 62,101, [Blackadder] queries for
p. 56, Blairgowrie beds
p. 58, Cortachie, fossil tree
p. 61, [Cortachie] section E of bridge of
p. 68, [Cortachie] mortar + gravel
p. 60, Ripple mark
p. 61, Stratification, causes of
T[urn] Over p. 61,67, Mortar, sections of
p. 66, Bending of sandstone on drying
p. 66, Lead veins at Glammiss[sic]
p. 68, Gravel of Market Muir
p. 68, [Gravel] + Mortar, heights of
p. 70, Carmichael's pit, Dundee
p. 71, [Carmichael's pit] height of
p. 72, Dundee, action of rain on mud like Calm of Cortachie
p. 72, [Dundee] beds of mud squeezed out, looking like strata
p. 74,76,78, sections near
p. 80, Coraigie section
p. 80, Joints in Lioch quarry
p. 82, Denudation of Grampians
p. 82, Red Sandstone of Strthmore
p. 82, Calm of Inshewan
p. 91,84, Balentore[sic], joints in mica schist,
p. 86-94, Glach of Balloch, strif[icatio]n of mica shist
p. 96, Catlaw, vertical mica schist
p. 96, Anderson, D[octo]r, on fossils of Fife, Jameson's Town
p. 98, Glammiss quarry
p. 98, Herd Hill d[itt]o
p. 98, Camperdown Ho[use] d[itt]o
p. 100, Alyth, dip of red sandst[one]
p. 100, Kinnordy peat, Coletus in,
p. 100, Fife, notes for,
p. 102, Brockley, dip of red sandstone at,
p. 102,110, Dairsie
p. 102-110, Dura Den, yellow sandstone
p. 110,114, Anderson, D[octo]r on geol[ogy] of Fife
p. 106,112, Ceres Burn, sections p. 116, Boggle Hill yellow sandstone
p. 119, Fife Scient[ific] Soc[iety] Museum
p. 118, Coults section
p. 120-124, S[ain]t Andrew's, flexures in strata
p. 130,132, [S[ain]t Andrew's] Rock + Spindle
p. 124, [S[ain]t Andrew's] Maiden Rock
p. 134, [S[ain]t Andrew's] dike of fuff in tuff
p. 126, [S[ain]t Andrew's] vertical sandst[one] on tuff
p. 136, Spinxton, quaquaversal dip on shore near,
p. 138, Dunbar, columnar basalt, MacCulloch on
p. 138, Eden, R[iver], section at bridge over, clay pit,


  • Creation: 9 August 1838- September 1838


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141 folios

70 Leaves

1 volume

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