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Notebook No.79, 21 October 1839- February 1840

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/79

Scope and Contents

This dark leather notebook contains Charles Lyell's notes in pencil and ink, field notes, thinking and 'to do' lists. There are many references to Darwin; 'Elements' published - and page 79 includes workings on edits. Index is in written in alphabetical order at the back of the notebook. The front and back covers are blank.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

Index. Oct[obe]r 21st. 1839. to Feb[ruar]y. 1840.
p. 110, 112, Abich on Vesuvius, notes on
p. 58, Aleutian islands, volcanos of,
p. 15, Beck on shells common to Europe [and] Am[eric]a
p. 36, Bowen on carrying of boulders by ice
p. 40, Brown on Ceratophyllum of Mundesley
p. 82, Bayfield, mem[orandum] of letter sent to,
p. 85, Bowerbank, mem[orandum] for.
p. 87, Brieslak on Hutton's theory
p. 40, Ceratophyllum of Mundesley
p. 2, Crag [and] Faluns contemporaneous
p. 9, - [and] Lond[o]n Clay mammalia paper, to whom given
p. 26, Cotopaxi, volcano
p. 81, Chiton, only 1 tertiary known,
p. 13, Darwin on rabbit of Falklands
p. 93, - [Falklands] on height [and] temperature of D'o [Ditto]
p. 20, - [Falklands] on distribution of insects
p. 43, - [Falklands] on axis of Cordilleras
p. 43, 45, - [Darwin] notes on his paper
p. 92, - [Darwin] on currents [et cetera]
p. 93, - [Darwin] on gravel at foot of Himalayas
p. 56, 62, 64, 103, - [Darwin] queries for,
p. 60, Desnoyer's section of Faluns
p. 62, Deshayes on range of Transition fossils
p. 64, - [Deshayes], on site of Faluns
p. 75, Duplicates, to whom to be given
p. 80, De Beaumont on age of Limagne
p. 18, Dufrenoy, on Somma
p. 111, Daniell, Prof[esso]r, his days at King's Coll[ege]
p. 86, Earthquakes in Venetian provinces
p. 1, Earthquake waves
p. 14, Erratics, source of in Norway
p. 5, 6, 36, - [Erratics] carried by ice
p. 104 to 110, Etna, Hoffmann on,
p. 20, 84, Elements of Geol[ogy], rate of sale of,
p. 2, Faluns [and] Crag contemporaneous
p. 60, -, [Faluns [and] Crag] Desnoyer's section of
p. 64, -, [Faluns [and] Crag] Deshayes on site of,
p. 13, Falkland islands, rabbit of,
p. 93, - [Falkland islands] height [and] temperature of,
p. 93, Gravel at foot of Himalayas
p. 104 to 110, Hoffmann on Etna,
p. 87, Hutton's theory, Brieslak on,
p. 93, Himalayas, gravel at foot of,
p. 5, 6, 36, Ice, carrying of boulders by,
p. 62, - [Ice], bull's skull drifted by,
p. 92, Iron [and] water expand on solidific[atio]n
p. 28, Jenyns on Mundesley fish.
p. 60, Jura, domes of upheaval in,
p. 46, Java volcanos,
p. 103, Kater's compass as used by Hoffmann
p. 98, Lonsdale on Mud Cliff paper
p. 13, Land, farthest point from,
p. 64, Madeira, bed of shells betw[ee]n lavas in,
p. 28, 30, Mundesley fish
p. 40, - [Mundesley] plants
p. 54, - [Mundesley] shells
p. 107, Morris, queries for,
p. 98, Norfolk Mud Cliff paper, Lonsdale on, p. 103, - [Norfolk Mud Cliff paper] to whom to be given
p. 12, Neuwied, nearest tert[iar]y volcanos
p. 18, Naples, fossils in tuffs of,
p. 4, Philippi's work, an analysis of,
p. 20, Principles [of Geology], rate of sale of,
p. 76, -, [Principles of Geology] 5th Ed[itio]n, when published,
p. 100, -, [Principles of Geology] calculat[ion]s as to quantity for 6th Ed[itio]n,
p. 36, Plassey battle field submerged,
p. 13, South Sea isl[an]d sometimes overflowed,
p. 18, Somma, Dufrenoy on,
p. 54, Sowerby, G., on species of Panopea,
p. 56, - [Sowerby, G.] on new Buccinum like B. Dalei,
p. 57, - [Sowerby, G.] time
p. 64, - [Sowerby, G.] on shells between lavas in Madeira,
p. 80, - [Sowerby, G.] mem[orandum] for,
p. 54, - [Sowerby, G.] on Mundesley shells,
p. 78, Sedgwick on Camb[ridgeshire] Clay or till,
p. 32, Teneriffe, Von Buch on,
p. 78, Till in Cambridgesh[ire]
p. 12, Volcanos of Neuwied, nearest tert[iar]y to Engl[an]d, - Von Buch on, - see Von Buch
p. 26, 30, 32, 34, 46, 48, 50, 52, 58, Von Buch on volcanos,
p. 79, Von Dechen, glossary of mining terms by,
p. 86, Venetian provinces, earthq[uake]s in,
p. 92, Water [and] Iron expand on solidification
p. 79, Wood on red crag identification
p. 54, Wigham, Mr., his Mundesley shells
p. 83, 84, 91, 97, -, [Mundesley] mem[orandum] for,
p. 28, 30, Yarrel, Mr., on Mundesley fish
p. 64, -, [Mundesley] on Carp being indigenous,
p. 68, Burnes, Sir A.,
p. 99, Golden, W.,
p. 111, Milne, D.,
p. 101, Sharp, W.,
p. 85, Thompson, J.S.,


  • Creation: 21 October 1839- February 1840


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