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Notebook No.102, June 1842- June 1842

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/102

Scope and Contents

This red leather notebook contains Charles Lyell's notes from his travels through Toronto, Ontario; Kingston, Ontario; Gananoque, Quebec; Montreal, Quebec; Burlington, Vermont. Notes are in pencil and ink and are primarily daily journal entries, as well as comparisons to other geological phenomena. The index is located at the back of the notebook.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

No[tebook] 102 Index June 1842 153
p. 3, Toronto, sect[io]n of well at
p. 4, -[Toronto] mastodon
p. 4, Humber, Bridge, fossils at
p. 6, -[Humber, Bridge] R[iver], course of
p. 6, -[Humber, Bridge] section at
p. 8, Rain drops + Wave lines
p. 8, Roy, Mr on level of lakes in winter + on discharge of Niagara
p. 10,12, -[Roy, Mr] on ridges
p. 9,93, Ontario, L[ake], littoral phenom[en]a on shores of
p. 10, -[Ontario, L[ake]] ridges of, maybe marine
p. 22, -[Ontario, L[ake]] shells thrown up by
p. 20, [Drift] on granite
p. 24, -[Drift] great thickness of at Cornwall
p. 18,20, Furrows in limest[one] and granite
p. 20, Granite, drift on
p. 20, -[Granite] furrows in
p. 9,93, Littoral phenomena on shores of Ontario
p. 14,56,96,140, Journal
p. 10, Whirlpool deposit may be freshwater + Ontario ridges marine
p. 16, Kingston limestone
p. 16, -[Kingston limestone] junct[io]n of with granite
p. 16, Emmons on Potsdam + Calcifers sandst[one]
p. 16,20, Potsdam sandstone
p. 132, -[Potsdam sandstone] fossils of
p. 144, -[Potsdam sandstone] boulders of under shells at Port Kent
p. 18, Gannanoque [sic], furrowed limest[one] at
p. 20, -[Gannanoque] granite furrowed + covered by clay
p. 20, -[Gannanoque] boulders between Kingston +
p. 22, -[Gannanoque] shell wall
p. 24, drift with boulders
p. 54, -[drift] marble
p. 22, Belouse Rapids, clay deposit
p. 22, Dickinsons Landing, clay deposit
p. 24, -[Dickinsons Landing] canal cut thro' clay with boulders
p. 24, Cornwall, great thickness of B.F. at
p. 26, Distances of places between Niagara + Montreal
p. 24, S[ain]t Lawrence, expansion of w[ithi]n Cornwall
p. 28, -[S[ain]t Lawrence] boulders in bed of
p. 26, Coteau du Lac, clay with boulders
p. 28, Cascades, section at
p. 30,38, Montreal Mountain, shells on
p. 38, -[Montreal Mountain] trap + limest[one] alternating
p. 40, -[Montreal Mountain] sect[io]n of, from E[ast] to W[est]
p. 41, -[Montreal Mountain] resemblance to Uddevalla
p. 46, -[Montreal Mountain] sect[ion] of hill + height of terraces
p. 52,106, -[Montreal Mountain] dip of limestone of
p. 108, -[Montreal Mountain] sect[io]n thro[ugh] S[ain]t Antoine
p. 30, Cotes des Nieges, shells at
p. 35,38, Cote S[ain]t Pierre, D[itt]o
p. 35, Brodie, M[iste]r, sect[io]n near his house
p. 35,112, Mytilus forming purple clays
p. 112, -[Mytilus] rare in B.F. in general
p. 36,42,44,47, Trap dikes
p. 32,34, Tanneries, sections at the
p. 33,38,110,112, -[Tanneries] shells at
p. 108, -[Tanneries] terrace
p. 108, -[Tanneries] bos of trap surrounded by limest[one]
p. 110, -[Tanneries] boulders over shells
p. 112, -[Tanneries] small boulder in the shelly loam
p. 114, -[Tanneries] dip of the beds
p. 36,52, Bigsby's Paper, references to
p. 46, M[oun]t Trafalgar
p. 42,47, Mr Gill's College, dike at
p. 48, -[Mr Gill's College] fossils in limestone at
p. 108, -[Mr Gill's College] sect[io]n thro[ugh] S[ain]t Antoine to
p. 48, Cascades, Potsdam sandst[one] at
p. 48, Lachine, d[itt]o
p. 48,54, Isle of S[ain]t Helens opposite Montreal
section + fossils
p. 54, Quebec, height above river
p. 64, -[Quebec] dip of slate rocks in suburbs of
p. 64, -[Quebec] graptolites in D[itt]o
p. 58,60,66,76, Beauport sections
p. 56, -[Beauport] layer of shells of Crag colour
p. 62, -[Beauport] list of shells
p. 64, -[Beauport] section from Quebec to
p. 66, -[Beauport] secondary fossils of
p. 68, -[Beauport] dip of limestone
p. 80, -[Beauport] road from to S[ain]t Michel
p. 80, -[Beauport] Trenton limest[one] horizontal at, + fossils of
p. 86, -[Beauport] blocks of greiss above + below shells
p. 124, -[Beauport] deposit, 200 f[ee]t thick at Burlington
p. 122, Beauport paper, Erratum
p. 80, Trenton limest[one] horizontal at Beauport
p. 80, -[Trenton limest[one]] fossils of
p. 68,70, Montmorency, R[iver] dip, + fossils on r[ight] bank of
p. 70, -[Montmorency, R[iver]] falls of, shells at
p. 70, -[Montmorency, R[iver]] polished greiss
p. 72, -[Montmorency, R[iver]] section at
p. 74, Baysfield Capt[ain], notes from
p. 84, Hudson slate
p. 116, -[Hudson slate] clay of La Prairie perhaps derived from
p. 86,88, S[ain]t Charles to Loretta
p. 90, Bowen's drawing in P[ort] of G. descript[io]n of
p. 91, Three Rivers, absence of shells
p. 93,95, Foot Marks + Rain Drops
p. 95, Addison's Cato, passage from
p. 98,100,102, Maskenonge, falls of
p. 102, -[Maskenonge] belief of people that boulders drifted by ice
p. 104, Sorel, mouth of Richelien R[iver]
p. 108, S[ain]t Antoine, sect[io]n thro[ugh], near Montreal
p. 91,114,136, absence of shells
p. 114, Longeuil, dike at
p. 116, Clay of La Prairie derived from Hudson slate
p. 120, Plattsburg clay and boulders
p. 120,150, Vermont Mountains
p. 122, Benedict, M[iste]r, shells from
p. 126, Lake Champlain, its bottom ripple-marked
p. 120, Burlington limestone fossils
p. 122, -[Burlington] brick earth at falls
p. 126, -[Burlington] dip of sandstone beds at
p. 128, -[Burlington] dike near
p. 136, -[Burlington] boulder formation
p. 146, -[Burlington] height of College above L[ake] Champlain
p. 146, -[Burlington] to Waterbrook
p. 126, Falls of Winouski, on Onion
p. 126, -[Falls of Winouski] white limestone of
p. 126, -[Falls of Winouski] ripple-marked sandstone at
p. 126, Ripple mark in sandst[one] n[ea]r Burlington
p. 126, -[Ripple mark] on bottom of L[ake] Champlain
p. 128, Sharp shins point, section at
p. 134, Conrad's definition of Second[ar]y fossil genera
p. 130, Port Kent, notes for visiting
p. 137, -[Port Kent] section at
p. 139, -[Port Kent] ascent from to Keesville
p. 143, -[Port Kent] granite at
p. 144, -[Port Kent] boulders of Potsdam sandstone
p. 144, -[Port Kent] fossil shells
p. 138, Keesville, dip of sandstone at
p. 138, -[Keesville] little falls
p. 142, -[Keesville] ripple mark
p. 148, Waterbury, furrowed surface
p. 148, Middlesex, waterfall
p. 150, Bagdad, dip of greiss at
p. 150, Green Mountains, section of
p. 152, Hanover, sect[io]n at
p. 28, Holmes
p. 42, McCord
p. 42, Sheppard
p. 76, Sewell
p. 76, Stevenson


  • Creation: June 1842- June 1842


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