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Notebook No.148, September 1846 - December 1846

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 6
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/148

Scope and Contents

This black notebook contains a record on Charles Lyell’s discussions, theories, and ideas in London - with detailed notes of a social nature, of a visit to Bowood - after his return from his second visit to the U.S (Notebooks 121-145). In this notebook, he covers events and locations from both the U.S and the U.K including Durham, Richmond Valley, Harley Street, Prince Edward Island, Mildenhall, New York, etc. Lyell’s comments on America are profuse, but they don’t appear to have made it into his published works. This notebook has detailed notes of geological features, flora and fauna political debates, religious discussions as well as recording his notes on traditions and religion in the Wandering Jew by Eugene Sue. Lyell looks at and speaks with key individuals such Agassiz (Biologist and Geologist), Edward Forbes (Naturalist), Chester Dewey (Botanist and Antislavery Activist), Charles Bunsen (Diplomat and Scholar), Henry Milman (Historian and Ecclesiastic), Thomas Macaulay (Whig Politian), C Moore (Geologist), and Richard Dana (American Lawyer and Politian). A reference to Mrs Jane Marcet is of note, as a renowned female writer of popular science books. Lyell also mentions 'Two Years Before the Mast' and slavery. These subjects are interjected by notes on writing progress; p.59 has details of work for Principles 7th Edition – with it noted as being sent to Printer on pg. 73, and more details on pg. 101.

Transcription note:

This notebook is written in ink and pencil and contains many crossed out memorandum. The index is located in the back of the notebook on six unnumbered pages. There are also two of his own drawings on p.19 and p.115. When known, Lyell’s abbreviations, contractions, and known people, have been expanded using square brackets ( [] ). The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's own index:

p.1 Agassiz names of Old Red fossil fish given at Southton [sic Southampton?]
p.3 [Agassiz] Durham Connect[icut[ fish
p.7 [Agassiz] Richmond V[irgini]a do.
p.8 Harley St[reet] width of measured 19
p.14 & 15 Wandering Jew, “Respectable” Traditions – nothingarian
p.16 & 17 Address Jerdan – Laing [painter, Villiers St]
p.18 Wandering Jew. Miracles
October 5th, 1846
p.19 Hopkins on pressure of rocks
p.20 Wandering Jew – Hardy’s relapse
p.20 [Wandering Jew] goodness of God
October 6th
p.21 Harnden’s express William F. Harnden - Wikipedia
p.23 E. Forbes on approach of Glacial per[io]d
p.25 [E. Forbes] S[outhern] & Northern flora etc.
p.28 Wandering Jew
p.28 Clatheriena a Wealden land plant in the marine upper Green S[an]d
p.29 Iguanodon Jaw
p.30 Heel ball & tracing paper Mantell [Man-tell, with tell interlined on line above]
p.31 [Joseph] Clark’s address Cincinnati [Race Street]
p.31 Rev[eren]d Dr Hamilton Temple Serapis [Rev W.T. Hamilton of Mobile]
p.34 Geol[og]y orthodox in metropolis & heresy in country
p.34 Trotter on repudiation
p.34 Paupers 2 millions of in England
p.34 & 36 Estimate cost of 7. Ed[ition] Principles
p. 36 Geol[og]y Prince Edw[ard] Isl[and] coal & C[ape] Blomindon
p.36 [Geology] Marietta & Autumn [fern] beds seam?
p.38 Geol[og]y Ramsay on Denudation
p.39 [Geology] E. De Beaumont’s sudden upheaval
p.39 [Geology] Plants of Richm[on]d Coal field & C[harles] Bunbury in Pterii etc.
p.40 Peat of Cambridgsh [sic Cambridgeshire]. No sphagnum
Oct[ober] 21st
p.40 Geol[og]y clay pit Mildenhall
p.40 &42 Plants at Do.
p.42 Stigmaria in drift Mildenhall
p.44 Wandering Jew “Dragon” for “dragoon”
p.46 [Wandering Jew] confusion of right & wrong
p.46 Theatricals given up. Reading of novels in U.S substitut[e]d
p.46 Rouge’s movement in Germany
p.47 Indiana, mosses & black fungus
p.48 [Indiana] coal plants named
p.48 Waverly Sands[tone] Devonian?
p.49 Methodism Q[uarterly] R[eview] animal emotions
Oct[ober] 26th 1846
p.49 Dewey’s work.
p.49 Balls & amusements in Eng[land] wicked
p.51 Rotation of crops, Mr Eagle on
p.52 Creole term explained
p.57 Bunsen, no deluge in Egypt
p.57 Scriptural prejudices in England
p.58 Agassiz address Boston & Liverpool
[p.59 has details of work for Principles 7th Ed]
p.59 America, Electric telegraph on trees
p.60 Convention N.Y Gibbard
p.60 [Convention] Judges, negros, De Verneuil
p.60 ? Silurian groups, N.Y De V[erneuil] on
p.60 ? Natchez human bone Dickenson on
p.61 ? De Verneuil on Silurian, & Orthoceras
p.62 J. Halls palaeontology, cost of plates
p.63 to 66 X Wandering Jew criticism on
p.66 Miocene and continuat[io]n of
p.67 Bookbinder of J[ohn] Murray address
p.67 Wandering Jew, Mrs Marcet on
p.69 Irish – non commiss[ione]d officers in a regiment chiefly from
p.69 Travelling in U.S. facilities De Verneuil
p.70 Chewing tobacco, Sir Rob[er]t Walpole
p.71 Morning Post on Lyell’s America
Nov[ember] 3rd
p.72 Sismonda on nummulite limest[one] of Var & the Maritime alps [sic Alpes-Maritime], age of
p.72 Alpine coal-plants in lias proved
p.72 Education making Germany infidel B[isho]p of London
p.73 C Lyell on Miocene isthmus, references
p.75 Expatriation of English, Americans on
p.75 Liturgy – multiplicat[io]n of services
p.76 Oxf[or]d, Tractarianism says H. Merivale followed by deism
p.77 Education in Engl[an]d & religion
p.78 Slavery, foreign interference – infanticide
p.78 Dewey – Aristocracy in Engl[an]d
[p. 79 relates to American interference concerning Hindoo widows, reference from Dewey’s sermon]
p.80 [Dewey] Public amusements – effect of debt etc.
p.82 [Dewey] – Fear of speaking out the truth
p.82 [Dewey] Free trade enemies of the U.S
p.82 Dewey, Scotch & N[orthern] Englanders like
p.84 [Dewey] English anti-Americanism – copyright
p.84 Pickett W[illiam] & Blounts [sic Blount County] addresses, Ala[bama]
p.84 War parties in U.S & England in/46
p.86 Geology & Sculpture, Grote’s Greece
p.87 Sam. Rogers, on America War
p.87 [Sam Rogers on America War] feeling in Engl[an]d ag[ains]t it
p.88 Democracy in U.S want new States
p.89 Falconer Dr on rain in India
p.94 Letters sent to U.S list of
p.96 Irish hatred in U.S says Bonycastle
p.96 Wandering Jew not much sold.
p.96 [Wandering Jew] Irish Romanist copy says [Henry Hart] Milman with Jesuits left out
p.98 Lords in America. J[ames] Spedding on
p.98 At Milman’s [Thomas] Talfourds son, John
p.98 [At Milman’s] [Archibald] Alison “Timber” Timber duties
p.98 [Michael] Faraday at Dela Rives, dine with servants
p.100 Geologist, [Thomas Babington] Macaulay “sermons in stones!
p.100 H[enry] Drummond, Byron & Cunningham
p.100 Macaulay “larks” & feeding on blubber
p.100 [Macaulay] if “fathers bought & sold now
[p.103 Biot on Earthquakes]
p.104 Volcanic band Biot on
p.105 Flood at Balize [sic Belize] of 1846 qy.
p.107 Dry sand in [James] Nasmyth’s experiment?
p.108 Wilberforce B[isho]p on be-bishoping
p.109 Three old mottoes of Principles lost
p.109 Railway carriages U.S stoves in & advantages of
p.110 Springs in Nassau metal found in by Deissenbach [Talking to Darwin]
p.111 Bowood party at & ages
p.112 Mexico, Von Geroldt’s opinion on use of being conquered
p.112 Mr C Moore on no progress in religious matters. Anti-megatherium
p.113 De Lane Editor of Times
p.114 Bowood – Sheridan & Monk Lewis [regarding a bet on the value of Castle Spectre]
Dec[ember] 16th 1846
p.114 Bowood Devil fish in America
p.114 [Bowood] L[or]d Clarendon “jobbing a trump” [a hired cook, a trump card, ‘not by his own cook’]
p.115 Searles Wood specimens of Crag shells borrowed by
p.115 Bowood, Section from to Obelisk
p.115 [Bowood] pictures at
p.116 [Bowood] L[or]d Clarendon hiring a cook
p.116 [Richard Henry] Dana before the mast, slavery
p.117 Bowood Dickens father a butler
p.117 [Bowood] Pope reigning wished to be in Napol[eon]s or national Guard
p.117 [Bowood Pope] epileptic
p.117 [Bowood Pope] Bobus Smith & Talleyrand
p.118 L[or]d Dudley & Sam Rogers
p.118 Daily News Crow Editor


  • Creation: September 1846 - December 1846


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