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Notebook No.240, 11 August 1859-13 September 1859

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Identifier: Coll-203/A1/240

Scope and Contents

This green leather bound notebook documents Lyell's travel in Le Puy - Paris - London - Scotland. Page p.69 includes an original black and white photograph of a fossil man, discovered in le Puy, and which Lyell was involved in its verification. The photograph is thought to be the earliest photograph taken of this specimen.

Scope and Contents

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "do". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

Le Puy- Aug[ust] 11 1859 Index
Aug[ust] 11
p. 7 Le Puy. Lava of so called Rome older than of Pont Neuf, foot of Denise.
p. 7 Section of beds with human remains. Ib
p. 8 Denise Section of.
p. 9 Excursion from Pay to St. Privas d’ Allier
p. 10 Puzzolana. [Pozzolana]
p. 11 Scropes view of Denise
p. 14 Queries Aymard.
p. 14 Montbonnet
p. 14 St. Privas d Allier and break[?] in red bed under lava. ib. Dike vertical in cone above St. Privas
p. 16 Age of lava on heights between Le Puy and St Privas
13th [August]
p. 17 Discovery of Denise fossil
p. 20 Visit to Bertrand in Done at Done Rocks Range
p. 20 Marines sans fossils
Basalt of Done like Cavity. ib
14th [August] Le Puy contin[ued].
p. 22 Age of lavas
p. 22 Croix de la Pailee
p. 24 Spheroidae basalt like Kasergrott in Eiffel
p. 26 St. Anne. ib. Le Collet fossils on St Anne
p. 28 Leaf bed - ib [Paludina?] in the [Azore?] of Auvergne
Sainzelles, locality
August 1859 Le Puy. Clermont
14th [August continued (le Puy)
p. 32 Do, Denise.
15th [August]
Le Puy.
p. 32 Aymard’s collection.
p. 32 Skeleton entire in Gypsum.
p. 34 Paleotherium primovum ib, Transmutation, bovine races
p. 36 Paleotherium magnum or subgracial ? ib. Ronyotherum or Rhinoceres.
p. 38, 40 Three period of bone in Denise.
p. 39 Visit to site of Paleotherium primovum
16 [August] Le Puy
p. 40 E[ast]. Meridionally
p. 42 Pichot’s specimen
p. 43 Helenus M. address -
p. 44 Glacial Period no signs of at Puy,
p. 44 Arkose.
p. 46 Puy de Dallet proving early volca[nic] erupt[ion]. Ib. Limague Section Vic-le Comte & Dallet.
p. 47 Le Coq’s Pharmacie
p. 48 Bouilleut’s address Clermont.
17th [August]
p. 48 Clermont – Fair – Rail to Paris – resemblance between tertiary of Limagne & Le Puy
p. 50 Scrope says some pebbles at high levels erupted.
p. 51 Hyaenadam ib. Creation of species and varieties
p. 52 Why most varieties die out
p. 54 Specific Centra,
Aug[ust] 1859 Paris
17th [August]
p. 58 Hours of rail for Chartres & Noyon – Itinerary
p. 60, 61 Paris mem[orandum]
p. 62 Boisvillette, Ingen[i?] of Chartres
p. 62 Height of Mastadon gravel at Fix. Ib Lambert of Chaumy
p. 64 With Radequil Seine valley pottery
p. 66 Hebert on Denise bones–
p. 69 – 64 [sic] Photograph
Human Skeleton Romanville, Desmoyen[ ?]
19[th August]
p. 65 Paris to Chartres
p. 70, 71 Collection of Boisvillette at Chartes ib Section at Do & St Prest
p. 72, 74, 76 St Prest,
p. 76 wrote to Count [Vibrage?]. Eure valley excav[cation]. of
20[th August]
p. 78 Chartres - Boisvillette’s collect[ion]. Demotheram “poches”
p. 79 St. Prest gravel on river bed of newer Pliocene Period-
p. 81 Old river beds [only?] destroyed
p. 82 Diluvium rouge ib. etc
p. 82 Ideal Section of St. Prest Sabliere
p. 84 With Desmoyens - origin of level of Plain de la Beauce
p. 86 Gaudry’s address ib. M. Wateler of Soissons
Poches a’ Deinothere in fresh[water] of Beauce. ib.
August 21 Paris 1869
p. 89 21[st] Paris with Hebert on le Puy fossil Man
p. 90 Scull [sic Skull[ Caucasian ib, Diluvium ronge which indents diluv[ium] gris newer than the hatchets.
p. 91 Loess do ib. Certificate as to position of Menchecourt [Abbeville] hatchets
p. 92 Jardin yak of Thibet [sic Tibet]
p. 93 Cave hyaena newer than mammoth ib. Age of Amiens “haches”[sic hatchets] 22nd Paris
p. 94. Plan for Valley of Seine
p. 95 C. D’Orbigny and M. Gras on Paris diluvium
p. 95 Cheirothermn [Chirotherium] in Bunter lowest at Lodere.
p. 96 Eppels […] Miocene upper
p. 96 Age of [Anigher or Aningham?] and Siebengebirge lignite same.
p. 96 Hebert says tertiary valleys different from ours in Europe
23rd [August]
p. 97 Paris by rail to Chaumy, M. Emile Lecot. C. D’ Orbigny’s address
p. 98 Chaumy Dept[partment] of Aisne. Chaumy 42 metres above sea
p. 100 Gravel Chaumy, ib. Soisson Pl[age?]. Clay Sandy Paludine Centa.
p. 102 Museum college of St Charles Elep[hant] etc ib. Gravel of railway Section.
p. 104 Shells & fossils in drift
p. 106 Conti[nued] Loess
section of Rastic Clay etc height above Oise 450 ft
24[-th August]
p. 110 Noyon. M. Biguetry's [Bequerry] collect[ion]. fan palm
p. 112 Elep[hant] & rhinoceros
p. 114 Sables du Rilly ib. valleys in Loess
p. 116 Drift of the Oise
25[th August]
p. 118-119 Paris with Deless[e] & C. D’Orbigny. Bicetre & La Bievre Section.
p. 120 Petite Rue de Reuilly fossils
p. 121 Results of excursion with Delesse
p. 123 Delesse section of Seine valley
p. 124 Coryphodron
26[th August]
p. 124 Paris to Vernon, down the Seine.
p. 124 Gravel of Seine like Kensington or Loudon.
27[th August]
p. 124 Vernon to Les Andelys. M. Charpentier
124 recent deposit in bed of Seine many yards high
p. 126 Sorigny’s Cosmogony
p. 128 Chateau Gaillard Petit Andeley
130 Cliffs and columns of chalk with flints
132 Valley of Seine gravel and loess between Anderlys & Gaillon
Cote des Amein. M. Pouchet and G.P. fils.
28-th August]
p. 137 Rouen
Pouchet’s anthropology ib.
29[th August]
Tyndal on glacier- contorted bed ib.
To Dieppe by rail “diluvium rouge” ib
p. 138 and 140 Dieppe. Agate - like chalk flint
p. 140 Geology of chalk and tertiary
Aug[ust] 1859 Dieppe London
August 29 continued
p. 142 Monday Dieppe – Pourville
p. 144 Eocene, Cyrena, cuneiforms laminated clay resting in white chalk of cliffs
p. 146 Absence of Thanet Sands
148 Dieppe by Newhaven to London.
30[th August] London. Wheatstone - Sykes Bell. Boxall
31[st August] London - Murray- Wildy at Coutts’ £3400 Indie loan
1[st September]
p. 150 1. London Zool[ogical]. Gardens
2. - [London] Letter to Scrope. & Aymard on Denise Fossil
3. Lond[on] Letter to Bertrands de Done-
4. Maps from Herman Merivale
5. London by Rugby – Tamworth- Stafford- Preston to Carlisle
6. Carlisle by Moffat, Kendal, Stirling & Perth to Sheilhill
7. Shielhill. Muirhouses Mr. Fairly Crief Mr Haggart
8. - [Shielhill] with Tom and harry to Invercarity. Alders by river
9. - [Shielhill] to Glammis [Glamis]. W. Blackadder. Upper white old red
10. [Shielhill] C. Kerr Kinnordy. Charter Room Mr Maxton . Gray of Carse
11th. [Shielhill] Letters from Aymard. Lartet
12. [Shielhill] Dr Mrs & Miss Maxton – botanised with Katherine & Caroline
13. [Shielhill] from Shielhill by rail to Aberdeen
p.151. Harlem take 151
p. 153 Address for Aberdeen MS,
p. 161 Mortality of Infants, Martineau
p. 165 Blackadder on geology of Forfarshire, upper Old Red.
p. 170 170 Grampian mortar extended over gneiss
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  • Creation: 11 August 1859-13 September 1859


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