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Box EUA-A-65


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File relating to the organisation and running of the Institute, 1948-1950

 File — Box: EUA-A-65, Box: data_value_missing_7825bd6c76f978bfad779184c86e0ab9, Box: data_value_missing_62c0850ffaab59d69816c56444d7e1cd
Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/6/3
Scope and Contents

These papers chiefly consist of typescript notes, reports and memoranda by Waddington about the structure, organisation and running of the Institute during his first few years as Director. Titled documents include 'Development Policy for the Genetics Laboratory' and 'The Responsibility of HQ and of the Organisation for Executive Action' (several copies).

Dates: 1948-1950

Correspondence regarding the Carnegie Library Grant, 1941-1951

 File — Box: EUA-A-65, Box: data_value_missing_9e05a8cf7d5398ce431e2c906d71a746, Box: data_value_missing_d8edeef1ba8ed30551e3a8fbe2fe1878
Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/6/1
Scope and Contents

These papers chiefly consist of correspondence between Waddington and the University of Edinburgh Library and Faculty of Science relating to the administration of the grant from the Carnegie Trust to the Institute of Animal Genetics for the purchase of books and periodicals.

Dates: 1941-1951

Correspondence and biographical papers, 1959-1978

 File — Box: EUA-A-65, Box: data_value_missing_55916abc5ec739b741a962a32186ed56, Box: data_value_missing_786a85081723f6afd486a646b58d0481
Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/6/5
Scope and Contents

Contains several versions of Waddington's autobiographical notes and photocopies of letters concerning Waddington's book purchases (seemingly collated after his death for the purpose of retrospective financial enquiries) as well as a few items of correspondence pertaining to the deposit of Waddington's books and papers after his death. Also contains a typescript titled 'The Origin of the IBP: Unofficial Note by C.H Waddington'.

Dates: 1959-1978

Institute staff particulars, 1946-1950

 File — Box: EUA-A-65, Box: data_value_missing_e71748c0669dc4d524625c2a610ed07c, Box: data_value_missing_e726ec138d29fc94b541da6493930bdc
Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/6/2
Scope and Contents

Contains completed staff particular forms of various Institute scientific and technical staff members, including: Charlotte Auerbach, Geoffrey Beale, Richard Alan Beatty, Thomas Carter, Douglas Falconer, Eric Reeve, J.M Rendel, Alan Robertson, Forbes Robertson and James Sang.

Dates: 1946-1950

Papers relating to secretarial staff matters, 1968-1972

 File — Box: EUA-A-65, Box: data_value_missing_5bbb613426ab31196ab26ed4753658f1, Box: data_value_missing_f105742640058edd698f734ee8533b55
Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/6/6
Scope and Contents

Contains various University guidance booklets, including 'Guide for Secretary-Typists and Clerical Staff', 'Guide for Secretaries' (March 1968) and various meeting papers of the University of Edinburgh Association of Secretary-Typists.

Dates: 1968-1972

Histories of the Institute and related topics, 1932-c.1971

 File — Box: EUA-A-65, Box: data_value_missing_d444e1d5c21bc118b076f6bb64740241, Box: data_value_missing_2531f8fa794388aac231b29d0fc99ff5
Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/5/5
Scope and Contents Contains: photocopied typescript titled 'Institute of Animal Genetics at Edinburgh: The First Twenty Years' by Margaret Deacon of the Science Studies Unit (unpublished and undated, c.1971); one copy, plus one photocopy, of the Institute newsletter titled 'General News of the Institute', including personal news of present and past workers at the Institute (circa 1954); 4...
Dates: 1932-c.1971

Biographical Information on Institute Staff, c.1930-1933

 File — Box: EUA-A-65, Box: data_value_missing_61ada11aba2f2046ddd5e67ed247d4aa, Box: data_value_missing_e70d76e9a08956b45b77104a63785c8a
Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/A1/5/4
Scope and Contents Contains: bound typescript with handwritten annotations, titled 'Animal Breeding Research Department: List of Publications 1920-' (c.1930); typescript titled 'C.H Waddington - Publications 1929-1975'; photocopied typescript titled 'Publications of C.H Waddington 1963-1975'; typescript titled 'Publications of A. Robertson' (1949-1988); ...
Dates: c.1930-1933