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Box CLX-A-480


Contains 5 Results:

Poetry album of Louisa Agnes Czarnecki

 Fonds — Box: CLX-A-480
Identifier: Coll-2090
Content Description This is an album dated 1861 belonging to Scottish poet Louisa Agnes Czarnecki, who was married to Arthur Antoine Czarnecki, a Polish exile residing in Scotland. The album primarily focuses on politically engaged poetry that vehemently protests against "Russian atrocities" while celebrating the triumph of Garibaldi in Italy.The volume comprises a variety of interesting elements, including original manuscript poetry written by Czarnecki herself. These poems are accompanied by...
Dates: 1861

Three notebooks and two letters of John Middleton Murry

 Fonds — Box: CLX-A-480
Identifier: Coll-2097
Content Description This fonds consists of three notebooks and two letters written by John Middleton Murray.The first notebook contains texts written between 1915 and 1917, including an autobiographical essay and the first part of John Middleton Murry's verse drama 'Cinnamon and Angelica'. The second notebook contains the remainder of 'Cinnamon and Angelica', dated 3-24 December 1917. The third notebook contains notes on French and English literature and two journal entries, dated 19 April 1921 and...
Dates: 1915-1923; 1938-1939

Correspondence and Memorandum of Agreement relating to John Middleton Murry

 Fonds — Box: CLX-A-480
Identifier: Coll-2100
Content Description This fonds consists of three letters by John Middleton Murry, and a Memorandum of Agreement between him and Jonathan Cape, publishers. These documents are seemingly unrelated but were part of one single donation by the same person. Two signed autograph letters from John Middleton Murry in his capacity as editor of The Adelphi. In the first, dated 13 June 1923, Murry...
Dates: 13 June and 5 December 1923; 17 March 1939; 5 October 1950

Letters from Walter de la Mare to Charles Jasper Sisson and Rosemary Sisson

 Fonds — Box: CLX-A-480
Identifier: Coll-2101
Content Description This collection consists of three typed letters from Walter de la Mare to academic and author Charles Jasper Sisson (1885-1966), dated 6, 23, and 27 November 1933, and two typed letters to Sisson's nine-year-old daughter Rosemary Anne Sisson (1923-2017), a future novelist and television dramatist, dated 24 August and 27 September 1933.In his letters to Rosemary, de la Mare is mostly talking about his poems and answering her comments and stories about her own occupations; and in...
Dates: 24 August - 27 November 1933

Letters from James Hogg to Robert Cadell

 Fonds — Box: CLX-A-480
Identifier: Coll-2104
Content Description Three letters from James Hogg (1770-1835) to publisher Robert Cadell (1788-1849), dated 6th March, [before 10th] July, and 17th October 1822.The letters relate to the multi-volume anthology of James Hogg's works, that he had seeked to publish in 1822 to boost both his income and his literary reputation. He had first suggested it to the Edinburgh publisher Archibald Constable, who gave the task to his business partner and son-in-law Robert Cadell. The publication appeared on the...
Dates: 6 March, [before 10] July, 17 October 1822