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Subject Source: Sss
Scope Note: Created For = CW

Found in 39 Collections and/or Records:

Note about how Ri Acharainich was named, August 1886

Identifier: Coll-97/CW122/47
Scope and Contents Note which reads 'Ri Acharainich (Eon Campbell) got the name when a lad from his pride.' [Acharonich, Am Muile/Isle of Mull]

Note about Macdonalds at Cnoc an torrain [Cnoc an Torrain], c1892

Identifier: Coll-97/CW122/117
Scope and Contents Note which reads 'A tribe of Macdonalds at Cnoc antorrain N[orth] Uist are still called na clarsairean. Clann a chlarsair.' [Cnoc an Torrain/Knockintorran, Uibhist a Tuath]. Text has been scored through in pencil.

Note about the bird 'An t-Ian Bùchain' [pin-tail duck], 1883

Identifier: Coll-97/CW87/3
Scope and Contents Note about the bird 'An t-Ian Bùchain' [pin-tail duck]. Carmichael describes how the bird is plentiful on Harris [Na Hearadh] and Barra [Barraigh] and that as with other birds, tunes have been written to mimic its call. He describes its migration pattern and habits when in the Western Isles as well as its call, writing, 'Each bird is supposed to sing over and over, singly and in convert:– “Clann-ac anndaidh, Clann-ac-anndaidh” There was a tribe of people in Bearnary [Beàrnaraigh/Bernaray]...

Note clarifying the names of people at Carnish, 20 January 1871

Identifier: Coll-97/CW116/154
Scope and Contents Note clarifying the names of people at Carnish [Cairinis, Uibhist a Tuath/North Uist] that the Bo mhaol bhuidhe [bò mhaol bhuide] came to Mac Ille Phadruig 'ic Dhonil [mac Ille Phadruig 'ic Dhòmhnaill], that Mac Coiseam was the man who built the west side of Teampull na Trionaid/Temple of the Trinity and that Nic Coiseam was muime [nurse] to Mac Iain ic Sheumais.

Note on place-names and names 'Creag Rusgain', 'Goirtean Conaisg' and An Rusgan MacPhail', 1892

Identifier: Coll-97/CW126f/24
Scope and Contents Note on place-names and names which reads 'Creag Rusgain on Fearnach farm Clann Rusgain. Goirtean Chonasglaidh Goirtean Conaisg part of Bail-an-deor. The O in Conaisg is open like o in wol. An Rusgan MacPhail = Ruskin Macphail' [Creag Ruisgte, Fearnoch, Baile an Deòra/Balindore, Gorstain, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire]. Text has been scored through as if transcribed elsewhere.

Note on the name MacCiochair, August 1883

Identifier: Coll-97/CW120/121
Scope and Contents Note on the name MacCiochair that it is the Gaelic for 'Jackson'.

Note on the 'ostiarij', 1886

Identifier: Coll-97/CW120/310
Scope and Contents Note on the 'ostiarij' [ostiarii or Iona's inhabitants] and that their name comes from their former office in the church [doorkeepers].They never exceed 5 or 8 in number from a male because of an act of misbehaviour committed in St Columba's time according to Dean Frazer [Dean John Fraser]. Also notes that Dean Frazer gave the governorship of the Isle of Man to Sacheverall and that the currach is still used in Wales.

Note relating to Iain mac Odrum [John MacCodrum], November 1873

Identifier: Coll-97/CW111/18
Scope and Contents Note relating to the MacCodrum family, to which John MacCodrum, the bard, belonged, including that the family were 'Oda[i]r nan ron' [Caisteal Odair of the seals] and that their land was in Griminis/Griminish, Uibhist a Tuath/North Uist. John MacCodrum's patronymic is given and mention is made of 'Poul rua (Maclean) Houghge[arry]' [Hogha Gearraidh/Hougharry] that he was ''s motha is a mac Odrum' []. Across the text is written in ink 'Transcribed into No I B[ook] p[age] 196 A. A. C. [Alexander...

Note that Niall Donullach has an account of 'the Temple at Eorabie', 27 October 1873

Identifier: Coll-97/CW115/29
Scope and Contents Note that Niall Donullach [Neil MacDonald] has an account of 'the Temple at Eorabie' [Teampull Mholuaidh, Eòropaidh/Eoropie, Eilean Leòdhais/Isle of Lewis]. His patronymic is given as 'Niall mac Uilleam'.