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Illuminated manuscripts

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 194 Collections and/or Records:

کلّیات عرفی Kulliyyāt-i 'Urfī, 1065 A.H., 1655 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 107
Scope and Contents The collected works of the celebrated poet Sayyid Muḥammad Jamāl al-Dīn " 'Urfī " Shīrāzī, who came to India, 994 A.H. (1586 C.E.), first proceeded to the Deccan, where he soon entered into the service of Ḥakīm Masīḥ al-Dīn Abū al-Fatḥ Jīlānī, but subsequently, on the death of his patron, 997 A.H. (1589 C.E.), he went to seek his fortune at Agra. Here he soon rose in the favour of the Khān-i Khānān, Mīrzā 'Abd al-Raḥīm (the son of Bayram Khān, who had been Akbar's regent), who had translated...
Dates: 1065 A.H.; 1655 C.E.

مخروطاط ابلونیوس Makhrūṭāṭ Iblawniyūs, early 12th cent. A.H. at latest, early 18th cent. C.E. at latest

Identifier: Or Ms 28
Scope and Contents The treatise on conic sections by Apollonius of Perga, who was born in the reign of Ptolemy Euergetes, and died during that of Ptolemy Philopater, who ruled 222-205 B.C. It is stated on fol. 52b that Apollonius dedicated the first three books of his conic sections to Eudemus. The treatise was originally in eight books, of which only the first four were known in Europe. About the middle of the seventeenth century the next three books were translated from an Arabic MS. dated 1250 C.E. The...
Dates: early 12th cent. A.H. at latest; early 18th cent. C.E. at latest

موارد الکلم وسلک درر الحکم Mawārid al-kilam wa-silk durar al-ḥikam, undated copy (original text composed 16th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 30
Scope and Contents

A work on ethics by the celebrated Shaykh Abū al-Fayḍ, eldest son of Shaykh Mubārak Nāgūrī, and brother of the equally celebrated Abū al-Faḍl. He was born at Agra, 954 A.H. (1547 C.E.), and on account of his literary talents became a great favourite with the Mughal Emperor Akbar (1542-1605 C.E.).

Dates: undated copy (original text composed 16th cent. C.E.)

وفیات الاعیان Wafayāt al-a'yān, undated copy (original text composed 13th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 21
Scope and Contents

These are the famous biographies commenced in Cairo, 654 A.H. (1256 C.E.) and completed there, 672 A.H. (1274 C.E.) by the celebrated scholar, poet, and historian, Aḥmad b. Muḥammad b. Ibrahīm b. Abī Bakr b. Khallikān (d. 681A.H., 1282 C.E.).

Dates: undated copy (original text composed 13th cent. C.E.)