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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 21 Collections and/or Records:

A flexible data buffer display routine for LAB-8 systems, 6 July 1973

Identifier: Coll-1362/3/832
Scope and Contents Located in Poultry Research Centre Staff Papers 1973.
Dates: 6 July 1973

Clerk Ranken in Chemistry Laboratory, c1903

Identifier: EUA GD51/1
Scope and Contents Ranken in a laboratory. In 1903 the number of Chemistry laboratories had been increased and, although we have yet to place this specifically, it is of a similar style to laboratories known to be known in the Medical School building.
Dates: c1903

Letter from Robert Dundas to Joseph Black, 19 November 1781

Identifier: Coll-16/I/117-118
Scope and Contents Letter from Robert Dundas to Joseph Black about cobalt and laboratory chemical preperation.
Dates: 19 November 1781

Letter to Arthur James Balfour from Professor Alexander Crum Brown, 04 July 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/9/70
Scope and Contents Crum Brown writes to Balfour that he believes the University of Edinburgh should have three ordinary professors of Chemistry who work co-operatively together and who are each assigned a laboratory and junior staff. He then includes some financial projections for salaries and a new building which he states 'should not be ornate' and should be built so it could be extended.
Dates: 04 July 1904

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Edwin Ray Lankester, 18 April 1882

Identifier: Coll-14/9/1/12
Scope and Contents Lankester announces his resignation from the Chair of Natural History at the University of Edinburgh, and states that he will be staying at University College London. He gives the main reasons for his resignation as 'ten months are required in Edinburgh instead of three as I supposed, and that there are no laboratories nor a museum, nor likely to be for many years to come' and that the Executive Commission 'may reduce the value of the post to any extent.'
Dates: 18 April 1882

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Kathleen Haddon, 16 September 1912

Identifier: Coll-14/9/18/62
Scope and Contents Haddon writes that she has arrived back in Cambridge to find Ewart's case of Roman dog skulls at the Zoological Laboratory, Cambridge. She asks their probable age and where they came from.
Dates: 16 September 1912

Page mounted with five photographs, c.1957

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/82
Scope and Contents Recto: photograph of Dr Blyth inspecting a Brown Leghorn hen at the Poultry Research Centre, with a caption reading: 'Dr Blyth inspects a Brown Leghorn hen in the spacious breeding hens house where the most detailed checks of the laying of the birds are registered regularly throughout the day in charts'; photograph of Dr Lake and Dr B. Dugdale with a cockerel. Verso: photograph of Alan Greenwood appearing on a television screen; photograph of two unidentified women sitting together;...
Dates: c.1957

Page mounted with four photographs, c.1954

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/76
Scope and Contents Recto: photograph of B.M. Slizynski, Helen Slizynska, Dr Kaufman, Dr Grjewski, Dr Blyth outside the Institute of Animal Genetics building; photograph of Dr P.E Lake looking down a microscope and Miss Ishbel Paterson holding a cockerel. Verso: photograph of Alan Greenwood with James Ritchie and R.C Fisher at a desk, taken at a meeting of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (picture credited to Edinburgh Evening News); photograph of Alan Greenwood seated on a bench...
Dates: c.1954

Page mounted with four photographs showing scenes from the Poultry Research Centre, c.1954

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/60
Scope and Contents Recto: photograph showing two female workers pedigreeing a hatch of chicks; photograph showing some poultry cages captioned 'Sun Porch.'

Verso: photograph showing the interior of a poultry house with unidentified female worker in the background; photograph depicting a section of a laboratory.
Dates: c.1954