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Speeches, Addresses etc

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 30 Collections and/or Records:

Dublin "Special Addresses", c 1901

Identifier: Coll-11/C6
Scope and Contents

Dublin "Special Addresses": on "Anthropoid Apes; in support of a motion re. Society (sic) aid to soldiers and sailors; opening of an exhibition at Trinity College Natural History Museum; to the Biological Association, Trinity College Dublin, on the muscular system.

Dates: c 1901

Edinburgh: "Special" lectures and addresses, 1906

Identifier: Coll-11/C8
Scope and Contents

Edinburgh: "Special" lectures and addresses:

Anatomical Association (DJC served as President)

Royal Medical Society Dinner

Association of Physicians and Surgeons

Students' Union

Annual meeting of University Union

to Members of Naval Medical Service

"to a student gathering"

Dates: 1906

Lectures and addresses on unidentified occasions, n.d.

Identifier: Coll-11/C11
Scope and Contents

Lectures and addresses on unidentified occasions. The lectures are on scientific subjects, mainly the brain.

Dates: n.d.

Lectures, speeches, addresses, 1926-1973

Identifier: Coll-32/D
Scope and Contents Norman Dott wrote prolifically on his subject, and was also much in demand as a speaker or lecturer and this series contains files relating to these works. Almost all of his lectures were specially written and, when he used previous material, he carefully re-worked it and made extensive adaptations to accommodate new research or a particular audience. The papers are presented chronologically as far as possible, though in cases where Dott preferred to work on a particular topic, e.g....
Dates: 1926-1973

Letter from the Duke of Argyll, 16 April 1883

Identifier: Coll-43 ::: MS 2935.9
Scope and Contents

Letter from the Duke of Argyll wishing to decline the request from him to address the Edinburgh Geological Society on their 50th anniversary. As his time has been devoted more to literay work than geology over the last few years, he is unfamiliar with recent advances in the science and could not offer any thing of real use to the society, although he could talk on something more general.

Dates: 16 April 1883

Letter from the Duke of Argyll, 27 April 1883

Identifier: Coll-43 ::: MS 2935.10
Scope and Contents

Letter from the Duke of Argyll asking about the size of the lecture hall and other matters relating to the address he is to give to the Edinburgh Geological Society.

Dates: 27 April 1883

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from The British Music Society, 14 June 1922

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L779
Scope and Contents

Letter, 14 June 1922, Liverpool, The British Music society to Donald Tovey. Request that Tovey give a talk about the Moor duplex piano, to the British Music Society in Liverpool. Typescript signed.

Dates: 14 June 1922

Oratio in Die Cinerum by Giovanni Antonio Campani, 15th century

Identifier: MS 97
Contents This manuscript contains the Oratio in Die Cinerum, an oration for Ash Wednesday written by Giovanni Antonio Campani (1429-1477), a Neapolitan writer famous for his Latin poetry and orations. He held different offices in the Vatican and was close to Pope Pius II. A colophon on f. 19r indicates that this oration was read at the Palace of the Pope in Rome on the 3rd of March of 1462. A sale entry suggest that this very copy was presented to Pius...
Dates: 15th century

Postcard to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from Sophie Weisse, 28 February 1923

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1910
Scope and Contents

Postcard, 28 February 1923, Edinburgh, Sophie Weisse to Donald Tovey. Informing Tovey that Miss. Weisse is not well enough to go to a rectorial address, but will attend a luncheon . Holograph signed.

Dates: 28 February 1923

Presidential Address to the Royal Anthropological Institute, "Anthropology in the Eighteenth Century" (printed copy with Cunningham's corrections), 28 January 1908

Identifier: Coll-11/C12
Scope and Contents

Presidential Address to the Royal Anthropological Institute, "Anthropology in the Eighteenth Century" on 28 January 1908:

- printed copy with Dnaiel Cunningham's corrections;

- Correspondence relating to portraits included in the printed address (including correspondence with Sir William Lawrence's family who sent two additional photographs of Lawrence);

- Correspondence following publication (not all signatures have been deciphered).

Dates: 28 January 1908