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LGBTQ+ films

Subject Source: Homosaurus
Scope Note: Series of moving images edited to tell a story or capture an event; use in reference to films focusing on LGBTQ+ characters or themes.

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Bombay - Fury over gay film (The Week), 19 Jun 2004

Identifier: GD61/11/2/8/46
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

A collection of newspaper and magazine cuttings covering issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Articles cover local, national and international news, however Scottish publications have the strongest representation with Edinburgh and Glasgow based publications being a specific strength within this sub-series.

Dates: Other: 19 Jun 2004

Gay Scotland, Issue 29, Sep 1986 - Oct 1986

Identifier: GD61/10/2/31
Scope and Contents The front cover shows people at a march holding a Gay Scotland banner and reads: “Censorship”, Caeia March”, “Lisa Eade”, and “Derek Jarman”.This issue includes: an article discussing The Forbidden Library in London; an interview with Derek Jarman; lesbian author Caeia March discusses her work with Sigrid Nielsen; the Gay Scotland short story winner, These Things I Have Told You, by Lisa Eade; the seizure of books at Gay is the Word; international news relating to the LGBTQ+...
Dates: Sep 1986 - Oct 1986

Gay Scotland, Issue 30, Nov 1986 - Dec 1986

Identifier: GD61/10/2/32
Scope and Contents The front cover shows a photograph of the writer, feminist, and social activist Selma James. It reads: “Selma James”, “James Purdy”, “Parting Glances”, and “Lesbian SM”.This issue includes: an interview with Selma James; an article about lesbian SM; an interview with director Bill Sherwood; an interview with author James Purdy; an article discussing censorship and the removal of a Paul Avril painting from Gay Scotland Issue 29; discriminatory practices in relation to life...
Dates: Nov 1986 - Dec 1986

Gay Scotland, Issue 31, Jan 1987 - Feb 1987

Identifier: GD61/10/2/33
Scope and Contents The front cover shows a picture of Santa Clause and reads: “Armistead Maupin”, “Bea Campbell”, “Buddies”, “Men in Print” and “Perfectly Sapphic”.This issue includes: an article investigating ignorance about condoms titled “Chemists kept in the dark about AIDS”; an interview with Bea Campbell; “Men in Print” which explores popular images of the male body; a look at gay life in Edinburgh from the 1940s onwards; updates on Lesbian news and groups in Scotland including articles...
Dates: Jan 1987 - Feb 1987

Gay Scotland, Issue 32, Mar 1987 - Apr 1987

Identifier: GD61/10/2/34
Scope and Contents The front cover shows Gregory Nash dancing and reads: “Greg Nash”, “Lesbian Poise”, “World AIDS”, “The Sun Lovers”, and “Anne Weddell”. This issue includes: an update on local and global news relating to AIDS; legal discrimination against lesbians and gay men; the closure of the lesbian magazine, "Contact"; the second part of Alasdair Foster’s series on "Men in Print"; an interview with Greg Nash; “a lesbian's view on AIDS”; international news relating to the LGBTQ+ community;...
Dates: Mar 1987 - Apr 1987

Gay Scotland, Issue 41, Sep 1988 - Oct 1988

Identifier: GD61/10/2/43
Scope and Contents The front cover reads: “Dead Marilyn Interview”; “World Conference Report”; and “plus Scenearound Scotland”. This issue includes: an article about a protest at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; an article of Peter Stack’s performance of Dead Marilyn: In Trouble With the Law; international news relating to the LGBTQ+ community; a youth section; reviews and articles on theatre, film, music, and books; information on pubs, clubs, local groups and events; updates on Lesbian news and...
Dates: Sep 1988 - Oct 1988

Gay Scotland, Issue 42, Dec 1988

Identifier: GD61/10/2/44
Scope and Contents The front cover reads: “I’m sorry I called you a poof – John Binnie”.This issue includes: an interview with John Binnie; the European Court of Human Rights ruling on Ireland’s laws, which criminalised homosexuality, to be unlawful; updates on action against Section 28; a review of Gay Men’s Week at Lauriston Hall; international news relating to the LGBTQ+ community; a youth section; reviews and articles on theatre, film, music, and books; information on pubs, clubs, local groups...
Dates: Dec 1988

Gay Scotland, Issue 48, 1989

Identifier: GD61/10/2/50
Scope and Contents Issue number 48 (Winter Solstice Issue).The front cover reads: “TrouserSnake – Short Story”, “True Confessions – Caught in the Cotts”, and “Bumper Helping of Dykes to Watch Out For”.This issue includes: an article on Act-Up’s first action in Edinburgh; Stonewall urging organisations to build lesbian and gay rights into planning for a Scottish Government; a feature on cottaging with a man providing his personal experience of being arrested; an article on AIDS and the...
Dates: 1989

Gay Scotland, Issue 50, 1990

Identifier: GD61/10/2/52
Scope and Contents The front cover reads: “50 – Undressed GS”.This issue includes: the second public “gay affirmation ceremony” at Edinburgh’s Lesbian and Gay Centre; an appeal for funding to cover essential work on the building of the Edinburgh Lesbian and Gay Centre; an article looking back on the past eight years of “the Scottish scene” (since Gay Scotland was first published); a look back at fifty issues of Gay Scotland; an update on AIDS and the trial of dideoxyinosine (ddl); coverage of the...
Dates: 1990

Gay Scotland, Issue 138, Nov 2002

Identifier: GD61/10/2/65
Scope and Contents The cover shows a sixteen previous front covers of Gay Scotland and reads: “We’re Back!”.This issue includes articles on: compensation for those discharged from the military due to their sexuality; an open day for the gay friendly rugby team the “Caledonian Thebans Rugby Football Club”; The Highland LGBT Committee’s lobbying of the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee; John Saxbee (the Bishop of Lincoln) giving formal approval for commitment services for same-sex...
Dates: Nov 2002