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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

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An account of D. Gregorii Catoptrica et Dioptrica ... in the Philos. Transact:, 1695

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [109]
Scope and Contents A draft of the notice of his Catoptrics and Dioptrics textbook which Gregory intended for the Transactions of the Royal Society.
Dates: 1695

Apud Doctorem Ruyschium Amsterodami, 24 May 1693

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [10]
Scope and Contents Notes from a paediatric anatomy demonstration, that appears to have dealt with certain birth defects. Followed by what appears to be a note about an actuarial problem concerning human senescence; several individuals who have worked on it are named, including Christiaan Huygens. Then follows a diagram of a machine designed by Jan Hudde for descrying a curve of changing slope. Last is a note about a conversation with Hudde about calculating dimensions and focal length of lenses in apertures.
Dates: 24 May 1693

Astronomiae Physicae et Geometricae Elementa, 28 February 1698

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [43]
Scope and Contents Notes from a London meeting with Sir Isaac Newton on a revised plan for the Astronomiae physicae et geometricae elementa, (1702), Gregory's most important work. An erratum lies at the foot of this document, unrelated to it or to any of the other things on the sheet (which have their own entries in Gregory's index): a jotting about refraction, crystals, and cataracts of the eye. This is dated London, 30 May 1708.
Dates: 28 February 1698

Bayle de refractione, s.d.

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [160]
Scope and Contents A page on the apparent position of planets, in light of Descartes. "Bayle" could conceivably refer to Pierre Bayle (1647-1706), who critiqued Cartesianism once, early in his career, but Peter Bayle was not strictly known as a mathematician or an astronomer.
Dates: s.d.

Calculus speculi spherici vitrei ..., c1695

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio E [057]
Scope and Contents A page of calculations about reflections in spherical surfaces, probably related to Catoptricae et dioptricae sphaericae elementa.
Dates: c1695

Caroli Oliphant praefatio ad Opticam De. Gregorii, 1680's

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [114]
Scope and Contents An unpublished preface to Gregory's Optics. He praises Gregory's language, and excuses his editorial limitation to spherical surfaces. Since Descartes' discovery of the sine law of refraction, he says, optical writers have expected too much from still-crude contemporary reflective surfaces. Charles Oliphant is known to us only as a physician, not a scientist, but may also have been Gregory's brother-in-law; he may be the same Charles Oliphant as the one Gregory taught briefly at...
Dates: 1680's

Catalogus librorum non videram 1692, 1692

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [44]
Scope and Contents Ersatz title is "Memorandum to Dr Gray to pick up as he finds opportunity these books". They are partial titles, numbering about a dozen, covering subjects as divers as optics, astronomy, and gardening.
Dates: 1692

Catalogus Librorum Novorum Mathem: in Gallijs 1693, c1693

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [29]
Scope and Contents List of partial titles in applied mathematics, mostly, in a hand other than David Gregory's-and one of them in Greek, not a language in which he was comfortable. 1693 was the year he made his last trip to the continent, visiting Flanders as new Savilian Professor. These varied titles consider things like the statics of exploding gunpowder and draining water, dioptrics, micromeasurement, catapults, and astrophysics. This bibliography may be part of a larger one, judging by "par le meme" in the...
Dates: c1693

De rebus ... horizontem non visis..., s.d.

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [77]
Scope and Contents Ruminations on atmospheric effects near the horizon.
Dates: s.d.

De Refractione ad diversa media facta, s.d.

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [155]
Scope and Contents A page about refraction through different media.
Dates: s.d.