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World War, 1939-1945

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 137 Collections and/or Records:

16.287 Female, Single, Over 65 yrs, Manic depressive, September 1947

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/15
Scope and Contents

"In CRI, certified. Melancholia. Sudden onset, dating from air-raid. Died at home. Lived with widowed sister and widower brother. Was formerly a domestic servant but had a breakdown at the menopause."

Dates: Other: September 1947

28.120 Male, Married, 45-54 yrs, Psychopathic personality, July 1946

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/27
Scope and Contents "This is one of the local characters, will neither work nor want, has been on PA all his days. Labourer really. Married, six children. [Female informant]: Gipsy type, awful poacher, dull too. Dr confirms - asthma and poaching. Very nice family, have done well. One son had neurosis after Dunkirk and was discharged from the army. LE: Unsteady work record, O.O.W just now, nobody will employ him. Was on U.A.B for a time before the war. Was fined for having government property in his...
Dates: Other: July 1946

28.218 Female, Married, 45-54 yrs, Undiagnosed, October 1946

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/27
Scope and Contents

"This woman has had some sort of breakdown, following her imprisonment in Sumatra under the Japanese. Was thought to have been in the CRI but there is no trace of her. Thought to be a neurotic family, comfortably off, good home conditions."

Dates: Other: October 1946

Administration files of the Service Arts and Technical Organization, 1943-1946

Identifier: PJM/SATO/A
Scope and Contents Administration files of the Service Arts and Technical Organization consists of: mixed correspondence to Percy Johnson-Marshall as General Secretary of SATO,1945 file of undeliverable letters returned to the General Secretary,1945-1947 file concerning "Reconstruction and the Services",1943-1944 correspondence with the United States Office of War...
Dates: 1943-1946

Agra Group: Service Arts and Technical Organization, 1944-1945

Identifier: PJM/SATO/B/1
Scope and Contents

Correspondence concerning the Services Arts and Technical Organization (SATO) group at Agra. This file includes a leaflet entitled Central command - career pamphlet, serial No 43, the Service Arts and Technical Organisation ( 1945) asking for applications for technical assistance and advice and number of applications made in response to this leaflet.

Dates: 1944-1945

Aims and objectives, lists of secretaries: Service Arts and Technical Organization, 1944

Identifier: PJM/SATO/A/15
Scope and Contents

Copies of the aims and objectives of the Service Arts and Technical Organization (SATO), lists of Group Secretaries, a list of recommended technical publications and a copy of the "Proposed SAO Educational Programme" October 1944

Dates: 1944

Allied Land Forces South East Asia (ALFSEA): Service Arts and Technical Organization, 1945

Identifier: PJM/SATO/A/6
Scope and Contents

Correspondence to Percy Johnson-Marshall and Brigadier AD Bridge concerning a proposed staff branch of the Service Arts and Technical Organization (SATO) at the base of the Allied Land Forces South East Asia (ALFSEA).

Dates: 1945

American trip, 1941, 1941

Identifier: BAI 1/17/11
Scope and Contents

American trip, 1941 consists of:

  1. leaflets and programmes
  2. letters and telegrams
  3. notes and ephemera
  4. press cuttings
  5. visas and travel documentation
Dates: 1941

An Account of My Experiences During the Retreat from France, 10th May to 17th June 1940, c1945

Identifier: BAI 1/13/7
Scope and Contents

1 handwritten and 3 typewritten manuscripts/copies of an unpublished account of John Baillies experiences during the retreat from France in 1940, together with an issue of the London Gazette and a related telegram of the period.

Dates: c1945

Armistice Day, 11 Nov 1942

Identifier: Coll-1310/3/1/2/28
Scope and Contents

The speech parallels World Wars I and II with that of Peloponnesian War, particularly as the Peloponnesian war was between a democracy and a totalitarian state.

Thomson read out Pericles' speech, but this is not reproduced in his notes. The speech is written on the back of a rougher, earlier draft.

Dates: 11 Nov 1942