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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 204 Collections and/or Records:

Papers of Florence Jewel Baillie, 1897-1969

Identifier: BAI 2
Scope and Contents

The papers of Florence Jewel Baillie consist of:

  1. correspondence from John Baillie
  2. correpondence with the wider Fowler and Pearse families
  3. diaries
  4. general papers and correspondence
Dates: 1897-1969

Papers relating to Annie Baillie, 1885-1934

Identifier: BAI 6
Scope and Contents

The papers relating to Annie Baillie consist of:

  1. letters from her son, Donald Macpherson Baillie
  2. letters from her husband, John Baillie
  3. letters from her son, John Baillie
  4. letters from her nephew, Peter Baillie
  5. other correspondence
Dates: 1885-1934

Papers relating to John Baillie, Free Church minister, Gairloch, c1880-1894

Identifier: BAI 5
Scope and Contents

The papers relating to John Baillie, Free Church minister, Gairloch, consist of:

  1. certificates
  2. correspondence
  3. legal papers
  4. memorials
  5. religious texts
  6. theological notes
Dates: c1880-1894

Part of a story entitled 'Fionladh Choinnachain', c1861

Identifier: Coll-97/CW109/4
Scope and Contents

Part of a story entitled 'Fionladh Choinnachain' which starts on folio 9v collected from Donull Mac Cuieag [Donald MacCaig], Fearan an lea, who learnt it more that twenty years before from Donull Mac a Phee [Donald MacPhee], Talamsgeir [Fearann an Leagha/Fernilea and Talaisgeir/Talisker, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach/Isle of Skye]. The fragment tells how a woman finds her foster-sons and a nobleman leaves all his possessions to his daughter and Fionladh mac na ban-traich.

Dates: c1861

Personal correspondence, 1911-1959

Identifier: BAI 1/19
Scope and Contents

Personal correspondence consists of:

  1. letters from Annie Baillie
  2. letters from Donald Macpherson Baillie
  3. letters from Florence Jewel Baillie
  4. letters regarding the death of Annie Baillie
Dates: 1911-1959

Personal papers, 1804-1870

Identifier: Coll-51/3/2
Scope and Contents 1 Various documents on John Murchison, Col. Donald Murchison, the Glenshiel Affair, Gaelic songs, and monument to D.M. 2 Various documents re Tarradale, c.1810-1820. 3 Various documents re Tarradale, c.1812-1815. 4 Various documents re Tarradale, July 1815. 5 Various documents re Col. RM.McGregor's estate, 1831-1836. 6 Various documents re McGregor, Massie, etc., 1811-1850. 7 Small notebook labelled: 'Early memoranda of old war from...
Dates: 1804-1870

Personal papers of and relating to Kenneth Murchison, 1770-1938

Identifier: Coll-51/2/1
Scope and Contents 1 Reproduction of portrait by Raeburn (advertisement in Connoisseur, November 1938), with letter of Henry Raeburn to K. Murchison, 2 July 1793. The price of the portait was 18.18s.0d. + frame £3.10s.6d. 4 items. 2 Probate of will. 5 fols, vellum. With Extracts, 3 fols. 3 Five certificates in surgery, midwifery, etc., London, 1771-1772. 4 Matriculation of armorial bearings, Edinburgh, Lyon Office, 16 June 1788, with seal, in...
Dates: 1770-1938

Photographs, late 19th-early 20th century

Identifier: Coll-99/6
Scope and Contents
  1. Geikie family photographs
  2. portrait photographs of James Geikie
Dates: late 19th-early 20th century

Phrase which reads 'Nighean-dugh na suidhe', c1865

Identifier: Coll-97/CW113/32
Scope and Contents

Phrase which reads 'Nighean-dugh na suidhe = The last daughter who gets married in the house.' The text has been scored through as if transcribed elsewhere.

Dates: c1865

Poem about an over-talkative wife, 1874 and 1891

Identifier: Coll-97/CW108/154
Scope and Contents

Poem in Gaelic by John Moireson [John Morison] of Bragar [Eilean Leòdhais /Isle of Lewis] about a woman 'whose tongue was ever on the gas' which begins 'Toiseach tus ann/air an-rath' and an English version which begins 'The first sign of strife-misfortune'. The poem and its translation are each somposed of four lines.

Dates: 1874 and 1891