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Building Laws

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = PJM

Found in 9 Collections and/or Records:

Administrative County of London Development Plan, 1951: development plan review, c1951-1959

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/2.1
Scope and Contents 3 files, each one originally held in a folder and collected by Percy Johnson-Marshall. They consist of: London County Council's "Architect's Department: Housing Division Information Book" (1): Information notices concerning the professional conduct of staff including: planning standards, organisation and procedure, information sheets, standards drawings, sources of housing information and current information notes. London County Council's "Architect's Department: Housing...
Dates: c1951-1959

General work: files - Reconstruction Areas Group, 1944-1950

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/4.1
Scope and Contents General work file, compiled by Percy Johnson-Marshall, entitled "Policy reports - to be read before filing". This relates to the work of the Reconstruction Areas Group of the Town Planning Division of London County Council Architect's Department. The file is very mixed, with no discernible theme. It contains copies of memoranda, committee reports for the Town Planning Committee and associated sub-committees, correspondence, work plans and some sections of the London Building Acts (Amendment)...
Dates: 1944-1950

London County Council: Architect's Department, 1940s-1964

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D
Scope and Contents London County Council: Architect's Department consists of:
  1. Administrative County of London Development Plan, 1951, (1945-1958)
  2. planning manuals and methodologies, (1940s-1959)
  3. staffing issues, (1945-1959)
  4. general work, (1944-1964)
  5. exhibitions, (1951-1959)
  6. sociological reports, (1951-1957)
Dates: 1940s-1964

London County Council Architect's Department: planning manuals and methodologies, 1940s-1959

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/2
Scope and Contents London County Council Architect's Department: planning manuals and methodologies consists of: internal manuals, (c1951-1959) memos, (1955-1958) Town and Country Planning Act circulars, (1947-1959) sample forms and notifications, (1940s and 1950s) research materials, (1947-1955) filing system information, (1948) ...
Dates: 1940s-1959

Planning manuals and methodologies: memos, 1955-1958

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/2.2
Scope and Contents Percy Johnson-Marshall's file of memoranda issued by the London County Council's Architect's Department to the Town Planning Division during his employment there. These memoranda cover a number of professional issues which staff needed to be kept abreast of including standards, procedures and the work of other divisions of the council.
Dates: 1955-1958

Planning manuals and methodologies: research materials, 1947-1955

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/2.5
Scope and Contents File of research materials kept by Percy Johnson-Marshall while employed in London County Council Architect's Department. The file contains papers and research notes on a number of planning methodologies including, daylight, building density, development in central London, child population statistics and planning controls.

In addition the file contains related typescript notes of visits, meetings and talks, memoranda on departmental procedures and notes on legislative change.
Dates: 1947-1955

Planning manuals and methodologies: sample forms and notifications, 1940s and 1950s

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/2.4
Scope and Contents File of sample forms and notifications, for enforcement of various planning legislation, used by London County Council's Architect's Department. These forms cover the following legislation London Buildings Acts, 1930-1939 Restriction of Ribbon Development (Provision of Means of Entrance and Egress to Buildings) London Order, 1936 Thermal Insulation (Industrial Buildings) Act,...
Dates: 1940s and 1950s

Planning manuals and methodologies: Town and Country Planning Act circulars, 1947-1959

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/2.3
Scope and Contents Percy Johnson-Marshall's incomplete file of Town and Country Planning Act, 1947 and Town and Country Planning Act, 1959 circulars published by Her Majesty's Stationary Office during his employment at London County Council. In addition there is a minute of evidence from the Royal Commission on Local Government in Greater London.
Dates: 1947-1959

Sub-committee papers: Town Planning (London Buildings Acts By-laws) Sub-committee, 1951-1952

Identifier: PJM/LCC/A/1.5.5
Scope and Contents 6 agenda for the London County Council Town Planning Committee, Town Planning (London Building Acts (Appeals)) Sub-committee. Agenda items are very complete, containing full details for decisions which the council has taken and the reasons for these. They also give details of the reports which are going to be discussed, their authors and the reference number for these. There is also a copy of a report to the Sub-committee, by the Architect to the Council, concerning the redevelopment of a site...
Dates: 1951-1952