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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = CW

Found in 23 Collections and/or Records:

Story about Vikings shipwrecked on Mollacag, 23 May 1869

Identifier: Coll-97/CW150/36
Scope and Contents

Story collected from Roderick MacNeil, Miùghlaigh/Mingulay which tells how a Long Lochlannach [Viking ship] was broken on a rock called Mollacag at Airghrian [possibly Àird Ghrèin] about '120 or 60 years ago' [c1750 or c1810 or c1710, if 160 years ago is meant]. The gullies filled up with the bodies. The females were drowned, their gold taken away and they were refused permission 'to build in the sea'. The text has been scored through in ink as if transcribed elsewhere.

Dates: 23 May 1869

Story entitled 'Luideag na h aibhne', 1901

Identifier: Coll-97/CW110/86
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Luideag na h aibhne' probably collected on Barraigh/Isle of Barra. The story tells how a woman comes across a 'luideag' washing shirts. The luideag tells the woman that she is washing shirts for 'da Ruarai' [two Ruaris or Rodericks] and her son but that the two Ruaris will not come back but her son will. The two Ruaris drowned at Cam Chollach but her son managed to swim to safety. The story is stated as being 'in Tangastal, Barra' [Tangasdal/Tangusdale]' and that the 'Da...
Dates: 1901

Story entitled 'Mac Iain ic Sheumais', 27 May 1869

Identifier: Coll-97/CW150/44
Scope and Contents

Story entitled 'Mac Iain ic Sheumais' collected from Mrs MacLenan [Penelope MacLellan], Ormacleit [Ormaclete, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist] whose father was a great or great great grandson of Donul [Dòmhnall] Mac I[ain] ic Sheumas and who was named after him. Eiriosgaigh/Eriskay

Dates: 27 May 1869