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University of Edinburgh. Senatus Academicus



The beginning of the 17th Century saw the emergence of the Senatus Academicus (or 'The Principal and the Professors of the College of King James the Sixth'). At this time it contained the Principal of the College and 4 Regents. By 1760 The Senatus Academicus contained 18 professors besides the Principal. In the Universities (Scotland) Act of 1858 the governance of Edinburgh University passed from Edinburgh Town Council to the Senatus Academicus, the University Court in connection with a General University Council. Now the Senatus Academicus consists of the Principal, the professors, heads of departments, and a number of readers, lecturers and other teaching and research staff.

The Senatus Academicus superintends and regulates the teaching and discipline of the University and has the power to promote research. The Senatus elects four assessors, of whom at least one must be a professor and at least one a non-professorial member of the teaching staff, to the University Court. Degrees are conferred on the recommendation of the Senatus, by the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor, the Principal, a Vice Principal, or senior professor present. The Principal is President of the Senatus, with deliberative and also a casting vote. There are thirteen student Associate Members. The Senatus meets six times annually.

Found in 18 Collections and/or Records:

Bioscot Ltd, 1988

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/M1/16

Chambers Street plans as existing, 1971

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/7.1.1
Scope and Contents

1/16" scale copy floor plans (70cm x 85cm) for the original Heriot-Watt College building on Chambers Street in Edinburgh, by the Heriot-Watt University Works Department. Sheets are numbered 1-7, corresponding to floors A-F.

Dates: 1971

College/Senatus Minutes, 1733-2002

 Sub-Series — Volume Marked with ref. code
Identifier: EUA IN1/GOV/SEN/MIN/1
Scope and Contents These are the authoritative, finalised minutes of the Senatus Academicus.The first seven volumes: Vol. I: 1733-1790 Vol. II: 1709-1811 Vol. III: 1812-1824 Vol. IV: 1825-1829 Vol. V: 1829-1837 Vol. VI: 1838-1844 Vol. VII: 1844-1855 have a cumulative index...
Dates: 1733-2002

Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities:Joint Biotechnology Unit, 1980-1987

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/M1/34
Scope and Contents

The Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities:Joint Biotechnology Unit series consists of:

  1. brochures
  2. correspondence
  3. notes
  4. reports
Dates: 1980-1987

Extract from Minutes of Senatus Academicus presenting the approval of the Report of the Research Committe on the Carnegie Trust, and typescript of the report, 1903

Identifier: Coll-14/5/6
Scope and Contents The Research Committee of Senatus, of which Ewart was Convener, was appointed to look into the Scheme of the Carnegie Trust for the Endowment of Post-Graduate Study and Research. The report, titled 'Recommendations by the Research Committee as to the Necessity for Increased Facilities for Research' and presented to the Executive Committee of the on 28 March 1903, concludes that 'in the interests of the University it is of the utmost importance that further facilities should be provided as...
Dates: 1903

File Series 'A', 1833-1987

Identifier: EUA IN1/ADS/SEC/A
Scope and Contents Files in 13 subseries: Faculty of Arts (1872-1977) Bequests (1912-1987) Faculty of Divinity (1927-1984) Faculty of Law (1919-1958) Lectures (1885-1965) Faculty of Medicine (1833-1971) Miscellaneous (1884-1981) Faculty of Music (1891-1954) Faculty of Science...
Dates: 1833-1987

Heriot-Watt University facade photographs, c1973

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/7.1.5
Scope and Contents Large scale black and white photographic prints (maximum size 51cm x 60cm), which join together to show the full facade of the former Heriot-Watt University building in Chambers Street in Edinburgh. The adjacent Bank of Scotland, former dental hospital and Minto Street are also included. The statue of James Watt, later removed to the new Heriot-Watt University campus can be seen in situ as can busts of the founders of Heriot-Watt University: George Heriot and Leonard Horner. Some of the...
Dates: c1973

National Library of Scotland, 1973

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/7.1.4
Scope and Contents Set of copy drawings on transparencies (A1 size) showing the National Library of Scotland and the former Heriot-Watt University building in Edinburgh. There are 2 plans showing the former Heriot-Watt University building and the surrounding buildings at 1:200 scale. 1 of these plans shows the existing utilities while the other shows relative heights and surface information. Two of the plans show photographic elevations of Bristo Church, the National Library of Scotland and Heriot-Watt...
Dates: 1973

National Library of Scotland feasibility study: Heriot-Watt site, c1971

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/7.1.2
Scope and Contents

A copy set of plans (57cm x 72cm) relating to a feasibility study undertaken for the National Library of Scotland, in Edinburgh, concerning a possible extension into the former Heriot-Watt University site. The first set consists of 5 floor plans and a site plan showing possible use of the site. Additionally there is an elevation showing the planned development in relation to the other buildings in the vicinity. These drawings have no scale or credit information.

Dates: c1971

Plans of Chambers Street development, Edinburgh, 1925-1973

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/7
Scope and Contents

Chambers Street development consists of:

  1. plans: National Library of Scotland feasibility studies, (c1971-1973)
  2. plans: Proposals for the new Museum of Scotland, (1925-1973)
  3. report on the Argyle Brewery Site, (1973)
Dates: 1925-1973