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Hartung, Georg, 1821 - 1891 (German geologist)


Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

Cross-sections of Madeiran geology, 1854

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 28-32
Scope and Contents

Illustrations by Hartung relating to a paper read by Sir Charles Lyell March 22 1854 to the Geology Society including a section of Cape Girain [sic GirĂ£o], Volcanic Cone, and the coast of Madeira, 1854.

Dates: 1854

Geological cross section of Grand Canary from North to South, 1855

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 197
Scope and Contents

Geological cross section of Grand Canary from Maspalomas in the North to Banaderos Bay in the south showing rock types. The length of the land depicted in the cross section is 26 geographical miles and the greatest height is 6400 feet, 1855.

Dates: 1855

Geological Cross Section of Madeira, 1850s

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 52
Scope and Contents

Watercolour geological cross section of the Island of Madeira from Funchal to [Paco] Girao showing the Caldera and other geological features, 1850s. Unsigned, may be Hartung.

Dates: 1850s

Grande Canaria, 1855

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 185-196
Scope and Contents

Handwritten article on the geology of Grande [sic Gran] Canaria and the way in which the rocks were formed. Seeming to be a summary of Lyell's observations while on the island, 1855 - it is not in his handwriting, and is perhaps written by Mary Lyell, or Georg Hartung.

Dates: 1855

Illustrations of Manual Madeira & Canary Islands, 1850s

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 45-49
Scope and Contents

Original packaging noted as 'Illustrations Manual Madeira & Canary Islands. Geological cross sections, possibly some by Hartung? 1850s.

Dates: 1850s

Index - Madeira, 5 November 1856 - 1857

Identifier: Coll-203/A4/1
Scope and Contents No actual index. Appears to contain multiple indexes to: - Lyell's published works on Madeira and Canary Islands - the 2nd Edition from page 80, and to older or first editions from page 86. p. 1-54 Questions on other's papers on Madeira, how to publish the Canary Islands paper - perhaps part written in German with Hartung. Page by page review of Madeira text with Lyell's own observational drawings, then Memoranda to action for the paper. p. 55 - 70 Manual of Elementary...
Dates: 5 November 1856 - 1857

Index to Notebooks on Geology of Madeira, 186 - 197, c. 1858

Identifier: Coll-203/A5/16
Scope and Contents Beginning by noting page 74 in Scientific notebook 185, and the voyage to Madeira, the subsequent pages numbered 1- 89 are an index to Scientific notebooks 185 - 197 [see references Coll-203/A1/185 - 197]. From page 91, is an index to MS notes 'with Hartung, CLs', which indicate a link to manuscripts on Madeira, reference Coll-203/2. From page 102, is an index to 'Hartung's Notes Madeira' thereafter noted as 'Hartung's MS'. From page 115, there is a note 'Madeira Drawer',...
Dates: c. 1858

Letter from Hartung, G., to Charles Lyell, 4 December 1864

 File — Box Box 3.2: Series Coll-203/B1
Identifier: Coll-203/B1/51
Scope and Contents

Two drawings titled 'From the top of Penha d'Aguia' and 'From S. Anna'

Dates: 4 December 1864

Letters from Hartung, Georg to Charles Lyell, 23 May 1854 - 6 June 1854

 File — Box Box 1.6: Series Coll-203/1 (Lyell 1)
Identifier: Coll-203/1/123
Scope and Contents

Correspondence including: section of Tenerife sketch, Section of Madeira sketch, Loose tracing paper sketch, string bound paper (1 of 5), More loose sketches (2 of 5), four water colour Madeira volcano loose (3 of 5), Madeira maps and sketches loose (4 of 5). See also other series relating to Maderia, including Notebooks and themed folders.

Dates: 23 May 1854 - 6 June 1854

Madeira and Canaries Notebook, 2 August 1858 - 16 May 1859

Identifier: Coll-203/A4/2
Scope and Contents Notebook of discussions, reading, drawings and copy letters (in Mary's writing) made whilst with Hartung at Swingenberg, Germany. Appears to be working through a previous publication, making revisions or notes, especially on volcanoes, lava slopes, elevations and upheaval. Many pages written in pencil. Blank from page 89 onwards. This notebook has no index. p. 1 Begins at Swingenberg with Hartung. Discussion of Azores. p. 4 Scrope's Volcanoes p. 8 Erratics p. 11...
Dates: 2 August 1858 - 16 May 1859

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