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Thomson, Godfrey Hilton, Sir, 1881-1955 (psychologist and Bell Professor of Education, University of Edinburgh)


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Bibliography of papers largely regarding mathematics and psychology authored by others, 1897-1943

Identifier: Coll-1310/3/4/1
Scope and Contents

Thomson has written the papers he has in ink, and those he does not in pencil. The bibliography is compiled alphabetically, and contains entries for individuals including Alexander Craig Aitken; Cyril Burt; Harold Hotelling; R A Fisher; D N Lawley; Walter Ledermann; Edward Lee Thorndike; L L Thurstone; and Edwin B Wilson.

Dates: 1897-1943

Bingley Lecture, 1952

Identifier: Coll-1310/3/1/2/33
Scope and Contents Thomson outlines the purpose of intelligence testing, referring to his own work in Northumberland in 1919, which was to ensure clever children weren't being passed over for entry into secondary education as a result of their social background. In relation to this, Thomson talks about the benefits of standardisation of intelligence tests, and discusses the problem of coaching and how it can be overcome. Thomson also mentions a child who was tested and subsequently given a place in...
Dates: 1952

Biographical and personal papers, c mid 19th century-1978

Identifier: Coll-1310-1
Scope and Contents Correspondence, 1910-1978; Photographs, c mid 19th century-1960; Certificates and honours, 1907-1954; Biographical publications and notes regarding Thomson, 1934-1969; Publications collected by Thomson which reflect his personal interests, 1879-1954; Thomson family legal papers, 1955-1972; Papers regarding Hector's...
Dates: c mid 19th century-1978

Books authored by Thomson, 1927-1950

Identifier: Coll-1310/2/1
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Fonds:
  1. Books, 1921-1950;
  2. Journal pieces; 1904-1954;
  3. Proceedings and papers of conferences with Thomson's contributions, 1904-1951;
  4. Newspaper articles, 1921-1948;
  5. Handbooks, mid 20th century.
Dates: 1927-1950

Certificates and honours, 1907-1954

Identifier: Coll-1310/1/3
Scope and Contents

Includes certificates from the University of Durham, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Swedish Psychological society.

Also includes a testimonial from Professor Karl Ferdinand Braun, which Thomson retained with his certificates.

Dates: 1907-1954

Compiled and bound volume of Thomson's papers, 1904-1912

Identifier: Coll-1310/2/2
Scope and Contents Contains A Note on the use of Kater's Pendulum, from Proceedings of the University of Durham Philosophical Society, vol. II, part 4, pp.185-186; the Effect of Light on Selenium, from Proceedings of the University of Durham Philosophical Society, vol. II, part 5, pp.213-221; Thomson's published dissertation titled Über den Durchgang Hertzscher Wellen durch Gitter...
Dates: 1904-1912

Compiled lectures, 1924-1954

Identifier: Coll-1310/3/1/2
Scope and Contents

Contains lectures on a number of topics including the differential birth rate, the application of statistics to educational research, education, and intelligence testing. Most of these lectures were delivered to a public audience.

Thomson has underlined particular phrases or words in red pencil throughout, which presumably acted as an aide memoir, and he has also frequently written his lectures on the back of scrap paper.

Dates: 1924-1954

Compiled newspaper articles and cuttings titled Offprints of Times article and various cuttings, 1921-1948

Identifier: Coll-1310/2/5
Scope and Contents Includes an offprint and cutting of Thomson's article, Intelligence and Families: tests among Scottish Children in 1932 and 1937, as well as various cuttings of printed responses to this, the Times, 1948; Cutting of Thomson's article, Intelligence Tests: Northumberland System in Application, the Daily Journal, 1921; Intelligence Tests for Children: the new aid in...
Dates: 1921-1948

Compiled notes on mathematics and statistics, c1930s

Identifier: Coll-1310/3/3/2
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Fonds:
  1. Lecture manuscripts, c1910s-1954;
  2. Unpublished volume, c1930;
  3. Notes taken by Thomson, c1930s-1951;
  4. Bibliographies compiled by Thomson, 1897-1954.
Dates: c1930s

Correspondence, 1932-1941

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/G1/6/2
Scope and Contents From the Series:

This material was either created, collected by, or refers to Professor Sir Godfrey Thomson.

  1. Handwritten notes, c1930s;
  2. Correspondence, 1932-1941;
  3. Manuscript authored by Thomson titled The Mathematics of Mental Testing, c mid 20th century;
  4. Thomson's notebook, c 1947.
Dates: 1932-1941

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