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Notebook No.239, 29 July 1859-11 August 1859

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Identifier: Coll-203/A1/239

Scope and Contents

This red leather bound notebook contains Charles Lyell's notes from his travels through France - Amiens - Paris - Le Puy. Notes are in pencil and ink and are primarily daily journal entries. The index is located at the back of the notebook.

Scope and Contents

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto; the abbreviation "do"; ib. stands for ibid. The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's own index

July 1859 Index - Amiens & Paris
p. 6 and 7 Amiens - levels obtained by Prestwich of heights at Abbeville
p. 8. Lartet's address.
p. 10. M. Garnier librarian. St. Aucheul section & flint hatchets
p. 14. hatchet found
p.14 M. Pinsard heights.
p. 16 & 18, Pinsard’s sections
p. 8 Excursion with Pinard by St. Acheul & Bouteillerie.
p. 20 8 ft of Loess
p. 22 Boves, old cliff
p. 24. - gravel of do.
p. 26. Hatchet at Boves
p 26, 28 Prestwich ib. general conclusions of,
p. 30. Prestwich letter to p. letter to Elep[hant] ib.
30th [July] Amiens to Paris.
p. 30 Age of Amiens bed[?] of human period - disturbed state
p. 34 Addresses Paris.
p 34 Deshayes. M., Radequil address of,
31st [July]
p. 36. Will[iam?] Hebert
9p.40) El[ephant?] antiquities and E[lephant?] primogenus contemporary Lartet
p. 38. Noyon & Channy Chartres.
p.42. Hebert’s theory of Loess, Hippot[amus] of St. Roch. Amiens. Chartres Section
p. 42 Excursion Will Hebert to Gare d’Ivry Paris & out of Barreare S[outh?] Italy
p. 44. sea excav[ated?] valley at Paris Section
p. 46 Section of La Gare d’Ivry
July 31st Paris
p. 50 continued Loess at great heights. Seine 30 metres above sea. Section of diluvium rouge over dil[uvium?] gn[e]is
p.52 2nd Section of diluvium
p. 54 Plateau of Loess ib[id]. Loess of Rhine
p. 56 Map of Paris
p. 56 Robert’s man
Aug]ust] 1st
p. 60 Reflections on excursion with Hebert – newer deposits. Rhino[cerus] entire at Menchicont Abbeville
p. 62 Loess in S[outh]. side of valley
p. 64 Gandry’s address
p. 64 Which is oldest - Loess or Elephant drift of Valley
p. 64 Crania Britannica
p. 66 with Deshayes
p. 69 Itinerary
[August] 2
p. 68 Deshayes - says all the Paris diluvium & loess shells are living species-
p. 68 Deshayes ad[dress?] - transmutation,
p.70 With Hebert Series of quaternary changes glacial period Diluvium and Loess
p. 74 Chartres
p. 78 Hebert on L’homme fossile de Denise ib[id].
p. 78 B de Perthes [Jacque Boucher de Perthes] in Grenoble etc.
p. 79 Chartre & Delesse on
3rd [August]
p. 80 Delesse on relation age of “diluvium rouge” and Loess in basin of Seine.
p. 80 No fossils in” diluvium rouge”
p. 82 Desmoyans on Cordian & Etamper pebbles
p. 84 [Chartres Sabliere?] ib. Hatchets like Amiens of Druid age, ib. Lartet’s doubts
Aug[ust] Paris & Le Puy
p. 84.Cont[inued] Paris. Dana on species.
p. 84 [August 4th] Paris by Orleans & Bourges to Moulins
p 85 Alluvial terrace of diluvium gres man Ivry ib]id] Gres de Fountainbleu ib. Plateau de la Beauce.
p. 86 Sologne, Vierzon
5th [August] Moulins
p. 86 Moulins Gannet, Aigueparse “fault in limague [Limogne] formation”
p. 87 [?] Le Coq.
p. 88 Clermont – inclination of Pay de Dome
p. 88 Condes. Issoire. Bressac Coal
6th [August]
p. 90 Brionde, letters to Le Coq. Falconer & Prestwich. Church. Mem[orandum] for Prestwich
p. 90 Brionde and Vieille B. & to over Allier
p. 92 Paulhagnet ib. Red bands at contact of Basalt & mica schist
p. 92 [montagnes des] Fix- ib.
7th [August]
p. 94 Le Puy, Museum specimen of L’ homme fossil de Denise
p. 96 [Tichortrium?] rhinocere in rents in volc[anic]. rocks of Puy
p. 98 Human jaw and teeth found by Robert in Alais Limest[one]
[p, 98] Old so called brieccies of Polignac, Denise etc ib.
p. 102 Sketch of Denise and [Larbrunhal?] with Aymard Mastadon in gravel under basalt of upper plateau
p. 104, 105 Aymard’s sketch of Denise and relative position of lavas & Elep[hant] breccia
p. 106 Lava of Denise of latest date or [Malonterre?]
p. 108 Eleph[ants] [meridionates?] had position of. P. 110 do and volcano of Cheyrac.
bp. 112 Corneille, St Michel etc all in one line
Bertrand de Done thinks all the breccia old ib.
Aug[ust] 1859 Le Puy
7th. continued.
p. 114 Proofs of modern date of newest lava at Puy with Robert
8th [August]
p. 116 With Felix Robert to Denise – recent lava
p. 118 Espailly & Croix de le Paille columnar lava imply crater basin
p. 120 Cones & craters of le Pay as modern as Paris ib. Volcano of St Anne
p. 120 Position of human bones in Denise
p. 122 Robert says two lava currently at least from modern Denise.
p. 122 Elep[hant]. [meridionaten?] of age of old breccia or [scroce?] of St Anne, Robert
p. 125 Esklenard- Hebert on Pichots fossil man. Frontal with limonite.
p. 126 E[lephant] meridinale old as Polignac breccia, suggests M. Robert. Fossils of St Priva d’Allier contemporary with man.
p. 128 Outline of Denise north side or N. E.
p. 129Polignac [crossed out word] old pebbles on
p. 130 Cussac will Mr Robert and mammalian bones at different heights
p. 132 Section of alluvium of S will Cypris lava.
10th [August]
Aug[ust] 1859 Le Puy continued August 10th
p. 134 Excursion to Denise and Espailly with P. Scrope
p. 136 Volcanic bomb. [Origin?] d’ Espailly. Pichots specimen with human bones a forgery
p. 137 His frontal with limonite genuine. Ib. Bed with human remains 10 f[eet]. thick.
11th [August]
p. 137 History of discovery of human remains
p. 141 Laurillard said the form of the skull was not that of ordinary one radius also
p. 142 Examined Museum specimen with Scrope
p. 144 Le Coq & Lartet on human remains
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  • Creation: 29 July 1859-11 August 1859


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