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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 281 Collections and/or Records:

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from E. Helen George Smith, 05 May 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/10/46
Scope and Contents Smith encloses some photographs of 'Black Agnes' and 'Brenda' with a letter from a Major Fallow (enclosures not present) reporting on their progress. She supposes it takes around eighteen months to acclimatise a horse or mule to the Indian climate.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Eric Parker, 04 November 1902

Identifier: Coll-14/9/8/87
Scope and Contents Parker enquires whether Ewart received his previous correspondence concerning his invitation to write some articles on Connemara ponies. He also asks if Ewart has any photographs of the ponies.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Eustace Nigel Maule Vernon, 31 July 1905

Identifier: Coll-14/9/11/17
Scope and Contents Vernon states that he is enclosing some photographs, including one of the pony stallion 'Charlie' which Ewart had admired.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Florence E. Sexton, 18 September 1903

Identifier: Coll-14/9/9/104
Scope and Contents Sexton encloses a photograph (not present) of a striped mouse dun pony and recalls seeing an unusually striped bay horse. She also mentions visiting Ewart to see his hybrids some years ago with the agricultural college.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Frederick Wrench, 23 May 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/10/56
Scope and Contents Wrench writes that he is enclosing photographs (not present) of three Basuto ponies that were sent to Major Richards, who was head of the purchasing of Basuto ponies in the Boer War.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from George Henderson, 30 March 1914

Identifier: Coll-14/9/20/4
Scope and Contents Henderson writes that he is sending Ewart two photographs (photographs not present) of a cart used to carry Punjab sheep tails. He remarks that the tails are not as large as some of the ones he has seen.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from George Henderson, 18 April 1914

Identifier: Coll-14/9/20/5
Scope and Contents Henderson enquires whether Ewart received the photographs he sent of the Punjab large-tailed sheep. One of the carts used for carrying the sheep tails has now arrived in London, and he asks Ewart to confirm where he would like it to be sent.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from George Teasdale-Buckell, 11 November 1899

Identifier: Coll-14/9/5/36
Scope and Contents Teasdale-Buckell thanks Ewart for allowing him the use of some photographs, and gives information about the cross-breeding of two setter dogs.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Graham Renshaw, 04 July 1900

Identifier: Coll-14/9/6/19
Scope and Contents Renshaw writes that he is sending Ewart prints of two hybrids in the Jardin des Plantes in Amsterdam. He adds that he was not able to find the quagga-hemionus hybrid for him that he had hoped to photograph.

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Harald Faber, 23 July 1912

Identifier: Coll-14/9/18/47
Scope and Contents Faber has asked Axel Appel to send Ewart some photographs of the original Danish breeds of sheep, of which there seems to be two: the heath-sheep and the Danish sheep. He mentions Appel's description of these breeds in the forthcoming agricultural dictionary Landbrugets Ordbog (Copenhagen).