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Illuminated manuscripts

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 97 Collections and/or Records:

MS 219: Quatuor Evangelia, Late 11th-early 12th

Identifier: MS 219
Contents Contains the text of the Gospels until John 21:19, preceded by a 'Table of Lessons'.Table of lessons: f. 5r-12v. Beginning: "ἐκ λόγου τῶν Δ εὑαγγελιστῶν διά".Prayers: f. 12v. Beginning: "εἰς σχῆμα μοναχ(ικὁν) εὑαγγέ(λια) τρία".Titles: f. 13r. Beginning: "τοῦ κατὰ ἰω(άννην) εὑαγγε(λίου) τὰ κεφάλαια..."; end: "τὁ τοιοῦτο ἐξεδόθη μετὰ χρόν(ους)".Titles: f....
Dates: Late 11th-early 12th

MS 220: Quatuor Evangelia Graece (a Tetraevangelion), early 13th century

Identifier: MS 220
Contents Contains the text of the Gospels, but it is incomplete at the beginning.Matthew’s Gospel (+ epilogue; missing I.1-VII.6 & XXVII.8-XXVIII.7): τὸ κατὰ Ματθαῖον ἅγιον εὐαγγέλιον: f. 1-73 & 312-319 (originally in order; quire δ' misplaced). Beginning: “...τοὺς μαργαρίτας ὑμῶν…” (VII.6) to “…εἶπεν ἕτι ζῶν·” (XXVII.63). End: “…αὐτὸν ὄψεσθε· ἰδού…” (XXVIII.7) to “…τοῦ αἰῶνος· ἀμήν.” (XXVIII.20/end). Unknown edition.Mark’s Gospel (+ chapters &...
Dates: early 13th century

MS 222: Gospel Lectionary, 12th century

Identifier: MS 222
Contents A lectionary is a liturgical book which contains the readings (or lessons) for worship on any given day of the liturgical calendar. The text contained in this manuscript begins with the lesson for Easter Sunday. It also includes ekphonetic symbols, that is musical notations. The musical recitation of the Gospel is still used in the Greek Church, though it rests wholly on tradition, since the meaning of the ekphonetic signs is sometimes obscure. The probably...
Dates: 12th century

MS 227: Erotemata by Manuel Chrysolaras, 16th century

Identifier: MS 227
Contents The Erotemata ('Questions') was the first Greek grammar in use in Western Europe and it became widely popular among humanists after its publication in 1484. Manuel Chrysolaras (1355-1415), born in Constantinople, moved to Italy after having being invited by the humanist Coluccio Salutati to teach Greek in Florence.

Illumination Initials and headings are in red, one is illuminated.
Dates: 16th century

Single page of a musical manuscript with illustrations, 1600

Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0063/1
Scope and Contents Single page from a musical manuscript - possibly an antiphonary. There is an illustration on the top left representing Saint Peter holding a key. The margins are decorated with cherubs and floral motives. The words under the music read as follows: Nunc scio vere quia misit dominus angelum suum, et eripuit me de manu herodis et...A note on the back of the page indicates a Spanish origin: Este libro mando acer la Madre [soror] Dona...
Dates: 1600

The Scottish Psalter, 1566, Wode's MS, illustrated Vol. I. Tenor; II.Treble; III. Bass, 1566

Identifier: La.III.483
Scope and Contents Illustrated Scottish metrical psalter in three volumes dated 1566, on paper, that belonged to Thomas Wode, vicar of St Andrews. These are the first three partbooks of the first set of the work known as 'The Wode Psalter', and contains the cantus, tenor and bassus. For a more detailed description, see the following website:
Dates: 1566

Western Mediaeval Manuscripts

Identifier: MS
Scope and Contents This collection contains 275 mediaeval manuscript books and c. 45 fragments which have been donated to, and purchased by the University in the course of its history. These are all books and fragments written by hand, from the early 11th to the 16th centuries. Many are finely illuminated and decorated. The collection is mainly composed of bibles and liturgical texts, books of hours, treatises of theology and philosophy, legal and medical works, examples of pre-Reformation Scottish music,...
Dates: early 11th-16th centuries