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Manuscripts, Latin

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Manuscripts entirely or partially in Latin.

Found in 236 Collections and/or Records:

MS 57: Psalter, 1300-1330

Identifier: MS 57
Contents The manuscript is an English Psalter that was created in the 14th century, between 1300 and 1330, possibly in Worcester.There is a Title Page on f.1r. There is some custodial history information, as well as some scribbles and drawings, dating from later than the rest of the manuscript.The Litany of the Virgin starts on f.2r.The Virtutes Psalmorum Psalterii hec sint start on f.3r. This section begins with ...
Dates: 1300-1330

MS 58: Psalter, 15th century

Identifier: MS 58
Contents The manuscript is an English Psalter that was created in the 15th century. This manuscript could be from around Salisbury, or is at least Sarum Use.The fly-leaves at the start of the manuscript (as well as some borders within the manuscript) are full of medical lore, prescriptions, etcetera, all in a 17th century hand.The Kalendar starts on f.1r.The Psalter starts on f.7r. It is missing Psalms 96:1—Psalms 97:9; and Psalms 42:5—Psalms 43:...
Dates: 15th century

MS 59: Psalter, early 15th century

Identifier: MS 59
Contents The manuscript is an English Psalter that was created in the early 15th century. This manuscript is also Brigittine, meaning that it relates to that order of monks and nuns. It was therefore probably made for Syon, this being the only Brigittine foundation in England.The Kalendar starts on f.1r.Entries in the Kalendar that suggest and English and Brigittine origin are as follows. 7 May: Saint John of Beverley, cum regimine chori (in...
Dates: early 15th century

MS 60: Psalter and Hymnarium (Benedictine), late 14th century

Identifier: MS 60
Contents The manuscript is an Italian Psalter and Hymnarium from the late 14th century. An hymnarium is a liturgical book that contains hymns and is a fixed part of the liturgy. This manuscript is also probably Benedictine.The Benedictine Psalter, with noted Anthems and Hymns, and Chapters with their Versicles and Responds, are arranged in the following order:Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Prime; Matins and Lauds for the whole week start on f.1r.Canticles from the...
Dates: late 14th century

MS 61: Psalter with Anthems (Roman Use), early 16th century

Identifier: MS 61
Contents This manuscript contains a psalter of Roman Use with anthems, written in Latin in the early 16th century, and of Italian origin. The book is of a considerable size and its binding is particularly interesting, as it is a decorated with brass pins, studs, and other different shapes. Some of the hymns at the beginning and at the end are incomplete. It has several vellum page markers for its different sections.ContentsHymns (Roman Use): start on f....
Dates: early 16th century

MS 62: Psalter (Flemish), early 13th century

Identifier: MS 62
Contents This manuscript contains a Flemish psalter in Latin, written in the 13th century in Flanders. The Kalendar at the beginning is missing January and December, and is in general much mutilated. There are many illuminations, especially in the first sections, including 3 folios with illuminations after the Kalendar. An Invitatory, Venite exultemus, was later inserted by another hand on f. 9r. The Service of the Dead ends abruptly on f. 157v before some folios that...
Dates: early 13th century

MS 63: Psalter [incomplete], 15th century

Identifier: MS 63
Contents This manuscript contains an incomplete psalter in Latin, written in the 15th century, and of Dutch origin. It contains from Psalm lxxx, Exultate Deo, to end of Psalter. The ferial anthems are included passim, and the chapters, hymns, versicles, responses, and collects of the ferial day hours are added in their places after the corresponding sections of Psalm cxviii, Beati immaculati (Prime, f....
Dates: 15th century

MS 64: Dunkeld Music Book , 16th century

Identifier: MS 64
Contents This manuscript contains music scores and lyrics for religious songs, and it is a good example of the polyphonic music of the 16th century. The book was originally 5 different volumes (one for each different voice) that were bound together, and now it has 6 folios of thick vellum at the beginning and end, and between each volume. Each volume has a similar lay-out: the first part has several motets and antiphons, mostly in honour of the Virgin Mary. The last part has one to three settings of...
Dates: 16th century

MS 65: Psalter of Virgin and Prayer Book. Tractatus Varii Mystici, 15th-16th century

Identifier: MS 65
Contents The manuscript is a mid-fifteenth to early sixteenth century Dutch liturgical codex, containing excerpts from the Book of Psalms, extracts from the Divine Office, and various religious teachings and prayers. It is written in a variety of hands. As the codex details the canonical hours, it was likely produced for a lay audience wishing to integrate aspects of ascetic devotion into their daily lives.Private devotions for use throughout Mass start on f.1 recto. In Dutch....
Dates: 15th-16th century

MS 66: Prayer Book, 16th century

Identifier: MS 66
Contents Prayer book from the 16th century of Flemish or Northern French origin. It contains both French and Latin prayers, and since many of the prayers have feminine forms, it was likely written for a woman.Sequence, Gospel of Saint John (in Latin): starts f.1. It begins, "In principio..."Passion (in Latin): starts f.2. It begins, "Egressus est..."Fifteen Odes of Saint Bridget (in Latin, with French rubric):...
Dates: 16th century