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Decretales Gregorii IX

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Author: Catholic Church

Found in 6 Collections and/or Records:

Additiones super quinque libros Decretalium, by Giovanni d'Andrea, 15th century

Identifier: MS 141/ ff. 6r-116v
Contents MS 141/ff. 6r-116v contains Giovanni d'Andrea's 14th-century commentary on the influential text of canon law, 'Decretales Gregorii IX', commissioned by Pope Gregory IX in the mid-13th century. D'Andrea's commentary is made up of five books, all present in the version contained in MS 141. Following introductory lines ('Casus summarii super decretalibus Andio Joanne Andrea...'), Liber i begins on f. 6r, with the words Gregorius servus servorum dei. In hoc...
Dates: 15th century

Fragments of the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX, early 14th century

Identifier: MS 211/XXXIII
Scope and Contents Cropped leaves from the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX, with the text and also a marginal commentary. On f. 1r the text begins with De Officio Judicis. Ex litteris vestris accepimus…from Book I, Section XXXII. On f. 1v, the text proper ends with civitas caperetur Constantinopolis, which is from Section XXXIII, Chapter VIII. On f. 2-3 there is Book II. The text begins on f. 2r with Section VI, Chapter VIII, ...
Dates: early 14th century

Johannes of Imola's commentary on the Decretales Gregorii IX, 15th century

Identifier: MS 147/ff. 56r-115r
Contents Ff. 56r-115r of MS 147 contains the commentary on Book III of the 'Decretales Gregorii IX' by late 14th-early 15th century Italian jurist, Johannes de Imola. Johannes de Imola produced one of the principal 15th-century commentaries on the mid-13th century decretals of Canon law. The except of this commentary contained in MS 147 is on Book III of the 'Decretales'. Imola delivered lectures on his commentaries on the Decretals (mostly at the university of Bologna) in the early 15th century. In the...
Dates: 15th century

MS 142: Decretales Gregorii IX, with gloss by Bernard of Parma, 13th-14th century

Identifier: MS 142
Contents MS 142 is a copy of the very famous and influential 13th-century work of canon law, the Decretales Gregorii IX (Decretals of Pope Gregory IX) ordered by Pope Gregory IX, and put together by his chaplain and confessor, Raymond of Peñafort. As a very important text on Church law, the 'Decretales Gregorii IX' was the subject of many commentaries and glosses by later Church scholars. One such work on the 'Decretales' was completed by Bernard of Parma], and it is the...
Dates: 13th-14th century

MS 216: Fragment of Summary of the Decretals of Gregory IX, 13th century

Identifier: MS 216
Contents This is a fragment (12 folios) of a summary of the Decretals of Gregory IX, a collection of jurisprudence of Catholic canon law. It was compiled by Spanish Dominican friar Raymond of Penyafort, under the orders of pope Gregory IX. Contains 1 folio of Book I and 11 of Book III (Title xxxiv, De voti redemptione, to Title xli, De celebratione missarum). ...
Dates: 13th century

Text from the commentary by Peter of Ancarano on the Decretales Gregorii IX, 15th century

Identifier: MS 147/ff. 8r-55r
Contents ff. 8r-55r of MS 147 contain Peter of Ancarano's commentary on Book V of the Decretales Gregorii IX. Peter of Ancarano was a late-14th/early 15th-century canon lawyer who spent most of his career in Bologna. He followed in the line of several other 13th and 14th century jurists who produced commentaries on the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX. The Decretals of Gregory IX was produced in the first half of the 13th-century, and it formed the basis of medieval canon...
Dates: 15th century