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Manuscripts, Italian

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Manuscripts entirely or partially in Italian.

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

MS 49: Prayer Book and Book of Hours, late 15th century

Identifier: MS 49
Contents The manuscript is a Prayer Book and Book of Hours from the late 15th century that originated in Italy.The Penitential Psalms start on f.1r.The Litany starts on f.12r.The Prayers start on f.22v. These include the Ave Maria, Pater Noster, Credo, and Salve Regina.The ...
Dates: late 15th century

MS 103: Composite manuscript including two different texts, late 15th century

Identifier: MS 103
Contents Contains two texts bound together, both in the same hand.ff. 1r-27r: 'Manuale'('Manual') attributed to Augustine of Hippoff. 27v-332v: 'Sermo de miseria humana' ('Sermon on human misery') attributed to Bernard of ClairvauxThe texts are described separately, under MS 103/ff. 1r-27r; and MS 103/ff. 27v-32v. Writing Written in good Italian minuscule. Illumination Illuminated initials in the...
Dates: late 15th century

MS 108: Composite manuscript including five texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 108
Contents Contains five texts written by three different hands.ff. 1r-48r: 'Confessionale: Omnis mortalium cura' or 'Specchio di coscienza' ('Confessional: all the concerns of humans' or 'Mirror of Conscience') by Saint Antoninus, Archbishop of Florenceff. 48v-70v: 'Trattato della mondizia del cuore' ('Treatise on the Purity of the Heart') by Domenico Cavalcaff. 71r-80r: 'Conflictus vitiorum atque virtutum' ('The Contest between Vices and Virtues') by Ambrosius Autpertus.ff. 81r-100r:...
Dates: 15th century

MS 131: Composite manuscript including twenty-seven texts, 1478

Identifier: MS 131
Contents Contains twenty-eight texts, all in the same hand except the last one. Folios are missing between f. 123 and f. 124; between f. 124 and f. 125; between f. 129 and f. 130.ff. 1r-5v: 'Tractatus de lapide philosophico' by Pseudo-Thomas Aquinas.ff. 6r-17v: 'Liber Julii Latini' ('Book of Julius Latinus').ff. 18r-23v: 'Epistola accurtationis' by Pseudo-Ramon Llull.ff. 24r-29r: 'Errores Alchimiae' by Pseudo-Arnaldus de Villanova.ff. 29v-33v: 'Testamentum Novum' ('New...
Dates: 1478

MS 135: Composite manuscript including four different texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 135
Contents Contains four texts, written in at least three different hands. ff. 1r-2v; continued on f. 158v: notes on Logic, author unknown ff. 3r-87v; 89r-98v; 116r-118v: Commentaries on the 'Ars Vetus', by Walter Burley f. 88r: inserted 16th century Italian letter, signed by 'Vester Ludovicus' ff. 99r-109r: Incomplete 'Logica Magna' by Paul of Venice ff....
Dates: 15th century

MS 152: Composite manuscript containing the Rule of Saint Benedict and various other texts, 1560

Identifier: MS 152
Scope and Contents A composite manuscript connected with the Benedictine Monastery of San Lorenzo, in the Castello neighbourhood of Venice. The first text was commissioned by the Abbess Cipriana Michiel. The texts are preceded by a table of contents which appears to be an addition and which includes detailed heading for the first four texts (all written by the same hand). The table of contents starts on f. iiir. It is introduced by the rubric Al nome del nostro Signore Jesu Chisto....
Dates: 1560

MS 162: La Cedola del Terzo Monte dei Poveri della Magnifica Città di Perugia, 15th-16th century

Identifier: MS 162
Contents La Cedola del Terzo Monte dei Poveri della magnifica Città di Perugia ('The ordinances of the third Mount of Piety of the magnificent city of Perugia') is a document relating to the establishment of a Mount of Piety founded in Perugia in 1467. A Mount of Piety was a pawnbroking establishment run by the Church as a charity and intended to benefit the poors by lending small sums of money in exchange for an object which belonged to the client. One of the first of...
Dates: 15th-16th century

MS 192: La Guerra Punica, late 15th century

Identifier: MS 192
Scope and Contents La Guerra Punica is a retelling of the first Punic War (264-241 BC) between Romans and Carthaginians. The author is Leonardo Bruni (c. 1370 - 1444), Italian humanist and historian, and one of the most prominent figures of the early Renaissance. He claims to have followed the account of ancient Latin and Greek authors; his story is particularly indebted to the Histories of the Greek historian Polybius....
Dates: late 15th century

MS 203: Commento al 'Trionfo della Fama' di Petrarca by Jacopo Bracciolini, 15th century

Identifier: MS 203
Contents The manuscript contains the text of a commentary to Petrarch's Triumph of Fame written by Jacopo Bracciolini and published for the first time in 1475. The Triumphs (Trionfi in Italian) are a series of allegorical poems written in vernacular Italian by the poet Francesco Petrarca (1304 - 1374). They take their title from the Roman tradition of the triumph, the spectacular procession in which the...
Dates: 15th century

Uncatalogued smaller fragments, various dates

Identifier: MS 211/XXXVI
Scope and Contents These fragments weren't described in details by Borland as they were deemed 'unworthy of interest'. Each fragment is stamped with the seal of Edinburgh university Library, and bears the reference 'MS 211 XXXVI'.
Dates: various dates