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Medical notes of G. E. Philip

Identifier: Coll-1152
Scope and Contents The medical lecture notes, taken down between 1954-1960, include the following topics: Zoology Anatomy Gynaecology, Midwifery, Obstetrics Surgery Chemotherapy Public health Therapeutics Blood and lymph Child health Bacteriology Treatment...
Dates: 1954-1960

Medical notes slur on gay men (The Big Issue in Scotland), 27 Apr 2000 - 3 Aug 2000

Identifier: GD61/11/2/4/250
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

A collection of newspaper and magazine cuttings covering issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Articles cover local, national and international news, however Scottish publications have the strongest representation with Edinburgh and Glasgow based publications being a specific strength within this sub-series.

Dates: 27 Apr 2000 - 3 Aug 2000

Minutes of the EGS Trust Management Committee Meeting, 13 Jan 1988

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/18
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: Edinburgh Gay Switchboard (EGS) members talking to medical students regarding the psychosexual aspects of medicine; the Regional Working Party on AIDS; Nightline requesting speakers; Lothian Marriage Guidance sexual abuse workshop; the Counselling Convention Scotland 1988 event; late night Saturday shifts; training; an AIDS update; the Social Work Department grant and the potential impact of the Clause 27 Local Government Bill; joint conferences with Glasgow Gay...
Dates: 13 Jan 1988

Notes in shorthand of David Gregory's clinical lectures

Identifier: Coll-1106
Scope and Contents

The lectures are noted as having been taken down in 1705. They are written in shorthand. Type of shorthand is unknown. The writer is unknown. The notes in the volume cover 228 pages. Title page statesNotes of Gregory's clinical lectures. There is a rear index of contents in longhand.

Note: James Gregory (d.1731) is probably the only Gregory among this fanous family able to have actually given lectures in 1705.

Dates: 1705

Notes of lectures given by Alexander Monro (secundus), taken down by unknown person(s)

Identifier: Coll-1325
Scope and Contents This volume of notes is based on Monro's surgical lectures at Edinburgh Medical School, 1774-1775. The manuscript lectures are sub-headed Lectures 1-13 and are in two distinct hands - the first two lectures in one, and the rest in another. The paper is watermarked with a crown and the initials GR, undated, but this L.V.Gerrevink paper commonly used throughout much of the 18th century. Both hands are clear and legible, with just a few corrections, and occasional additions written on the verso...
Dates: 1774-1775

Notes of lectures given by William Saunders

Identifier: Coll-1281
Scope and Contents The notes taken down into this small bound pocket note-book of 131 handwritten pages are believed to have formed part of the Guy's lecture series - 'Elements in the Practice of Physic'. One of the early pages bears the inscription 'John Bethell, Lincoln's Inn Field' but it isn't clear if this was the same individual who took the notes or someone who subsequently owned them. The volume may be particularly important in that the contents significantly pre-date - when compared - the...
Dates: 1774-1776

Notes of 'RB', of lectures 'on the practice of physic' given by James Gregory

Identifier: Coll-1909
Scope and Contents

Three bound volumes of notes of lectures 'on the practice of physic', given by James Gregory (1753-1821), Professor of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. The volumes have a bookplate with the letters 'RB'.

Dates: 1812-1813

Notes on the Practice of Physic

Identifier: Coll-894
Scope and Contents

The medical notes were written 1850-1851. The lecturers were Sellers, Alison, and Home, though one lecture was by Southwood Smith. The notes are unsigned and there are two different sets of handwriting. The volume of manuscript is supported with a transcript - typescript document.

Dates: 1850-1851

Or Ms 25: الجامع لقوی الادویه والاغذیه al-Jāmi' liquwá al-adwiyah wa-al-aghdhiyah, undated copy (original text composed 13th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 25
Scope and Contents

A dictionary of simple medicaments, originally compiled by Ḍiyā al-Dīn Abī Muḥammad b. 'Abd-allāh b. Aḥmad al-Mālikī al-Ashshāb, known as Ibn al-Bayṭār (d. 646 A.H., 1248 C.E.).

Dates: undated copy (original text composed 13th cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 249: دستور الاطباء Dastūr al-aṭibbāʼ, undated (extant by 19th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 249
Scope and Contents

A work on the Indian system of medicine. It was compiled by the celebrated Muḥammad Qāsim Hindū-Shāh, commonly known as Firishtāh.

Dates: undated (extant by 19th cent. C.E.)