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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

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f. 41r
f. 41r

Or Ms 416: تشریح منصوری Tashrīḥ-i Manṣūrī, undated (original text compiled 14th Cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 416
Scope and Contents A treatise on the anatomy of the human body by Manṣūr bin Muḥammad bin Aḥmad, who dedicated it to Amīr-Zādah Pīr Muḥammad Bahādur Khān (either the one grandson of Timur who was murdered in 809 A.H., 1407 C.E., or the other grandson who ruled over Fars during 796-812 A.H., 1394-1409 C.E.).Large anatomical illustrations on several folios. See A Descriptive Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian Manuscripts in Edinburgh University Library by Mohammad...
Dates: undated (original text compiled 14th Cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 429: عیون الانباء فی طبقات الاطبّاء ‘Uyūn al-anbāʼ fī ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbāʼ', undated (original text compiled 13th Cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 429
Scope and Contents

A fragment of a manuscript containing part of the preface and first chapter of the work on the lives of physicians by Aḥmad b. al-Qāsim b. Abū ʼUṣaybi‘ah al-Sa‘dī al-Khazrajī (d. 668 A.H., 1270 C.E.). His work was composed in 643 A.H., 1245 C.E.

Dates: undated (original text compiled 13th Cent. C.E.)

Papers of John Nimmo M.D.

 Fonds — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Coll-819
Scope and Contents

The collection is composed of: manuscript volume of which first page is headedWestminster Infirmary for diseases of the eye; and, bundles of manuscript notes contained in two boxes, and on medical subjects.

Dates: 1804-1820

Papers of Joseph Black and family

Identifier: Coll-16
Scope and Contents 5 boxes of correspondence between himself and a variety of individuals (including James Watt, Prince Paul Dashkov, John Robison) and on a variety of subjects: linen bleaching, use of lime water, assays of ores, civic water supply, mineralogical specimens, absorption of heat etc 1 box of family letters between Black, his father and his brothers Samuel, George and Thomas ...
Dates: 1746-1799

Personal papers of and relating to Kenneth Murchison, 1770-1938

Identifier: Coll-51/2/1
Scope and Contents 1 Reproduction of portrait by Raeburn (advertisement in Connoisseur, November 1938), with letter of Henry Raeburn to K. Murchison, 2 July 1793. The price of the portait was 18.18s.0d. + frame £3.10s.6d. 4 items. 2 Probate of will. 5 fols, vellum. With Extracts, 3 fols. 3 Five certificates in surgery, midwifery, etc., London, 1771-1772. 4 Matriculation of armorial bearings, Edinburgh, Lyon Office, 16 June 1788, with seal, in...
Dates: 1770-1938

Pharmaceuticals from transgenic livestock, January 1987

Identifier: Coll-1362/2/154
Scope and Contents

Located in I.A.P.G.R-E.R.S. Staff Papers 1987. Part 1 and Index.

Dates: January 1987

Quod ... in Aqueo humero ... videri, 1691

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [69]
Scope and Contents

A note on refraction inside the eye.

Dates: 1691

Recipes, 17th century

Identifier: MS 169/ff. 40v, 83v-87r, 106v-108v, 139v-140v

On a total of eleven folios throughout the volume, a 17th-century hand has written various medicinal recipes. The first folio (f. 40v) is in Latin, while ff. 83-87, 106-108, 139-40 are in English. The hand is the same throughout, and each recipe on ff. 139v-140v, has been signed 'per me Franciscus Cox'.


The hand is quite rough and hurried in places.

Dates: 17th century

Record of Cases taken in the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Preparations from the Pharmacopeia of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and Baffin Voyage Journal

Identifier: Coll-891
Scope and Contents The manuscriptCases taken in the Royal Infirmaryis by no means unique. A range of student copies of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE) casebooks have survived. Some contain copies of remedies from pharmacopoeias of either the RIE or the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE). This casebook is from 1820-1821. The mansucript also contains a copy of preparations from the pharmacopoeia of the RCPE. The 'Baffin' voyage journal contains a record of the experiences...
Dates: 1820-1824

Records of the NHS Education for Scotland South East Deanery

 Fonds — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Coll-1436
Scope and Contents The collection is composed of correspondence, copies of committee meeting documentation, and printed matter: Box 1: Postgraduate Board, Policy and membership - 1975-1990 Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education Education (SCPMDE), Postgraduate News - 1973-1979 Minutes/Committee and Sub-committee meetings - 1979-1992 ...
Dates: 1939-1989