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Funeral Rites and Ceremonies

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 53 Collections and/or Records:

Song entitled 'Tuiream' and accompanying story, September 1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/125
Scope and Contents Song entitled 'Tuiream' [Dirge] beginning 'Cuim nach togain guth ard eir ledai mo leinibh mo chaomh'. The accompanying story includes a note on the lineage of MacNeil of Barra.
Dates: September 1872

Song entitled 'Tuirream Torraidh' and accompanying note about funeral customs, 24 September 1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/96
Scope and Contents Song entitled 'Tuirream Torraidh' collected from Iain Pearson [John MacPherson, cottar, Ceanntangabhal/Kentangaval, Barraigh/Isle of Barra] beginning 'S grad a fhuair [th]u m bas, A ghrai[dh] cha ruige tu le[a]s'. An accompanying note states that 'bean thuiream' was a woman whose duty it was to 'sing the tuiream after the coffin & striking the coffin with her hands like a drum. All the man's virtues were sung out & his geanaology (sic) back to Noah praised.' Song has been scored through...
Dates: 24 September 1872

Story about a wall collapsing on a coffin in Teampull na Trionaid, 20 January 1871

Identifier: Coll-97/CW116/160
Scope and Contents Story collected from Alexander MacDonald, Cladach Chirceboist/Claddach Kirkibost, Uibhist a Tuath/North Uist telling how funeral was going from Lirinnish to Killemhoire [Liernis/Liernish and Cille Mhoire/Kilmuir] when 'The day came on cur as cabhadh'. The put the corpse in Teampull na Trionaid in the hope that the weather would improve and if it didn't then they would bury it there. When the people left the church the south wall fell down and buried the corpse. The corpse was allowed to remain...
Dates: 20 January 1871

Story about a young man keeping vigil over his mother's corpse, 29 January 1875

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106/122
Scope and Contents Story probably collected from John MacInnes, aged 70 years, Stadhlaigearraidh/Stilligarry, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist which tells of a young man whose mother dies but before she dies she makes him promise that he and only he will keep watch over her body. When the time comes he is very frightened and is unable to rest while keeping watch. The skipper of a passing vessel sees him and asks him if he has a Bible. He gives him a cockerel and a candle and advises him to put the cockerel on the table...
Dates: 29 January 1875

Story about archaeological finds at Tirefour, 2 September 1870

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106/5
Scope and Contents Story collected from Duncan Carmichael, Lios Mòr/Lismore, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire, about archaeological finds at a grave at Tirefour. The finds were a gold candle, a hammer and a coin 'of anc[ient] date' which were sent to Lochnell 'along with two heads of bisons of im[mense] size' and which were there during 'the General's time'.
Dates: 2 September 1870

Story about Cailein Ruadh [Colin MacKenzie], Lewis, 1877

Identifier: Coll-97/CW108/67
Scope and Contents Story about Cailein Ruadh, Leoghais [Colin MacKenzie, Eilean Leòdhais/Isle of Lewis], who when he died had 100 of each sort of livestock and 100 casks of whisky which were consumed at his funeral, which lasted three days and three nights.
Dates: 1877

Story about Mac Rìgh Lochlainn, 27 October 1873

Identifier: Coll-97/CW115/20
Scope and Contents Story about Mac Rìgh Lochlainn, that he was buried on Rònaidh/North Rona [Ros is Cromba/Ross and Cromarty] without his head.
Dates: 27 October 1873

Story about the burial of Donald mac 'ic Ailein of Clanranald, c1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/81
Scope and Contents Story about the burial of Donald mac 'ic Ailein [Donald MacDonald 13th of Clanranald] stating that only three of the Clanranald were buried at Howmore [Tobha Mòr, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist]. The story tells of his marriage, of his building a house for his wife in Canna [Canaigh], her elopment with a paramour and his return to Howmore for burial through North Uist [Uibhist a Tuath] following his death on Canna. Later members of the clan were buried in Nunton [Baile nan Cailleach, Beinn na...
Dates: c1872

Story about the discovery of Christ's body being the reason for 'dol deiseil a chlaidh', 24 Septmeber 1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/114
Scope and Contents Story about the discovery of Christ's body being the reason for 'dol deiseil a chlaidh', collected from Peter [-], who learned it from Mr Aonas Donullach sagairt [Angus MacDonald, priest] who 'went to Rome as professor and died there. He had been educated in Lismore' [Lios Mòr].
Dates: 24 Septmeber 1872

Story about the murder of an Appin man by Macleans of Duart, 5 October 1892

Identifier: Coll-97/CW126f/45
Scope and Contents Story about the murder of an Appin man by Macleans of Duart collected at Bachuill, Lios Mòr/Lismore, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire. The story tells how the Appin men beat the Macleans of Duart at a games in Muile/Mull after which they fought each other and one of the Appin men was killed and the Macleans 'hung up the body against the castle and defied the world to touch it.' The Baron of Bachuil heard what happened and went to Duart Castle with his two red-haired daughters and 'rend[ered] all the...
Dates: 5 October 1892