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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
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Composite manuscript containing four texts by Pseudo-Ramon Llull, c 1525

Identifier: MS 122
Contents This manuscript contains texts related to medicine or alchemy, all attributed to Ramon Llull, a Catalan philosopher who lived from around 1235 to around 1315. Many alchemical works were misattributed to Llull in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, including those in this manuscript. The versions of these texts included in this manuscript were written around 1525 and the hand seems to be Italian, but a colophon on f. 128v states that it was written by Franciscus de Galliciis, which...
Dates: c 1525
f. 73r
f. 73r

Composite manuscript containing seventeen texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 121
Contents Contains seventeen texts bound together, written in different hands. The margins are badly cropped, and some leaves are missing.ff. 1r-2: Commentary to 'Mercher ad Fledium. Liber de lapide qui vocatur Rebis'.ff. 2-68v: 'Experimenta' ('Experiments').ff. 68v-72v: Alchemic recipes.ff. 73r-99: 'Lumen luminum minus et perfecti magisteri' by Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā Rāzī (known in the West as 'Rhazes' and 'Rasis', version by Wynandus de Ruffo...
Dates: 15th century

Composite manuscript including twenty-seven texts, 1478

Identifier: MS 131
Contents Contains twenty-eight texts, all in the same hand except the last one. Folios are missing between f. 123 and f. 124; between f. 124 and f. 125; between f. 129 and f. 130.ff. 1r-5v: 'Tractatus de lapide philosophico' by Pseudo-Thomas Aquinas.ff. 6r-17v: 'Liber Julii Latini' ('Book of Julius Latinus').ff. 18r-23v: 'Epistola accurtationis' by Pseudo-Ramon Llull.ff. 24r-29r: 'Errores Alchimiae' by Pseudo-Arnaldus de Villanova.ff....
Dates: 1478

De Medicinis Secretissimis by Pseudo-Llull , c 1525

Identifier: MS 122/ff. 129r-141r
Contents This section contains De Medicinis Secretissimis, sometimes called Medicina Magna (as in this manuscript), which was wrongly attributed to Pseudo-Llull. This is a medico-alchemical treatise linked to the Liber de secretis naturae, which is contained in the previous section of this manuscript.In this manuscript, this work is titled Magne Medicine sapientum...
Dates: c 1525

Liber de Secretis Naturae Seu de Quinta Essentia by Pseudo-Llull , c 1525

Identifier: MS 122/ff. 2r-128v
Contents This section contains the Liber de Secretis Naturae Seu de Quinta Essentia wrongly attributed to Ramon Llull. This is the central text of the Pseudo-Lullian alchemical corpus. It contains various drawings, charts, and figures that illustrate the principles in the text.In this manuscript, the incipit reads Incipit liber prime distinctionis nature secretorum seu quinta essentia sacri doctoris Magistri Raimundi Lullii de...
Dates: c 1525

Photocopy of typescript essay titled 'Alchemy: An Essay written in the Sixth Form - Clifton College 1923 by C.H Waddington', 1923

Identifier: Coll-41/2/1/1
Scope and Contents

Waddington attended Clifton College, Bristol, from 1919 to 1923 after gaining a scholarship.

The typescript also includes some ink illustrations as figures, presumably in Waddington's hand.

Dates: 1923

Recipe ad stillandum aurum potabile by Pseudo-Llull , c 1525

Identifier: MS 122/f. 141v
Contents This folio (f. 141v) contains a short recipe to obtain potable gold, titled Ad Stillandum aurum potabile. Potable gold was thought to be medicinal, so this recipe probably relates to the De Medicinis Secretissimis in the previous section. Recipes such as this have also been wrongly attributed to Ramon Llull. Writing This section is written in the same hand as the previous...
Dates: c 1525