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Canary Islands

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Calculations of Barometrical Observations in Palma, Canary Islands, 12 July 1854

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 36-38
Scope and Contents Calculations of Barometrical Observations in La Palma, Canary Islands giving heights in feet of various volcanic features including of the Central Ridge of the Caldera, 12 July 1854.
Dates: 12 July 1854

Geological cross section of Grand Canary from North to South, 1855

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 197
Scope and Contents Geological cross section of Grand Canary from Maspalomas in the North to Banaderos Bay in the south showing rock types. The length of the land depicted in the cross section is 26 geographical miles and the greatest height is 6400 feet, 1855.
Dates: 1855

Grand Canary fossils, 1855

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 207-208
Scope and Contents List entitled 'Grand [sic Gran] Canary fossils - numbered so as to count them along the side.
Dates: 1855

Grande Canaria, 1855

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 185-196
Scope and Contents Handwritten article on the geology of Grande [sic Gran] Canaria and the way in which the rocks were formed. Seeming to be a summary of Lyell's observations while on the island, 1855 - it is not in his handwriting, and is perhaps written by Mary Lyell, or Georg Hartung.
Dates: 1855

Index - Madeira, 5 November 1856 - 1857

Identifier: Coll-203/A4/1
Scope and Contents No actual index. Appears to contain multiple indexes to: - Lyell's published works on Madeira and Canary Islands - the 2nd Edition from page 80, and to older or first editions from page 86. p. 1-54 Questions on other's papers on Madeira, how to publish the Canary Islands paper - perhaps part written in German with Hartung. Page by page review of Madeira text with Lyell's own observational drawings, then Memoranda to action for the paper. p. 55 - 70 Manual of...
Dates: 5 November 1856 - 1857

Letter to Dr [Joseph Dalton] Hooker from Charles James Bunbury, 11 November 1854

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 33-35
Scope and Contents Summary is noted by Lyell as 'Barometrial measurement of Heights'. Letter to Dr [Joseph Dalton] Hooker from Charles James Bunbury full of social chat, he mentions that "Mr Bunbury" [Henry Edward Bunbury, his father] gave a lecture to the Bury Atheneum on his recent trip to Madeira and Tenerife. He includes notes entitled " The Neutral Point of Sir C Lyell's Barometer", 11 November 1854.
Dates: 11 November 1854

Letter to Mary [Lyell] from [Charles James Bunbury], c 1850

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 42-44
Scope and Contents Letter to Mary [Lyell] from [Charles James Bunbury] giving barometrical observations in feet which were taken on the Island of Gran Canaria. Bunbury states that he has passed these measurements to Dr Hooker in order that he might verify them, 1850s.
Dates: c 1850

Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from Dr. William Baird, 20 June 1856

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 234-236
Scope and Contents Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from William Baird relating to Helix Tiarella which was published by Webb & Bartholet in 1833. He tells Lyell that no further mention was made of it in their synopsis except that it was obtained from a bag of Orchil. He advises Lyell that is would not be necessary to go to Madeira for a sample as it is readily available in the Canary Islands where it forms the major export and fetches twice as much as Madeira orchil on the London...
Dates: 20 June 1856

Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from George Scrope, 29 July 1858

Identifier: Coll-203/4/24
Scope and Contents Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from George Scrope concerning a paper dealing with the Upheaval Theory which Lyell had submitted for publication in the Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions. Scrope is pleased with the paper which contains a challenge to the theory which he describes as an "intolerable absurdity". He discusses Homboldts Cosmos which he gave little credence to and goes on to discuss lava flows in Vesuvius, Madeira and Tenerife and the formation of pumice, 29 July 1858.
Dates: 29 July 1858

Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from Pedro Maffiotte, 4 July 1854

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 198-199
Scope and Contents Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from Pedro Maffiote stating that he has just received a copy of Lyell's works on Geology - title not stated - and he complements Lyell on the work. He describes new shells that he has found at Las Palmas, 4 July 1854.
Dates: 4 July 1854