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Canary Islands

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Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from Pedro Maffiotte, 28 May 1855

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 200-202
Scope and Contents

Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from Pedro Maffiote telling Lyell that layers of sand and shells have been found which are similar to those from Sainte Catherine which Maffiote had previously sent to Lyell. These were found under Mr. Houghton's house, while digging the foundations, in the centre of Las Palmas on the Island of Grand Canaria, 28 May 1855.

Dates: 28 May 1855

Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from Pedro Maffiotte, 11 December 1855

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 203-204
Scope and Contents

Letter to Sir Charles Lyell from Pedro Maffiotte thanking him for sending his 'Manual of Elementary Geology' which were passed on by Mr Castillo, the son of the Vicomte de Vega Grande. He was captivated by Lyell's "Elements of Geology" which had been translated by his compatriot, Esquerra [Ezquerra]. He explains that his father is sending on a small box of shells, and others that he had obtained from "Hornos Del Rey" in the Canary Islands are being sent on separately, 11 December 1855.

Dates: 11 December 1855

Letters from Berthelot, Sabin to Charles Lyell, 12 February 1857

 File — Box Box 1.1: Series Coll-203/1 (Lyell 1)
Identifier: Coll-203/1/17
Scope and Contents

On Helix Tiarella and habitats of other land shells published as from [?] Canaries.

Dates: 12 February 1857

List of fossil shells from Grand Canary Island, 6 June 1856

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 221-223
Scope and Contents

List of fossil shells on Grand Canary Island from [Samuel Pickworth] Woodward including fossils of fishes and plants,with envelope, 6 June 1856.

Dates: 6 June 1856

Map of the Island of La Palma, c 1850

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 40
Scope and Contents

Map of the island of La Palma with Lyell's notes detailing alterations to be made to the map, and how to include the scale [1850s]

Dates: c 1850

Notebook No.39, November 1830- February 1831

 Item — Box Lyell-temp-box 2: Series Coll-203/A1
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/39
Scope and Contents This is a plain leather brown notebook which contains notes for the 2nd volume of Principles of Geology, on a multitude of subjects and referencing work by other emininent geologists, Lamarck and Cuvier. The first few pages have been cut out. Lyell's notes are mostly in pen, many drafts with slashes, and a few sketches. The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end...
Dates: November 1830- February 1831

Notebook No.195, March 1854- March 1854

 Item — Box Lyell-temp-box 7: Series Coll-203/A1
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/195
Scope and Contents

Las Palmas, Canary Islands.There is no index - there is an index to this notebook in series Coll-203/B18, Manuscripts.

Illustrations throughout of landscape including plants and settlements. The last page is a list of things to pack.

Dates: March 1854- March 1854

Notes, 1834-1838

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 39
Scope and Contents

Admiralty Maps by Whom.
Notes giving a list of places, Tenerife, Palma, Lanzarote, Santa Cruz, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Beside each place name is the name of a [naval] officer and a date. 1834-1838.

Dates: 1834-1838

Notes and Correspondence on the geology of the Madeiran and Canary Islands, 1854-1856

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Coll-203/2 (Lyell 2)
Scope and Contents Notes and Correspondence on the Geology of the Madeiran and Canary Islands consists of: Cross-sections Correspondence Notes Barometrical observations Maps Sketches concerning fossils, shells, and geological features found on the Madeiran and Canary Islands Draft manuscripts for a paper containing Lyell's...
Dates: 1854-1856

Notes and Indices, October 1854

Identifier: Coll-203/2/folio(s) 1-27
Scope and Contents Packet of notes, marked Madeira B: MS [manuscript] Notes with Hartung October 1854 MS Index to Dana Features original sketches of geological features by Lyell, including vents of a volcano, similar to that of Arran in Notebook 62 - and notes relating to articles [Lyell creates an 'index' to the articles for reference]. Notes on Dana's paper [referred to as Canary Isles and Madeira paper, actual title not given] Covers Origins of Caldera of Palma. Index...
Dates: October 1854