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Scottish Gaelic literature

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
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Found in 83 Collections and/or Records:

Gaelic Sermons, Late 18th or early 19th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/4/2
Scope and Contents

Manuscripts containing sermons in Gaelic, written by Rev. James Mitchell.

Dates: Late 18th or early 19th century

Gaelic Tales of Adventure, 1909

Identifier: Coll-98/1/2/10
Scope and Contents

The script or notes for a lecture, possibly a public lecture held at St Oran's Chapel on the Isle of Iona.

Dates: 1909

'[Holy Scriptures] in Gaelic. II', 1890

Identifier: Coll-98/3/4/2
Scope and Contents

Although there is a notebook with the same title in this collection (B26), they do not appear to be the same text, with this notebook being titled 'II', presumably meaning 'part 2'.

This notebook seems to contain a more detailed discussion about the translation of the Bible to Scottish Gaelic, including linguistic challenges facing the translators.

Dates: 1890

Letter from Neil Ross to Mr Holmes relating to Gaelic literature and the Mòd, 3 November 1931

Identifier: Coll-1383/4/39
Scope and Contents

Letter from Neil ross to a 'Mr Holmes', dated 3rd of November 1931 (although there is a note in pen stating 'written May 19th 1932'), sent from Laggan near Kingussie, and discussing the survival and vitality of Gaelic language and literature in the Highlands.

Dates: 3 November 1931

'Modern Gaelic Literature', 1905-1910

Identifier: Coll-98/1/2/3
Scope and Contents

An essay on modern Gaelic literature. It appears to be an introduction, possibly for a class or course in Gaelic literature at the University of Edinburgh.

Dates: 1905-1910

No title. Collection of manuscripts., 18th or 19th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/6/11
Scope and Contents A collection of manuscripts in Gaelic that appears to contain stories and songs. The author of the manuscripts is unknown. The following 26 stories are songs are recorded as being component in this collection:1. Asthairngeadh o dhanaibh Ossein2. Riomhach le mhor sluadh e3. Laoidh an deirg4. Sgeula beag thugam air Feann5. Laoidh an deirg6. 'N tra choimhid an dithis sin7. Cia b' e chithead iad an...
Dates: 18th or 19th century

Note about 'Tri truaigh nan sgeula/sgeulachd' or 'The three sorrows of stories', 1894

Identifier: Coll-97/CW122/182
Scope and Contents

Note about 'Tri truaigh nan sgeula/sgeulachd' or 'The three sorrows of stories' that they are 'Clann an Lir Clann an Ruitinn and Clann Uisne'.

Dates: 1894

Notebook, late 19th-early 20th century

Identifier: Coll-97/CW19
Scope and Contents

Notebook belonging to Alexander MacBain of Inverness. It contains newspaper cutting of articles, written by Alexander MacBain, entitled 'The Gaelic Language: A Historical Sketch', 'Celtic and Old Gaelic Literature' and 'Old Gaelic Saga and Ballad Literature'.

Dates: late 19th-early 20th century

Notebook containing notes on Gaelic love songs, 1902

Identifier: Coll-98/3/1/1
Scope and Contents

Marked 'Mackinnon A10' and noted thus in previous historical records. This appears to be notes in preparation for, or a draft of, a paper on love songs in the Gaelic song tradition.

Dates: 1902

Notebook containing notes on Mac Maighistir Alasdair, Late 19th or early 20th century

Identifier: Coll-98/3/1/2
Scope and Contents

Marked 'Mackinnon A11' and noted thus in previous historical records. This appears to have notes in preparation of, or as draft of, a biography of Mac Mhaighistir Alastair.

Dates: Late 19th or early 20th century