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80th Anniversary of Unveiling Pasteur Institute, Pasteur for Pity, 1969

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/33
Scope and Contents

A magazine suppliment "Live" from the youth supplement of the Christian Recorder, October 1969. The article titled "80th Anniversary of Unveiling Pasteur Institute, Pateur for Pity", by Maurice Moyal

The article concerns the work of the Pasteur Institute in resaerching cures for diseases such as tuberculosis and polio in humans, along with a host of diseases in animals.

A handwritten note on the second page states "the other point of view"

Dates: 1969

A Village Inspection - Children Recently Vaccinated, 1870s-1930s

Identifier: Coll-1434/3421
Scope and Contents

Photograph of three women standing with a group of children in front of an elephant and some trees in a village [in India?] for an inspection after they had recently been vaccinated in the early 20th century.

Dates: 1870s-1930s

Anti-Vaccination leaflets from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection, 1934 - 1957

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/42
Scope and Contents Three leaflets and articles supported or published by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection on the topic of anti-vaccination between 1934-1957.1. "Avoid Putting Disease into Healthy Bodies", published by the SSPV (who oppose the use of animals when carrying out vaccine experiments) and the National Anti-Vaccination League. (2 copies) 2. "Do You Believe in Vaccines?" An article written by the Duchess of Hamilton, reprinted from the Daily Herald, April 24, 1934 3....
Dates: 1934 - 1957

Anti-Vaccination Leaflets from Various Campaign Groups, 1925 - 1959

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/40
Scope and Contents A collection of leaflets from a number of anti-vacinationa and anti-vivisection organisations. Including publications by M. Beddow Bayly 1. "Innoculation Treatments (the great boast of the vivisector), their number and variety, their rise and fall", published by the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection and stamped by the Scottish Anti-Vivisection Society. 1925 2. "Failure of Innoculation as Treatment for Animals", published by the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection,...
Dates: 1925 - 1959

Anti-Vaccination Publications, 1920 - 1933

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/39
Scope and Contents Two leaflets and a publication dating between 1920-1933 delating to theories relating to health and vaccination. 1. leaflet reprinted from the British Medical Journal, "Instinct and Functioning in Health and Disease", delivered to the Annual Meeting of the Yorkshire Branch by Peter Macdonald on the topic of Alexander Technique, 25th December 1926 (4 copies) 2. "Mr lawson Tait on Pneumonotomy", from the Zoophilist, published by Victoria Street Society for the Protection of Animals...
Dates: 1920 - 1933

Avoid Putting Disease into Healthy Bodies, 1957

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/5
Scope and Contents

A pamphlet, published by the SSPV, titled "Avoid Putting Disease into Healthy Bodies". The pamphlet contains concerns about the dangers and effectivness of the Poliomyelitis vaccination, and the suffering of animals involved in the development of the vaccine.

Dates: 1957

Beware of the Polio Vaccine, 1958

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/14
Scope and Contents

A leaflet, aimed a parents, highlighting they can refuse the polio vaccine for their children. It says it is possible that children who developed polio within 30 days of inoculation were actually given the disease when they were inoculated.

Published by the SSPV, and withdrawn from circulation December, 1966.

Dates: 1958

Beware of the Poliomyelitis Vaccine, 1956

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/1
Scope and Contents

A leaflet, published by the SSPV, titled "Beware of the Poliomyelitis Vaccine". The leaflet argues the dangers of getting the vaccination and questions the effectiveness of the vaccine. It also mentions the use of monkeys when testing the vaccination.

This leaflet was withdrawn from circulation May 1972.

Dates: 1956

Children Registered for Polio Vaccination, 1954

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/2/6
Scope and Contents

Information for the press relating to the number of children are registered for polio vaccination. The information captured in this document includes the number of children born between 1947-1954 and the number of htose registered for polio vaccinations. The numbers are divided by Scottish counties.

Dates: 1954

Correspondence relating to the Scottish Anti-Vaccination League

Identifier: Coll-723
Scope and Contents

The collection is composed of correspondence relating to the Scottish Anti-Vaccination League, Kirkcaldy, 1896-1897.

Dates: 1896-1897