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Lyell, Katharine Murray, 1817-1915 (nee Horner)



  • Existence: 1817 - 1915

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

Gladstone, William Ewart, 1843; 1861; 1863; 1 March 1876

Identifier: Coll-1989/27
Scope and Contents Three autograph letters signed from William Gladstone to Leonard Horner.1. Letter dated 17 May 1843, from 13 Carlton House Terrace: "I beg to return you my best thanks for your kindness in sending me a copy of your valuable pamphlet on the employment of children. I have perused it with great interest [...]".2. Letter dated 21 February 1861, on stationery with letterhead "11 Downing Street, Whitehall"): "I much regret to find myself unable to comply with your request....
Dates: 1843; 1861; 1863; 1 March 1876

Greenough, Richard Saltonstal, 31 October 1865

Identifier: Coll-1989/28
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed from Richard Saltonstall Greenough to "Mrs. Lyell", possibly Katharine Murray Lyell, Boston, 31 October 1865: “I was exceedingly gratified at receiving your kind note, and very glad to get the photograph of your little girl, which is exquisitely lovely. I do not think it is characteristic, or does her justice. There is a wild sweetness in her delicately chiselled lips that require more animation in the expression then one gets in the cold process of photography....
Dates: 31 October 1865

Grove, George, 2 January 1885, 21 April 1889, [no date]

Identifier: Coll-1989/29
Scope and Contents 1. Autograph letter signed from George Grove to a "Mrs. Lyell" (possibly Katharine Murray Lyell) dated 2 January 1885, concerning the engagement of a musician: “Thank you for your letter. I remember seeing and hearing Miss Eissler some two years ago. I am very sorry to say that I have no opening for her here, and I do not know in what way I can benefit her in general musical matters. – She knows Mr. Manns, for I heard her there, and she probably knows Mr. Chappell. – Should any way of...
Dates: 2 January 1885, 21 April 1889, [no date]

Kemble, Fanny, 8 [March 1865]; 5 April 1865; 25 October 1885

Identifier: Coll-1989/35
Scope and Contents This collection consists of three autograph letters signed, sent from Fanny Kemble to Mary Lyell and Katharine Murray Lyell, dated 8 [March 1865], 16 April 1865 and 25 October 1885. There also is a small autograph envelope with wax seal, and a clipping from another autograph envelope.1. Letter from Fanny Kemble to Lady Mary Horner Lyell, in response to an invitation and concerning the American Civil War (London, Wednesday 8th [probably March 1865, though a pencil note falsely...
Dates: 8 [March 1865]; 5 April 1865; 25 October 1885

Letters to Mantell, Gideon, from Charles Lyell, 9 February 1833; undated

Identifier: Coll-203/B3/10
Scope and Contents

Two copy letters created by Katharine Lyell:

  1. Charles Lyell gives advice to Mantell on his new book- title and price.
  2. Undated letter [early] - invite to dinner at Somerset House in his own rooms "instead of drinking wine below". Lyell doesn't have much time as he is occupied with 'my last difficult chapter & 2 courses [underlined] of lectures'.
Dates: 9 February 1833; undated

Mallet, John Lewis, 16 September [no year], 24 September 1856.

Identifier: Coll-1989/44
Scope and Contents 1. Autograph letter signed from John Lewis Mallet to Katharine Murray Horner, Hampstead, 16 September [no year]. Mallet finds a very kind tone of the wise old man in corresponding with the young friend. – I. (16 Sept. [1856?]): “I have so little to communicate from this small quiet Domestic circle, & this little I have to say is made so unintelligible by my infirm hand that I believe I should have thrown myself on your indulgence and awaited your return to thank your for your kind...
Dates: 16 September [no year], 24 September 1856.

Mallet, Louis, 12 May, 5 June, and 18 November 1889

Identifier: Coll-1989/45
Scope and Contents 1. Autograph letter signed from Louis Mallet to Katharine Murray Lyell, dated 12 May 1889: “We are coming again to London next Wed[nesday] to stay a few days with the Thrings [i. e. probably the family of the educator Edward Thring] – & shall I hope see you. I will speak to Lord without word the letters. But my impression is that it is Spencer Walpole [i. e. the English historian and civil servant] who is editing Lord Russell. He too is in town, & I shall probably see him. I am...
Dates: 12 May, 5 June, and 18 November 1889

Miscellaneous letters A-J, 1791- 1884

Identifier: Coll-203/B2/1
Scope and Contents Letters addressed to Charles Lyell, to Lady Mary Lyell, Katharine Lyell and other recipients including: 'A' Undated note from [Ahoard?] on Baron Steuben, accompanied by an original signed bank cheque written to pay T Lopez twenty dollars in New York 6th February 1791 'B' 22 June 1870 from O Becconi 'C' Undated letter, to 'dear friend' but likely to be...
Dates: 1791- 1884

Miscellaneous letters K-Z, 1838-1886

Identifier: Coll-203/B2/2
Scope and Contents Continuing series of letters addressed to Charles Lyell, Lady Mary Lyell, Katharine Lyell and other recipients: 'K' 19 March 1838, from William [Hamilton?] at the Athenaeum, to Charles Lyell relating to the membership of actor, Charles Kean 'L' 9 February 1850 to Charles Lyell from de Lhuys, accepting dinner invitation 'M' Undated letter from HH Milman...
Dates: 1838-1886

Montefiore, Claude, 16 December 1897

Identifier: Coll-1989/47
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed from Claude Montefiore to either to Katharine Murray Lyell or her daughter Mary, Portman Square [London], 16 December 1897: “Thank you so much for the book. You call it quite simple, but it seems to me to be very learned and full of knowledge. I will show it to a few friends. I am glad you are really getting better properly. It was a pity you could not come [...] Saturday & today. The girls looked so nice in their fancy dresses & the children today did their...
Dates: 16 December 1897