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Lyell, Katharine Murray, 1817-1915 (nee Horner)



  • Existence: 1817 - 1915

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

Morley, John, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn, 26 May 1881

Identifier: Coll-1989/48
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed to Katharine Murray Lyell, [London], 26 May 1881: “I find that I cannot manage to come to you on the day that you were kind enough to give me. I am really very sorry; my driving powers are awfully limited [...]”.

Dates: 26 May 1881

Notebook No.240, 11 August 1859-13 September 1859

 Item — Box Lyell-temp-box 8: Series Coll-203/A1
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/240
Scope and Contents This green leather bound notebook documents Lyell's travel in Le Puy - Paris - London - Scotland. Page p.69 includes an original black and white photograph of a fossil man, discovered in le Puy, and which Lyell was involved in its verification. The photograph is thought to be the earliest photograph taken of this specimen. Lyell's Own Index Le Puy- Aug[ust] 11 1859 Index Aug[ust] 11 p. 7 Le Puy. Lava of so called Rome...
Dates: 11 August 1859-13 September 1859

Playfair, Lyon, 1st Baron Playfair, 17 February 1889

Identifier: Coll-1989/53
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed from Lyon Playfair, 1st Baron Playfair, sent from South Kensington on 17 February 1889 to Katharine Murray Lyell concerning one of her sons: “Edith has handed me Your letter. I am afraid that I cannot encourage you in regard to the Imperial Institute. There are already some hundreds of Candidates for the few places, which will not be filled for the next five years. If your son wishes to be added to the Candidates he should send in an application to Sir Frederick Abel...
Dates: 17 February 1889

Pulszky, August von, 4 December 1868, 15 March 1895, 11 December 1901

Identifier: Coll-1989/56
Scope and Contents Three autograph letters signed from August von Pulszky to Katharine Murray Horner, mostly on current affairs in Hungarian politics but also about the family’s well being and business. Sent from Szécsény & Budapest, 1868-1897.1. Dated 4 December 1868: “As to general politics, we have reason to be satisfied. The peace seems assured for next spring; internally, the constitution of last year for the regulation of our relations to Austria is working well; Croatia is glad to accept...
Dates: 4 December 1868, 15 March 1895, 11 December 1901

Richmond, George, 28 April 1859 [or 1869], 15 May 1867, 21 May 1881

Identifier: Coll-1989/59
Scope and Contents Three autograph letters signed from George Richmond to Mary Horner Lyell:1. Dated 28 April 1859 or 1869: letter of excuse to Katharine Murray Lyell with a reference to her sister, Mary Horner Lyell (“Lady Lyell”), in response to an invitation: “I have just written to Lady Lyell to thank her for kindly offering me 2 convey me 2 your house on Saturday – in the event of my being able to accept the terms of your kind invitation for that day. Still I am sorry 2 say I cannot for...
Dates: 28 April 1859 [or 1869], 15 May 1867, 21 May 1881

Roosevelt, Theodore, [1889]-27 November 1902

Identifier: Coll-1989/60
Scope and Contents 1. Autograph letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Leonard Lyell, 1st Baron Lyell, [1889]: “I am extremely sorry to have missed you; I leave for Washington at midnight. It is now I fear, too late to ask you for dinner; but will you not come up this evening, at 9.30? Depew and some others whom I would like you to meet will be here; and I can arrange to see you if you go to Washington [...]”. Includes a clipped picture postcard (showing the White House).2. Autograph letter from...
Dates: [1889]-27 November 1902

Wolcott, Roger, 20 August 1869, 5 May 1880

Identifier: Coll-1989/74
Scope and Contents Two autograph letters signed from Roger Wolcott to “dear Mrs. Lyell”, Katharine Murray Lyell.1. Letter sent from Milton, 20 August 1869: “Mother’s eyes have given her so very much trouble during the past six months that she has been wholly unable to use them in any way, and so the duty, as well as pleasure, of answering many of her letters devolves upon me. She says ‘Send Mrs. Lyell my dear love [...]’” (a long letter written perpendicularly to the main orientation of the text...
Dates: 20 August 1869, 5 May 1880