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Interior decoration

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 38 Collections and/or Records:

Res.4.23 Female resident, age unknown, married, corporation tenant, male interviewer, 18 October 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/4/23
Scope and Contents INTVEE has just moved into a flat although it is not yet finished, the joiners are still working. She is pleased with it, would just like it to be rotated so she could have a view of the Pentlands. INTVER is surprised to see Hopes Reversible windows in the bathroom which are expensive and considered to be good class fittings. The windows pivot horizontally and were designed for multi-storey flats but the curtain rail obstructs the movement, she's discovered that her neighbours have a piece...
Dates: Other: 18 October 1961

Res.4.24 Male resident, c. 30 yrs, married, corporation tenant, female interviewer, 18 October 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/4/24
Scope and Contents INTVEE lives with his wife in a block of six flats. INTVER notes the couple have done extensive renovations to the interior of their flat and that all the paintwork is a pleasant shade of celadon green. It is comfortable and free of draughts and noise. INTVEE thinks the Granton houses are better built than the Wardieburn ones and the ones in Muirhouse are worse than both. INTVEE describes St David's School, which he attended with siblings in the 1940s before Granton School had opened, as...
Dates: Other: 18 October 1961

Res.4.26 Female resident, 58 yrs, married, corporation tenant, female interviewer, 7 October 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/4/26
Scope and Contents INTVEE and her husband have lived in their house for 5 years. She says there is no communication with the private occupants on the other side of the road. While in the queue for the van she heard one private resident make a comment about the corporation tenants having it easy at the expense of people like her paying £4000 for a £3000 house. INTVEE reminded her that some of them had not had an easy life and that some of their husbands had been disabled as result of First World War. Her...
Dates: Other: 7 October 1961

Res.5.13 Female resident, 54 yrs, widow, owner occupier, male interviewer, 6 November 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/5/13
Scope and Contents INTVEE lives with her two adult children who are also present during the interview. The house is semi-detached with a small garden at the front and a large garden at the back which INTVEE says is too big for her to manage. There are three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and two rooms downstairs, the kitchen leads of the back downstairs room which is the only room with a coal fire. The front downstairs room has an electric fire and is used as a sitting room and dining room. INTVER writes...
Dates: Other: 6 November 1961

Sch.9 Summary of an interview with a married male resident regarding the education of his children at a non fee-paying local authority school, male interviewer, 25 June 1962

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/4/9
Scope and Contents This summary is mainly a description of the difficult dynamic between INTVER and the INTVEE who INTVER. On the subject of schools, he thinks the buildings are badly designed and that architects should consult teachers and that there should be more liaison between employers and schools as it is difficult for boys to get apprenticeships. INTVER includes the following description of the house: “The house has a dark painted rather gloomy front door, quite a pleasant staircase in the conventional...
Dates: Other: 25 June 1962

Sch.15 Summary of two interviews with a married female resident regarding the education of her children at a non fee-paying local authority school, female interviewer, August 1962

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/4/15
Scope and Contents INTVER describes the interior of the house as follows: "There is a modern infra-red panel electric fire set into the wall, a three piece suite with a settee of enormous length for the size of their rooms. There was quite a wealth of carpeting on the floor". INTVEE’s eldest child is due to take a five year course at Ainslie Park having not been offered a place at the Royal High. She thinks there are two distinct elements to Ainslie Park - children in blazers like you might see going to any...
Dates: Other: August 1962

Sch.23 Summary of an interview with a married couple regarding the education of their children at non fee-paying local authority schools, female interviewer, 28 July 1962

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/4/23
Scope and Contents INTVER’s description of the house as follows: "Couple gave the impression of being well established and confident middle class people but here they were in the scruffiest surroundings...the lino in the sitting room is old and brown and cracked and broken. the paint is dark brown, the walls again a mixture of green and beige, the furniture is equally old and scruffy and the television stands out as the only modern piece of furniture". INTVEEs think that class and schooling are closely linked...
Dates: Other: 28 July 1962

Scott Morton Ltd: photographs

 Fonds — Box Phot.Ill.149
Identifier: Coll-1639
Scope and Contents

Formerly in 8 albums, these are photographs of furniture, interiors and similar.

Dates: 20th century