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Manuscripts, English

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Manuscripts entirely or partially in English.

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

MS 22: Vita Crysty (Vol. 2) by Ludolph of Saxony, 16th century

Identifier: MS 22
Contents Vita Chrysty is a sixteenth-century English translation of Ludolph of Saxony's Vita Christi from the second half of the fourteenth century. The original text by Ludolph of Saxony includes a biography of Christ, as well as moral and spiritual instruction and prayers. In this, Ludolph combined the work from over sixty earlier Christian writers. The influence and popularity of Ludolph of Saxony's original text is demonstrated by the...
Dates: 16th century

MS 82: Fasciculus Morum, a handbook for preachers by an unknown author, 15th century

Identifier: MS 82
Contents The Fasciculus Morum is a handbook for preachers written by an unknown Franciscan friar in the 14th century. This copy was done in the 15th century. An inscription in a 17th century hand, Fasciculus Morum per fratrem Thomam Acclom Carmelitam, tells us that Thomas Acclom of the Carmelite Order was either the scribe of this manuscript or the supposed author of the book.ContentsIncipit...
Dates: 15th century

MS 91: Meditationes Vitae Christi by Pseudo-Bonaventure, 15th century

Identifier: MS 91
Contents This manuscript is an anonymous prose translation of an early 14th century devotional text, Meditationes Vitae Christi. This work was traditionally attributed to St Bonaventure, but it has since been shown to have been composed by a Franciscan friar in Tuscany in the 14th century. The original text, from which the 15th century English translation derives, was a very popular Franciscan devotional text. Hundreds of manuscript copies exist of the Latin original,...
Dates: 15th century

MS 93: Collection of didactic, pastoral, and meditative devotional treatises, 15th century

Identifier: MS 93
Contents This manuscript dates from the first half of the 15th century, and is a collection of didactic, pastoral, and meditative devotional treatises, as well as some fragments of works by late 14th-century English theologian, John Wycliffe. Generally, devotional texts were an important element of medieval piety, as they provided guidance for individuals to deepen their faith through study, meditation and prayer. This volume is perhaps best described as a medieval instructional manual....
Dates: 15th century

MS 107: Composite manuscript including twenty-four texts, 13th-14th century

Identifier: MS 107
Contents Contains twenty-four texts, in two different hands. This manuscript was made in England and dates from the 13th-14th century; the texts are various religious tracts in Latin, Old French, and Middle English.Flyleaves: Unidentified Latin text and the start of a Contents list in a 17th-century handff. 1r-28v: De Miseria Condicionis Humane (On the wretchedness of the human condition) by Pope Innocent IIIff. 28v-30r:...
Dates: 13th-14th century

MS 114: Composite manuscript containing twenty-nine texts, early 16th century

Identifier: MS 114
Contents Contains twenty-nine texts, all in the same hand. The collection is a curious one, and contains at the beginning and end a number of curious proverbs (copied in full by Catherine Borland, see Appendix IV, pp. 335-6 of her catalogue). The end papers have been taken from an English manuscript of the early 15th century, and contain interesting fragments of English religious verse (also copied in full by Catherine Borland, see Appendix IV, pp. 334-5 of her catalogue).The manuscript contains a...
Dates: early 16th century

MS 149: Composite manuscript containing two texts (plus insertions), 15th century

Identifier: MS 149
Contents Contains one text bound together with a collection of documents, in different hands.f. 1r-27v: 'Provinciale' by William Lyndwoodf. 29r-32v: Copies of a document concerning forms of absolution of the 15th centuryf. 30r also contains 12 lines of English and Latin verse and also a copy of a document dated at Stamford, 1481, concerning a Lincolnshire will.The texts are described separately, under MS 149/ff. 1r-27v; MS...
Dates: 15th century

MS 169: Composite manuscript containing six medical texts, 1481; 17th century

Identifier: MS 169
Contents Contains six medical texts, and recipes inserted at a later date. The whole volume is written by the hand of Robert of Sherburn, with the exception of the recipes, written by Francis Cox.ff. 1v-2v: A Tabula to the volume, in the hand of Robert of Sherburn, and an ilustration of a physician and patient (described under 'Scope and Contents-Illumination').Ff. 3r-37r, ff. 41r-44r: 'Expositio cum questionibus super textu Rasis in 9...
Dates: 1481; 17th century

MS 184: A brief chronicle based on the Brut in Middle English, 15th century

Identifier: MS 184
Contents The Brut Chronicle (also known as the Prose Chronicle) is a collection of medieval histories of England. It was originally an Anglo-Norman text, but was translated into Latin and also Middle English during the medieval period. The Brut presents a mythical history of England, describing for instance the settlement of England by a son of Aeneas from Troy. The original Anglo-Norman version of the chronicle ends in 1272, but there...
Dates: 15th century

MS 185: Brut Chronicle, 15th century

Identifier: MS 185
Contents MS 185 is an extended version of the Brut Chronicle. The original was an Anglo-Norman chronicle that ended its account in 1272. This Anglo-Norman version was translated into Latin and Middle English during the middle ages, and many manuscripts continued the account beyond 1272. MS 185 is one such extended version, to 1419.The text begins on f. 1r with Here begynneth a bok which is called Brute, the cronyculis of England....
Dates: 15th century