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Manuscripts, Scots

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Manuscripts entirely or partially in Scots.

Found in 6 Collections and/or Records:

MS 42: Composite manuscript including two texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 42
Contents Contains two texts bound together, in two main hands.ff. 1r-6r: Kalendar, probably connected with Rochester.ff. 7r-130r: Book of Hours, featuring the Hours of Saint Ninian, and prayers inserted by Scottish hands.The texts are described separately under MS 42/ff. 1r-6r and MS 42/ff. 7r-130r. Writing The primary hand is a Gothic hand, with laterally compressed letters. Most of the volume is in this hand,...
Dates: 15th century

MS 150: Composite manuscript containing four texts, 16th century

Identifier: MS 150
Contents Contains four texts, all in the same hand. This manuscript was written for the Dominican Convent of Sciennes in Edinburgh.ff. 1r-21r: Gospelsf. 21v: A rubric in Scots, setting out when 'The evangell sall be rede'ff. 22r-23v: a table (ff. 22v-23v left blank) entitled 'Ye Chengyng of Ye Mwne'ff. 24r-52r: 'Constitutiones Sororum Ordinis Predicatorum' (Cconstitutions of the Sisters of the order of the Friar Preachers, or Dominicans)The texts are described separately, under...
Dates: 16th century

MS 205: Makculloch Manuscript (composite manuscript containing two texts), 1477-early 16th century

Identifier: MS 205
Contents This manuscript proper was written in 1477 in Leuven by Magnus Makculloch. It contains his notes in Latin on lectures about philosophy and logic by Petrus de Mera, Andrea de Alchmaria, and Theodricus Meyssach, including extracts from Porphyry and Aristotle (ff. 1r-58v), and commentaries on those texts by the aforementioned lecturers (ff.59r-200r).On the fly-leaves and blank pages, a later hand has added a variety of texts in Scots, including poems by Henryson and Dunbar, as well as...
Dates: 1477-early 16th century

MS 206: Composite manuscript containing eleven texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 206
Contents This 15th-century Scottish manuscript contains a collection of texts about Scottish law, which seem to have been compiled by the same scribe. The contents are as follows:Flyleaf: Notes and inscriptionsff. 1r-8v: Table of Contents. Contains Assisa Regis David, which is now missing from the manuscript; Leges Burgorum, which is now partly missing; Leges Forestarum, of which all but the...
Dates: 15th century

MS 207: Composite manuscript containing sixteen texts including the Regiam Majestatem, 15th century

Identifier: MS 207
Contents This 15th-century Scottish manuscript contains a collection of texts about Scottish law, which seem to have been compiled by the same scribe, with some additions in a later hand. The contents are as follows:ff. 1r-5v: Rubrics for the Regiae Majestatemff. 6r-7r: Compositio Carte, exceptiones contra cartam, expositiones quorundam vocabiliorumff. 8r-63v: Regiam Majestatemff....
Dates: 15th century

MS 208: Composite manuscript containing fifteen legal texts including the Regiam Majestatem, late 15th century

Identifier: MS 208
Contents This Scottish manuscript contains a collection of texts about Scottish law. The first part of this manuscript (ff. 1-129) appears to have been written around the beginning of the last quarter of the 15th century; the rest (ff. 130-335) seems to have been written in 1496 (see Custodial History). The contents are as follows:ff. 1r-87r: Reportium (Index) to the volumeff. 89r-117v: Miscellaneous collection of lawsff. 118r-124v: ...
Dates: late 15th century