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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 630 Collections and/or Records:

Bunsen, Christian Frh. Von, 5 August 1858; 25 January; 1 September [no year]

Identifier: Coll-1989/8
Scope and Contents 1. Autograph letter signed from Christian von Bunsen to Leornard Horner, dated 5 August 1858: "Welcome in Germany! I was afraid you had gone to Hekekiah and Sesustesen instead of my dear country, and am happy to know you so near. You threaten to overthrow the balance of the minor states however, by all settling in such numbers in one Dukedom only: and as I ever not wish you to separate, we might hope you would put up headquarters for a week or two at Heidelberg where there are plenty of...
Dates: 5 August 1858; 25 January; 1 September [no year]

Burton, Decimus, 14 May 1814

Identifier: Coll-1989/9
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed from Decimus Burton to Sir Charles Lyell, dated 14 May 1814: "I have considered the subject put to me in your note. I take the superficies of London, Westminster[,] Southwark, Finsbury[,] Marylebone etc. to be 16 sq. miles. I suppose the cubical mass of stone, brick & paving stone over that area to be 74,000,000 cubic yards in the Houses, Churches, Public Buildings etc. Taking the number of Houses to be 250,000 – and this would give about 5 feet thickness or...
Dates: 14 May 1814

Callcott, Augustus Wall, 4 October [c 1837]; undated

Identifier: Coll-1989/10
Scope and Contents 1. Autograph letter signed from Augustus Wall Calcott dated 4 October [ca 1837], no place. Letter of excuse to Mrs. Horner, probably Anna Susanna Horner, wife of Leonard Horner: “I regret that I cannot have the pleasure of accepting Mr Horner’s & your invitation for Thursday the 12. I am under an engagement to accompany my friend Mr Wells on a visit to the Duke of Bedford at Woburn at the beginning of the next week and shall not be in Town again before Saturday the 14th. – Lady Callcott...
Dates: 4 October [c 1837]; undated

Cambridge University Press, 1965-1972

Identifier: Coll-1586/E/2/E.70
Scope and Content

The material consists of editorial correspondence relating to Martin Rivers Pollock's work at Cambridge University Press, chiefly book reviews, 1965-1972.

Dates: 1965-1972

Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology, 1960

Identifier: Coll-1586/E/2/E.71
Scope and Content

The material consists of refereeing work by Martin Rivers Pollock's work at the Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology, 1960.

Dates: 1960

Capponi, Gino, late 1860s - early 1870s

Identifier: Coll-1989/11
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed from Gino Capponi, in French, No place, "Jeudi 21" [no year], probably to Susan or Joanna Horner, accompanying a parcel containing several books he was able to find at the moment, as well as a list of other works that might be of assistance to her: “Voici, Mademoiselle, le peu de livres que j’ai pu recueillir pour le moment, et une indication sommaire d’autres ouvrages qui pourraient plus ou moins vous servir”. He asks her to let him know what else she needs and...
Dates: late 1860s - early 1870s

Carnot, Hippolyte, 9 February 1865, 13 October 1865

Identifier: Coll-1989/12
Scope and Contents 1. Two autograph letters signed, in French, from Hippolyte Carnot to Fanny Byrne (née Horner) about an address given by her brother, probably Leonard Horner, during an award ceremony at the Edinburgh Academy, which he sees no comparison for in Paris, and sending her a speech of his own regarding the education of girls, as well as a protocol of the Ministry of Education from 1848: “Je vous remercie beaucoup de la communication que vous avez bien voulu me faire du discours prononcé par...
Dates: 9 February 1865, 13 October 1865

Castillia, Gaetano de, 27 November [no year]

Identifier: Coll-1989/13
Scope and Contents

Autograph letter signed, in Italian, from Gaetano de Castilia to a "Miss Horner", probably Susan or Joanna Horner, no place, 27 November [no year]: “Though I be not in the habit of going into Society on account of the imperfection of my ear I feel I can not give up the pleasure of coming this evening to thank you and your sister for your kindness: and would not, besides, miss the opportunity of meeting a friend of the Tickor’s [!] family, and paying my respect to him [...]”.

Dates: 27 November [no year]

Chantrey, Francis Leggatt, 31 October 1820

Identifier: Coll-1989/14
Scope and Contents Autograph letter signed from Francis Leggatt Francis, [London], Belgrave Place, 31 October 1820, to Leonard Horner in Edinburgh: “My dear Sir. I am this moment returned from Derbyshire and find that Mr. Cunningham has already answered your enquiries respecting the conveyance of the Bust. I hope it has long ere this reached you in safety. With respect to the other enquiries of your letter – My normal price is one hundred guineas for the Bust, and as you have all along treated me with so much...
Dates: 31 October 1820