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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 134 Collections and/or Records:

Notebook titled 'Oenothera / Beale', July-August 1939

Identifier: Coll-1255/5/6
Scope and Contents

Notebook contains notes relating to plant crosses and pollination experiments.

The notebook has been written in from both ends.

Dates: July-August 1939

Notebook titled 'Paramecium expts 1987', May - August 1987

Identifier: Coll-1255/5/32
Scope and Contents

Notebook contains notes relating to cilia preparation and the effect of detergents on living paramecia.

Dates: May - August 1987

Notebook titled 'Rabbit Experiments / G.H. Beale', 1948-1967

Identifier: Coll-1255/5/11
Scope and Contents

Notebook contains notes from experiments concerning the injection of Paramecium aurelia into rabbits.

The notebook has been written in from both ends. There are also some loose leaf notes which were inserted into the volume.

Dates: 1948-1967

Notebook titled 'Sheila McPhail Telfer / Records / Metagon exp. / Didinium etc', 1965-1968

Identifier: Coll-1255/5/23
Scope and Contents Lined notebook, inscribed 'Sheila M. Telfer', containing experimental notes. The notebook is divided into sections under the following headings: 'Maintenance of kappa particles in cells recently deprived of Gene K (stock 51, syngen 4) of Paramecium aurelia'; 'Study of particle maintenance in Didinium after feeding on particle containing Paramecia' and 'Collections of natural populations of P. aurelia'; '...
Dates: 1965-1968

Notebooks titled 'Injection Expts (Mitochondria') Nov 1973 - Dec 1975', November 1973 - June 1976

Identifier: Coll-1255/5/28
Scope and Contents

Notebooks contain day-to-day notes on mitochondria injection experiments and tests for oligomycin resistance.

The first notebook spans the period November 1973 to December 1975; the second spans December 1975 to June 1976.

Dates: November 1973 - June 1976

Notes in an unknown hand concerning the Blackface-Southdown cross of sheep, 30 November 1914

Identifier: Coll-14/9/20/28
Scope and Contents The notes record that there is now a small healthy flock of Blackface-Southdown sheep crosses. The first generation has already given straightforward results and the saleable value of the fleeces and carcases have been judged favourably. It is likely that this experiment will be extended by the purchase of more Blackface ewes and a new Southdown ram, although a reciprocal crossing with Southdown ewes should ideally be carried out on a Sussex farm where the ewes would be in their natural...
Dates: 30 November 1914

Notes relating to crossing experiments with Paramecium, 1964-1965

Identifier: Coll-1255/5/21
Scope and Contents

Contains notes regarding crossing experiments with Paramecium. The back of the bound pages contain longhand notes on heredity, gene action, antigen variation in variety 1 of Paramecium aurelia, nuclear and cytoplasmic determinants of hereditary characters in Paramecium aurelia.

Dates: 1964-1965

Papers of Professor Arthur Robertson Cushny

 Fonds — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Coll-187
Scope and Contents

The papers include notes for lectures on material medica, Edinburgh University, 1918-1926; records of experiments in material medica, University College, London, 1907-1926, and at Edinburgh University; and, records of experiments, 1893-1924.

Dates: 1907-1926

Papers relating to rabbit sex control experiments, 1976-1981

Identifier: Coll-1364/1/5
Scope and Contents Contains: Files 1-2: SR/35: Rabbit Sex Control - Experimental Data and Correspondence, containing working notes, summary sheets of experimental data and correspondence about the progress of the research, mainly between Beatty and Richard Hancock (1976-1981); File 3: SR/35: Summaries, containing mainly summary sheets from experiments covering the period 1973-1977; File 4:...
Dates: 1976-1981

Papers relating to scientific research, 1949-1982

Identifier: Coll-1364/1
Scope and Contents

Contains Beatty's doctoral thesis in bound form and papers relating to Beatty's work on F-bodies in mammalian sperm, the control of sex ratio in mammalian offspring and sex control in rabbits. Key correspondents include Karl Fredga and Richard Hancock,

Dates: 1949-1982